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Black Conservative Compact For Values

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I read about this story from a great black blog, Booker Rising, and it seems to have gotten picked up at a few places. A group of black ministers, lobbyists and activists are getting their hands into the conservative movement pie with a document titled, The 21st Century Mayflower Compact, and hope it will be a catalyst to getting their voices heard on moral and social values issues. Mayflower Compact Website

I think a lot of people, myself included, are a little jarred by the connection to the pilgrims and can’t seem to get past it for the message. It seems like an odd choice, but not too odd that I can’t be down with the message. My first inclination is to say that I hope it goes beyond the repeated mantra of “we have to focus on personal responsibility,” but the more I see, the more I learn that we still haven’t fully grasped that concept. The Washington Times: Black coalition ‘codifies’ values.

So will a document return us to the values and morals that helped us survive slavery, prejudice and racism that is 1,000 times worse than anything we face today? Will a document return us to the strong traditional family units that provided the foundation of faith and support which began to erode 40 years ago? Will a document bring us back to the survival mindset that allowed us to build business, communities, even universities with much less capital and legal protection than we have now? No. A document is just a piece of paper with words on it, but it is part of a turning tide within the community of people who see our strength lies within us and want to fight for our families and our values, so I’m willing to listen more.

Noticias: RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Attends The Unveiling Of The 21st Century Mayflower Compact
Los Angeles Times
USNews.com: Conservatives come calling, and blacks may be listening this time (3/21/05)

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  • Wow, that’s some document. It certainly reinforces the growing strength of convervative blacks in America. It’s interesting that they seem to share some issues which have traditionally been the domain of white conservatives along with some which are part of the more progressive movement towards personal choice and responsibility in the african american community.

    I don’t think that this particular combination of issue positions is ultimately going to be the answer for the black community, but every step like this is one more nail in the coffin of black subordination to a generation of leaders who care nothing about their welfare or advancement and just want to use them as an obedient and dependent power base.