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This sounds like a great concept:

The WB has quietly wrapped production on “Superstar USA,” a bizarre version of “American Idol” that tosses out great singers while rewarding the William Hungs of the world, TV Guide Online reports.

But in typical reality fashion, the contestants are not in on the joke. In fact, the judges must keep a straight face when they heap praise on tone-deaf singers and send truly gifted crooners home.

With the inexplicable success of AI3 reject William Hung, it’s clear that there’s a niche market for this sort of “so-bad-it’s-good” music. While Superstar USA sounds like it could have water cooler potential, there seems to be something inherently mean-spirited about lavishing false praise on delusional young people. One has to hope that the age limit will be higher than for American Idol, which is allowing contestants as young as 16 years old to perform. There’s likely to be some serious psychological damage going on here.

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