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Bizarre Celebs, Part (too high to count!)

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In the bizarre celebs of the week feature, we have this.

The Trouble with Shatner’s Semen

Starting with the headline, you just HAVE to know there’s something wrong with that picture. Oh, but wait. It’s not trouble with Shatner’s semen at all….

With all the space seed Captain Kirk spread around the galaxy, it figured he’d eventually hear the phrase “semen-related lawsuit.”

It just never figured he’d hear the phrase related to a horse.

In the mid-1990s, Captain Kirk alter ego William Shatner split from second wife Marcy Lafferty Shatner. Per their divorce settlement, the ex-Mrs. Shatner reputedly was afforded privileges once yearly at Mr. Shatner’s horse farm in Kentucky (for the purposes of breeding horses, people).

Apparently, she was to get some “fresh cooled” semen for breeding and was given frozen. Just seeing the title on the newshub page proved that this was one truly bizarre article.

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