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Bits du Jour Deals: September 10 through September 14

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Everyone loves a deal on software, and Bits du Jour offers one great deal a day, on a Windows program, or a service like Internet faxing or hosting. It's Bits (anything digital) of the Day.

This Week's Deals
09/10/07 – TextPipe – save 35%
09/11/07 – Get ’em Done – save 51%
09/12/07 – Online Desktop Presenter – save 50%
09/13/07 – Just BoxShots – save 34%
09/14/07 – Batch Picture Resizer – save 60%


Plain and simple, TextPipe is the most powerful text conversion, transformation, and re-purposing software money can buy. It replaces multiple text editors, command line tools, custom scripts, and word and excel macros. Unlike many competing applications, TextPipe can handle documents of any size (2 GB+) with no slowdown. A unique system of ‘restrictions’ control precisely where changes are made. For example, you can restrict operations to a range of lines or columns, to specific Tab or CSV fields, between HTML/XML tags, or any number of other user-defined ranges.

If TextPipe’s 100+ filters don’t suit your needs, you can use VBScript/JScript to write your own. It offers an intuitive ‘EasyPattern’ pattern matching language for those unfamiliar with traditional pattern matching expressions, and can be scheduled for non-interactive use or controlled by an external application.

Get ’em Done

Organizational software should be easy to use. Otherwise, what’s the point? Recognizing this, the folks over at StudyLamp Software created Get ’em Done, a fantastically simply to-do list for people who want to spend more time getting things done, and less time learning-how-to-use-the-complicated-software-

Don’t go looking for frills, bells, whistles, graphs, schedulers, spreadsheets, or information trees. You won’t find them. What you will find is an elegant, lightning-quick to-do list with only the features that matter. The application window is comprised of just 2 tabs: uncompleted tasks and completed tasks. Add a new task, it appears in the uncompleted section. Check a task off the list, it moves into the completed section. Easy! You’ve just simplified your life, and you didn’t even have to crack the help file.

Online Desktop Presenter

Online Desktop Presenter allows you to transmit your screen content to any standard web browser. At short intervals, the software automatically generates a compressed image of your Windows Desktop and transfers the data (via FTP) to a web server of your choosing. To view the stream, remote users need only input the designated URL into any browser on any platform — no extra installations required.

Online Desktop Presenter is well suited to countless purposes. A few examples include online presentations, sales conversations, troubleshooting, and web collaboration.

Just BoxShots

Don’t feel like taking out a second mortgage for a Photoshop license? If you work in software development or have a consistent need to emulate physical boxes, DVDs, or jewel cases, Just BoxShots will provide you with all the basic editing tools you need. Adjust the width, height, and depth of the box, control its fill, background, and outline colors, and specify its viewing angle.

A variety of templates allow for quick-and-easy box creation, and advanced text and image-editing options provide limitless design potential. If you do business online and want to physically convey your virtual products, you can’t go wrong with Just BoxShots.

Batch Picture Resizer

Don’t waste another second converting, resizing, or watermarking your photographs and images. Batch Picture Resizer is an über-handy utility that facilitates batch conversions via an intuitive, lightning-quick interface. Need to resize a large group of images for the web? Need to convert a digital roll of TIFFs into lower file-size JPEGs? Need to add a digital watermark to a host of copyrighted photographs? Batch Picture Resizer does it all with minimal effort.

Most of the conversion options are contained in a single, clearly defined window. Just specify the changes you want to make, point the software to the appropriate destination folder, and click ‘start’. Before you can say “Why the @#$%@ don’t my Photoshop macros ever seem to work right!?”, Batch Photo Resizer has converted your files and opened up their destination directory (if you want it to, of course) for your viewing pleasure.

Check back to Blogcritics Sci/Tech on Sunday for next week's Bits du Jour deals.

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