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Biting the Hand That Feeds You?

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[ Thought provoking comment ] [ZZ NewsPortal]: We came across a comment in Tim Blair’s blog we thought worth sharing. Especially with our EU friends. Yes, we do have friends in the EU. We suspect more and more Americans are beginning to feel the way this commentor does. The anti-American rhetoric and crticism is beginning to take it’s toll…

Eventually politcians get voted into power that support the sentiments of their constituents, like this one… it happens over time, but rest assured, it does happen and the body politic will begin to change to reflect it. This is becoming a typical common sentiment, scary but true: – ZZB

As an American, I dream (over and over) of the day the President goes on international television and announces that the US is officially closing it’s wallet to any nation that is ungrateful for our benevolence, in other words almost all nations.

My dream is even better when America has pledged funds for a natural disaster, were called “stingy”, and then back out of the pledge. Ideally, the President, in front of the Congress and on international television, would reiterate the amount money we had pledged, announce our withdrawal of the money, play the clip of Mr. “Morally Superior to You” [presumably Chirac?] saying what evil people Americans are [ or at least the present US leadership], and then cite Mr. Morally Superior as the reason the money will not be forthcoming. And, I want the President to do this again and again every time something bad happens and people feel they are entitled to our money, but then look our gift horse in the mouth.

During the last four years, Americans have had it beaten into our heads that the world hates us. We also have had it beaten into our heads that nothing we ever do or don’t do will make the world stop hating us. Nothing we ever do is good enough, especially in the eyes of Europe. I have also noticed that the most self-centered ruthless unapologetic bastards around, China, get a free pass. After all when Bush came to Australia, the Parliament members wanted to shout and protest during his speech. When the Chinese Something-or-Other Minister came to deliver a speech to Australia’s Parliament, all the MPs were given explicit instructions to sit down, shut up, and behave. Maybe we should recast our foreign policy to look more like China’s?

We are running a massive deficit in the US. If Europe and the UN are going to complain and attack us when we are doing something nice, maybe our money could be better spent at home.

Posted by: EvilDave on Jan 01, 05 | 7:18 pm

EvilDave, whoever you are, sorry you did not post a link. We suspect feedback would have been forthcoming and voluminious! It’s time that the “competition” ends and the “cooperation” begins. Especially with respect to providing aid to the tsunami victims. Discussion?
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  • EvilDave’s sentiments have long been widely shared, but it is the ever-rising level of frustration that are causing it to finally surface ‘en-masse’.

    America is not perfect. Nor is America a Monolith of Goodness. However, Americans are becoming ever more vocal in their rejection of the tired notion that nearly every ill that afflicts this world has roots that can ultimately be traced directly to New York, Los Angeles and all points between.

    The pain that accompanies directed envy is indeed the price of power.

    I would offer up this for consideration to the UN, the EU, and (insert nation-complaining-at-the-moment here):

    1. Have you questioned al-Qaida regarding their level of contributions, even if only to their ‘Muslim brothers and sisters’ of the region?

    2. While your nation has likely sent or pledged millions (US dollar equivalent), and you look with disdain at the ‘meager’ relative American contribution, have you voiced any grievances over China’s pledge to send merely a few ‘relief workers’? Did you even notice that one?

    3. Do you find it offensive that amidst all of Sri Lanka’s suffering, death and anguish, the Sri Lankan government refused Israel’s immediate offer to send entire medical units complete with surgeons and nurses because they are Jews, but instead asked them to just send the goods and money?

    And for my beloved American Wonderpress:

    1. Why were so many of you so anxious to report with disdain that the president was ‘on vacation in Texas’ (…again…roll eyes here on camera…) and didn’t even bother to go back to Washington? Do you really think he is as far removed from the power as you are from your lawnmower when you are on vacation?

    2. Why were you so consumed with the fact that he hadn’t issued an official statement immediately and on the spot?

    The fact that the president had spoken with the appropriate leaders in the afflicted countries apparently was not good enough for you, Wonderpress. No, if you really look at it closely, you were myopically angry that he had not stepped outside and talked to YOU about his sympathies and pledges.

    One day, you may well get over yourselves. If you haven’t noticed, we are getting over you quite nicely.

  • Correction:

    Do you really think he is as far removed from the LEVERS OF power as you are from your lawnmower when you are on vacation?

    (embarassing oooops)