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Bit Torrent vs. Kazaa

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This is more a question than a story. Why is Bit Torrent working so much better for me than Kazaa?

I’ve played around with some different p2p programs in time, way back to the old days when Napster was Napster. I’ve played with BearShare a bit. More recently, I had done fairly well with Kazaa. I’ve been particularly pleased to have tracked down a lot of out of print, obscure old country records by Stringbean and Grandpa Jones especially.

But lately, the practical usage of Kazaa has become pretty crappy. Even for things indicating multiple peers with the file, it seems hard to access, and tending to lose the connections before the files are complete.

On the other hand, I’ve been playing here lately with Bit Torrent, which has generally done much better. This is somewhat odd, in that it is largely setup for albums, and other relatively large files. Indeed, it seems that even the mp3s are most often recorded at higher encryption rates, like 192, which of course makes the files much bigger.

However, in the practice, it seems that I can much quicker and more reliably download a whole album with Bit Torrent than I can a single song via current Kazaa. This is even though I have only a dial-up connection available out here in the countryside. I seem to be able to get an 80 mb album file via Bit Torrent quicker and rarely losing access to files mid-download quicker and more reliably than I can get just 4 or 5 mb for a single song with Kazaa. Plus, it’s much easier to pause mid-download and come back to it reliably.

So this is, as I said, a question. Why is this?

Also, I’ve seen much less nonsense with record company sponsored fake or drone files with Bit Torrent. I seem to find at least half or more of the files for anything current listed through Kazaa are drones. Only once or twice have I gotten decoys with Bit Torrent. Why is this?

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  • BitTorrent people are more loyal and hardcore than the Kazaa people.

  • argh…

    ok..geek time

    the difference is in the technology of the two differing protocols being utilized…

    kazaa, and other file sharing programs allow the user to set the bandwidth per connection and other variables, thus giving uneven performance

    bittorrent, on the other hand, uses the networking capabilities built into Windows itself , and spreads the load amongst each and every computer hooked into any given torrent, thus allowing a more complete and effecient use of bandwidth available

    in a torrent, everyone connected to that torrent is sharing with everyone else, based upon how much of thwe file they have and how much bandwidth they have..there are no user settings to choke off or regulate the “flow”

    whereas there are waiting limitations, bandwidth limitations etc when dealing with kazaa and their ilk

    hope that helps


  • Thanks Gonzo, that starts to make some sense.

  • RJ

    I use LIMEWIRE, with few complaints.

    But is there anything substantially better out there?

    (I have dial-up as well…)

  • for dial-up, you are doing about as best as ya can RJ…

    part of it is the client network architecture…Limewire,Kazaa,Grokster etc …all use their own engines to handle the proprietary networks, protocols, searches and set the terms of the transfers…think of them as air traffic controllers…

    bitTorrent is superior for moving large files among large quantities of client exactly because it doosn’t have any other functions..it just hooks up between everyone sharing the file, and assigns segments to be up and downed amongst everyone…the more folks on one file, the faster everything goes because each system becomes responsible for smaller chunks of the file ad infinitum

    so RJ, try BitTorrent…see how it works out for you, i would advise one or two files at a time to start…but they can be huge files…whoel CDs or even full movies

    hope that helps


  • Limewire is bundled with spyware, according to a number of reports I’ve seen, such as this entry at the eTrust Spyware Encyclopedia.

  • good point..i used ot use kazaa lite..spyware removed…but i foudn bitTorrent much better

    on that note AdAware or Spybot as well as AVG antivirus, are all free and the true Friend fo any computer hooked to the net

    your mileage may vary


  • RJ

    Oh, I’ve got AdAware…it’s a must for any PC user, as far as I’m concerned!

  • Ad-Aware is good, but actually choosing to install software that is known to carry spyware along with it vastly increases your chances of getting something the Ad-Aware won’t be able to stop.

  • NEO

    This is a no contest. 1/3rd of ALL internet traffic , according to CISCO is Bit Torrent.

    Kazaa and Bit Torrent are two completley different technologies. Yes they are P2P however they are very different.

    For instance you share files with Bit Torrent very differently. They share as soon as you start downloading and not when they are finished. This enables the tracker to spread the load of the file across all the users seedand and leaching.

    Bit torrent win in the 1sec of the 1st round. Its that simple.

  • So,

    This looks like an opportunity for know-nothings to sit around and rave about how fast they got their Britney Spears Album?

  • K.Nothing

    Did I mention how fast I got my Britney Spiers album?

  • mahesh

    i think bear share and bit torrent is good.
    i use them same time