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Bisexuality Revisited: A Myth?

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Bisexuality Revisited: A myth?

Times Article

“Most of them seem to lean one way or the other, but that doesn’t preclude them from having a relationship with the no preferred sex… You may be mostly interested in women but, hey, the guy who delivers the pizza is really hot, and what are you going to do?”
– Dr. Diamond

A recent study by Northwestern University which received some attention in today’s New York Times questions whether bisexuality is actually possible. The study is quite deficient and lacks any significant figures for proof of any claim (a total surveyed of less than 100). Yet the directives I believe the study set out under are false, as well. This study presupposes categories of human preference in regard to sexuality: Bi, Straight, Gay, and Lesbian, when in actuality many people do not fit in any category.

Bisexuality cannot be defined. In all truth homosexuality and heterosexuality are also inadequate words to describe the nature of human sexuality on the whole. Why does culture force men and women to identify themselves in these categories? I believe, with selective evidence from the research of Dr. Kinsey, that no man or woman is completely hetero, bi, or homosexual. We all fall somewhere along the spectrum and ultimately bisexuality is sometimes a term that is all encompassing.

The phenomenon of self-identification with regard to sexuality removes the excitement of exploration. Risking offense to most people, I will claim that this phenomenon results from politics of sexuality first identified by the legendary French philosopher Michel Foucault. Until somewhat recently, sexuality was rarely identified with such terms, though people often engaged in numerous exploratory encounters. According to today’s culture, in order to protect our freedom of sexuality we must sacrifice for this politics of sexuality. Attempting to make sense of ourselves, we utilize science to explain the unknowable and mysterious. I say let it be.

This study is another attempt by Mind State scientific philosophers to pin down our behavioral patterns, our preferences, and our beliefs. This trend is scary. There is no magic to human personality or sexuality these days, and this study evidences such a claim. People are the immortal irony, indefinite and finite. We are full of possibilities that science cannot make sense of, and our sexuality is just one example. I urge men, women, and transgendered individuals to engage in sexual activities at their preference and not according to an established cult of persuasion. I want all humans to feel free in their sexuality and not bound to the group they have ascribed themselves to unwillingly for their own protection.

It is a sad state when men, women, and transgendered individuals must become stereotypes of sexuality in order to be protected from intolerance. I know I am overly idealistic but looking past the strictest pragmatic application of these ideas, we can be awakened to a sad phenomenon in our culture: sex is becoming boring and stereotypical.

Additionally, I do not believe it is fair to force these beliefs on a socially conservative populous. If you wish to subscribe to a group and do so willingly then that is your choice. In conclusion, sexual persuasion ought to be left to each individual and peers should not attempt to sway individuals in one particular direction. Furthermore, I believe our persuasions can change over time: what was once appealing as a youth by seem revolting as an elder.

I wish not to offend anyone, this is merely one man’s opinion on one issue. Please feel free to comment, I would love it.

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  • best definition i have ever heard from a bisexual…
    “it’s the person i lust after, not the plumbing”

    nuff said?


  • Eric Olsen

    in one hole and out the other

    Interesting post Paul, thanks!

  • HW Saxton

    Didn’t Woody Allen once comment on the
    subject to the likes of: “Bisexuality
    does increase your chance for a date on
    Saturday night” or something similar?
    Oh well,it was funny when he said it.

  • Thank you, Paul for this post. I have often felt that sexuality could not be confined to a simple term. I think we’re all sexual creatures and the manifestation of the same is as individual as the fingerprint. Somehow, along the evolution of intellect, humankind has taken something that is beautiful, pleasurable and natural and turned it into a shameful, disgusting thing that dares not to be discussed in an open forum. Today, I consider myself gay. Tomorrow I may meet a woman that totally throws me off kilter and will force me to examine my options. So am I gay? Perhaps not. Again, just as we have become mesmerized by branding and trademarks we have applied them to human frailties and instincts. Somehow we do sex and the acts thereof a disservice by reducing them to simple terms. Leave the simplicity of reproduction to the animal kingdom. Give me the complications of emotional, gut wrenching, life affirming sex any day of the week.

  • Silas, if you met a woman you could consider as a partner, you should be free to do so without worrying about a pack of right-wing extremists trying to score political points by claiming this meant you had been “cured” of being gay.

    At the same time, you shouldn’t have to worry about left-wing extremists trying to claim your relationship was fake, or that in finding love with the “wrong” gender you had somehow betrayed the gay community.

    Too bad the extremists lack that kind of respect for their fellow human beings.

  • So true, Victor. I even find Ann Coulter attractive. Imagine that. She makes me straight. I could make her a Democrat. Wow, I must talk to Mom about the drugs she took while carrying me.

  • Does anyone know why the findings in the Kinsey and in this survey seem to illustrate that women are far more complex in their sexuality and less easily categorized? I feel my sexuality is just as complex and beautiful as my girlfriend’s. Why am I simply reduced by society to a “horny guy” or a “fruitcake” when I explore my sexuality, while her explorations are viewed as beautiful and are often far more acceptable culturally?

  • cuz she’s cuter than you

    oh yes…and she has tits…can’t forget that

    nuff said?


  • bhw

    I even find Ann Coulter attractive. Imagine that. She makes me straight.

    No, I think that makes you a lesbian. Or maybe she really is just a guy in drag. 😉

    The study referenced in the post above, according to the NYT, showed that men who identified themselves as bisexual did not become sexually aroused equally by men and women. All the people in the study, no matter how they self-identified, showed a much stronger preference [as evidenced by states of arousal] for one sex.


  • Paul asks: “Why am I simply reduced by society to a “horny guy” or a “fruitcake” when I explore my sexuality, while her explorations are viewed as beautiful and are often far more acceptable culturally?

    The answer is quite simple. A male’s genitalia is far simpler than that of a female. With a male it’s three shakes and off to sleep. With a female it’s a hell of a lot more work and when she is satisfied it is much more emotional. We men are, by nature, quick on the draw. We have the sensuality of a plankton.

  • Silas I would have to respectfully disagree. We cannot generalize about sexaulity in this fashion. Biology does not imply personality in direct manner. We are far more complex then that.

  • I wish it were true, Paul. Sometimes, however, I think that many men are ruled by their penis than the other way around. Somehow it is perceived that a man who is sensually sexual is a deviant – especially in the eyes of right wingers and fundamentalist Christians. You’re right that we are complex but only by choice. Many men just keep it simple in order to ‘fit in’. It is when a man recognizes the complexity of intimate relations that things begin to go haywire to some extent.