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birdsofprey.jpgI do not get The WB. And I swear to God this isn’t comic geek talking. Last year was Smallville, now there’s Birds of Prey. Supposedly, these are the adventures of the grown-up offspring of Batman and Catwoman (how she has “superpowers'”, I do not know). Also, there is Oracle – the former (now paralyzed) Batgirl and Dinah – a psychic runaway. Shemar Moore is in a supporting role as a Dumbest Cop Ever.

God, the dialogue is bad. I learned a long time ago that comic book writing was best read in your mind, not out loud. The writers haven’t learned that. I swear the writers went to “Snappy Dialogue Camp”, and they should ask for their money back. I guess everyone wants to be the next Buffy (a show I’ve never watched) and figures that there’s a secret mysterious formula to get internet obsessives hooked. God help me if this is it, because we’re in for some bad television.

Unlike my dear departed Dark Angel, this show doesn’t have enough “ass-kickin'” to make you overlook the weak story. As far as comic-to-tv adaptations go, I think the first 2.5 years of Lois and Clark as well as The Flash were heads above this.

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About Oliver Willis

  • Well I think that we’re talking about creativity here. All these supernatural characters created out of ones fragment of imagination.

    Making it almost real to the extent of capturing the very core of reality which is true in a sense. There are spiritual powers in this world. And as my friend above here has used the term “GOD”, many times, there is a GOD and he is everywhere.

    Men are inspired by him, and he has given men talents to create such unreal but real characters depicting his powers.

    You see, all of what we see on screen be it Batman & Robin, Superman, Spiderman, X-MEN, Hulk are all extremely powerful characters individually.

    But there is only one who possess all these powers, and that’s GOD.

    Interesting isn’t it? All of us want to be those things but alas, thank GOD that we cant…lol

    There is already enough bloodshed in the name of justice, religion, greed, money, power and the lusts of the flesh.

    Men are weak, thank GOD we have a GOD who we can rely on for strength and guidance. Think about it and tell me whatever you see, is it humanly possible for man to have created all this by himself?

    The Universe, the World, the Planets, the Stars and so on?

    Beep Beep! I don’t think so and I’m sure you’ll agree with me…

    I love watching those movies anyway, they take my breath away and I’m transported into a world of my own…

    Best Regards,

    Sajjid Manuel