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Bill Peirce and Bob Fritakis: Getting A Fair Shot

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Some of you may not know these names, primarily because the mainstream media has decided not to include them in their stories when referring to gubernatorial candidates in Ohio. Bill Peirce (pronounced "purse") is the Libertarian candidate for Governor, and Bob Fitrakis is the Green party candidate. The Democrats and Republicans of the state would lead you to believe that there are only two choices for Governor, Democrat Ted Strickland, and Republican Ken Blackwell.

The debate format decided among the 2006 Ohio's gubernatorial candidates was outlined by the League of Women Voters — a non-profit organization that is supposed to remain non-partisan as well (arguably, including only major parties could be construed as segregationist, if not partisan in itself) — requires that any candidate who wishes to participate must garner at least 15% in a "recognized" poll. Often, third party candidates are unable to get their names added to those polls, with no recourse other than to create their own "push polls."

Neither candidate is taking the snubbing lying down, and they are gearing up to make it a central issue in the showdown with the major parties in Ohio. Peirce's campaign has recently made the issue a front-burner issue, issuing a "news flash" that claims both Blackwell and Strickland are "afraid" to debate the extremely well-educated economist.

Fitrakis on the other hand has but one plea, loudly visible on his page, "Get Bob on the Stage!" What he means is that he and Peirce may not be allowed to debate, September 20, 2006, at the Cleveland Governor's Debate at noon.

What Ohio needs is more choices, and Fitrakis and Peirce are viable choices. Please let them be heard. News Channel 5 anchor, Ted Henry, will serve as the moderator for the event. Email him here or contact the station directly at their website.

[Roberta Ferguson is an avid supporter of the right to candidate knowledge and the Libertarian party, and this post was not sponsored by either candidate.]
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  • Thank you for the article Roberta. We are trying hard to get Bill and Bob in the debates but with the B & S campaigns deciding structure and policy for the debates, it’s a tough go.

    They both have said if Bill or Bob is included in the debates, they won’t show.

    Whether one is in Bill or Bob’s camp is of no issue here. What the issue is that as voters, Ohioans’ are deliberately being kept in the dark about their options by bipartisan politics.

    It’s a far cry from many moons ago when the working person saw a problem and wanted to do something about it, so they ran for office. Now, it is evident that if you aren’t a career politician… you’re out of luck and you don’t matter in the political process because you’ll get shut down by the strong-arming of the collusive twins.

    This ties into the “wasted vote” misnomer. If you do agree with either Bob or Bill’s platform, VOTE FOR THEM. It is not a wasted vote; by 3rd party candidates getting the votes , the bipartisan politics will be erroded thereby creating more of a “gov’t for the people” environment. That is hardly a wasted vote IMO.

    Thanks once again Roberta

    Howard Kornhauser
    Peirce For Ohio Campaign