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Bill O’Reilly Is Finished

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I won’t even really comment much on this one (for now). Call this a “balloon” post if you must…

Simply go here and click on the links. And read.

The term “hypocrisy” seems inadequate. Yes, the “Plaintiff” appears to be a vicious, under-handed, money-hungry bitch.

But she doesn’t have a public reputation to maintain. Bill O’Reilly does. And it’s all gone now. Destroyed. Decimated. (Not to mention his family life…)

Please comment below, if you get the urge. I am interested in your thoughts…

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  • I think if he had done a lot of drugs it might have repressed his sex drive, he should have got advice from Rush Limbaugh..

  • bhw

    I feel the urge to comment only about your predictable depiction of the plaintiff as a “a vicious, under-handed, money-hungry bitch” because she dared to accuse one of your hypocritical, loudmouth, asshole heroes of sexual harassment.

  • Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty. But my honest opinion? Fuck him- I resent him for calling what he does news or journalism. What he does is ‘hard copy’ of the news age. I have no respect for what he has done to the genre

  • bhw

    Innocent until proven guilty, of course. But the sexual harassment case is not what makes O’Lielly a hypocritical, loudmouth asshole.

  • I don’t think O’Reilly’s finished, by any means, unless he loses this case horribly or faces some sort of criminal charge for other behavior.

    I personally am not surprised by these accusations — anyone whose public persona is built on such bombast and self-importance would almost be expected to have bizarre auto-erotic fantasies and boundary issues with others. O’Reilly has always struck me as a fundamentally immature, energetic seventeen year old (complete with the squared-around-the-edges political ideology) masquerading as a serious, sober old man. That his sexual proclivities and workplace behavior are similarly juvenile is no big surprise. He’s clearly a skilled broadcaster and good at drawing attention to himself, but he strikes me as an aggressive nerd who now fancies himself some sort of sexual Epicurean playboy because of his wealth and influence. Another cautionary tale for anyone who believes that education (he’s a Harvard grad) and privilege are the answer to sexist behavior.

    I don’t think this will hurt him with his hardcore right-wing political junkies, who are mostly white males, because they forgive Rush and George W Bush their lifestyle sins so long as they espouse the right positions on social issues and attack the right people. O’Reilly’s audience isn’t really women, but maybe this suit hurts him with women voters if it gets really, really apparent that he did wrong. Even then, however, I don’t think that conservative women will disagree with his accusations of this being an “evil” political plot and greedy extortion. If you read the statement on his website linked off Drudge, you’d never know the case was about workplace conduct or sexual harassment. Ironically, I think that this case might help him somewhat, since he can claim to be the victim and the target of enemies who oppose his “straight talk” and honesty.

    That is all.

  • “Yes, the “Plaintiff” appears to be a vicious, under-handed, money-hungry bitch.”

    And by unthinking, party-line, white male sheep who will follow O’Reilly and cast whatever unfounded aspersions they can at the accuser, I mean people like RJ.

    I have little respect for people in the world of politics and news who take such pride in their honesty and integrity, yet immediately hide behind politics and accuse opponents of political motives whenever personal failings come to light. I’m sure the white male sheep remember Hillary’s “vast right wing conspiracy”? O’Reilly’s response is really no different in kind, only more obnoxious in its tone and in the gravity of the personal charge.

    That is all.

  • Definately not good timing with his kid’s book just out – though it is after most of his media appearances flogging it.

    Al Franken’s radio show today should be entertaining. Too bad the FCC would probably fine him if he read too much of the complaint on the air.

    Don’t slam his producer til you’ve heard more of the story. If what she says is true, she deserves millions and O’Reilly and Fox can afford to pay it.

    And this passage from his novel Those Who Trespass isn’t proof, but it doesn’t look good:

    She tried not to stare at his crotch, even though she saw movement there.

    Then he slipped her panties down her legs and, within seconds, his tongue was inside her, moving rapidly.

    He was speaking hushed tones, telling her how much he enjoyed her body, using words that in polite conversation would have been vulgar, but in this context were extremely erotic. His hands firmly gripped her buttocks.

    Silence circled the room like a starving turkey buzzard.

    “These TV guys really are pricks…”

  • andy

    She may very well deserve millions, but she was asking for $60 million. No offense ladies, but no amount of dirty talk is worth $60 million!

  • Here is my opinion of O’Reilly.

    At first reading the reports, I don’t think it sounds like how he would act. I mean, he is high profile, in the spotlight, etc… and I just don’t think he would openly say stuff like he did over an open telephone conversation or in public. It just doesn’t sit right with me, but then again, I have been wrong.

    I think if its he said, she said, then it will blow up in the accusors face, but if she has audio (which I believe she claims she does) and he really said some of the stuff he did, he is toast. You can kiss the O’Reilly factor goodbye, and in fact, you can kiss Fox News and their ratings goodbye. O’Reilly is one of the main people who keeps that station in high regard, but I hope it isn’t true because I like him and his show.

    But first perception is that it sounds like extorition from this woman. But we can only sit and wait, thats all.

    Here is my take. Kobe, even though the case was thrown out, admitted to fucking another woman and making his mistakes. Even though he is considered innocent, his sponsors said SCREW YOU and left because he was this perfect NBA star who had everything and did the right things, now he is shown that he is flawed like everyone else.

    Assuming O’Reilly doesn’t admit to anything more then having some cocktails and watching a Presidential speech in a hotel room with her, and it turns out there is NO audio or anything, his career will be fine.

    But even if there is NO audio, and he comes out and admits to cheating, or whatnot, then he is toast. If there is audio, he is toast.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Steve, where did that quote come from? Sorry, I can’t remember the author.

    and is that Verbatim?

  • nevermind 🙂 whoops.

    But you are telling me Bill O’Reilly used the following

    She tried not to stare at his crotch, even though she saw movement there.

    Then he slipped her panties down her legs and, within seconds, his tongue was inside her, moving rapidly.

    He was speaking hushed tones, telling her how much he enjoyed her body, using words that in polite conversation would have been vulgar, but in this context were extremely erotic. His hands firmly gripped her buttocks.

    Silence circled the room like a starving turkey buzzard.

    “These TV guys really are pricks…”


    And was he quoting somebody?

  • Shark

    O’Reilly should thank his lucky stars it wasn’t a Catholic Altar Boy.

    And this can’t possibly “hurt him” with his fans; he’s an immature macho prick and an egotistical asshole — and that’s why they like him.

    Just adds to his persona.

    PS: Best imaginary double-date: O’Reilly and Jimmy Swaggart painting the town with their “family values”.

    PPS: Shark is going out on a limb here: I predict that within the next year or two, O’Reilly will have a self-exam epiphany and blow his own fucking brains out with a 357 magnum. Seriously.

  • If the story ends up to be true, O’Reilly will probably end up with the web site OpinionOreilly.com, like John Fund formerly of the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

    John Fund ended up as the guy on “OpinionJournal.com” (beloved by many on the right) after his episode with Morgan Pillsbury (you can look it up, but John Fund, besides being a neocon, was arrested for assaulting her, police report here).

  • remember, oliver north lied to congress…but he’s a “hero”.

  • O’Reilly may yet rise from the ashes. We shall see …

  • “No offense ladies, but no amount of dirty talk is worth $60 million!”

    No offense guys, but Bill O’Reilly yelling at people and spinning like mad isn’t worth his salary either, yet he gets paid way too much. Go figure.

  • RJ

    “I feel the urge to comment only about your predictable depiction of the plaintiff as a “a vicious, under-handed, money-hungry bitch” because she dared to accuse one of your hypocritical, loudmouth, asshole heroes of sexual harassment.”

    Silly girl. Bill O’Reilly is hardly one of my “heroes.” As I have stated on this site before, numerous times, I find him to be an obnoxious, arrogant loudmouth. You perhaps should refrain from making baseless assumptions in the future…

    Now, my reasons for describing the Plaintiff the way I did are obvious: She asked for “hush money.” She had no complaints while working at FOXNews. She left FOXNews to go to CNN, and then voluntarily came back.

    And her lawsuit is clearly aimed at embarrassing O’Reilly, as you can tell by going to the link I provided. Why would it include quotes of O’Reilly rambling about Al Franken? How was this in any way related to his supposed “sexual harrassment”?

    Perhaps, now that you are somewhat better informed on this matter, you would like to comment again?

  • Wow, next thing you will be saying is that Paula Jones did NOT file her suit against Clinton on deep felt principles?

  • Way to disprove the misogyny thing with your comment, RJ.

    There’s NO proof the woman tried to extort O’Reilly or asked for money beyond O’Reilly’s own assertions: he claims she asked for $60 million, which is a laughable, incredible amount.

    If it’s true that there’s audio recordings of these phone calls, O’Reilly may very well be done after all. But without that proof, I think his career will continue since his audience, frankly, doesn’t really care about personal morality or integrity. Pace Mark Edward Manning and RJ.

    Shark: I find your suicide thing disturbing. O’Reilly thinks far too highly of himself to do that.

    That is all.

  • RJ

    “Way to disprove the misogyny thing with your comment, RJ.”

    This, from a guy who has referred to his significant other as “my bitch” in previous comments…

  • Interesting how nobody is contesting that O’Reilly is an abusive, hateful scumbag. So, we at least know what he’s guilty of, one of the lowest examples of a human being. Not even his supporters, like RJ, seem to like him. And that is supposed to be a defense?

    Or is it just an attempted defense for his audience — well we always thought he was an asshole, nothing like us.

  • RJ

    “Not even his supporters, like RJ, seem to like him.”

    I’m not sure I’m a “supporter.” I agree with some of his politics, and I find his show highly-entertaining. But I think the man is gutter-filth.

    I *used* to like him, about 4 or 5 years ago. Now he just comes across as an angry asshole. But he’s still fun to watch! (Unlike Chris Matthews, who is both a hyperactive asshole and unpleasant to watch, unless you get a kick out of his wild hyperbole and frequent interuptions just to hear his own voice…)

  • Elan

    It was an OBVIOUS plant by the right wing, not the LEFT as would be suspected.
    Andrea Mackris was an intern in the Bush41 white house, then becoming a journalist.
    Only AFTER O’Reilly’s interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes did he become the Enemy of the right

    The right had long suspected him to be a closet lefty, but let him be because he was benefitting the right.
    During the entire election campaign he was the only Fox critical of Bush, less critical of Kerry.
    He favored Kerry , opposed the swift boats propaganda, unlike other partisan sound biters.

    O’Reilly said to Mike Wallace he was :
    1. Pro – choice
    2. An Environmentalist
    3. Against Capital punishment

    These three views are NOT shared by neo-cons, far right conservatives, nor the majority of Republicans.
    They are shared by liberal thinkers.

    I think he was trapped by the right –

  • i am confused on the vibrator part of this story.

    does mr. bill like it up the butt?

    i just love sex scandels when they don’t involved children.


  • RJ

    I will say one thing to Mr. Bill’s credit: She is a hot little thing.

  • rillin

    Two words SET UP.

    Just too conveniently placed before the election and after his book’s release and after returning from a stint at CNN.

    I saw pictures of other women in his office this girl is nasty compared to the others.

  • RJ


    From here:

    FOXNEWS producer Andrea Mackris, who filed a multimillion dollar sexual harassment suit against top talker O’Reilly earlier this month, has I.O.U’s scatted throughout the financial world, records show.

    Mackris was making $93K a year when she returned to FOXNEWS in 2004 [she earned $69,088 in 2003], but records dated October 18 show she holds more than $37k in credit card debt, and $62k in student loans.

    “It appears Ms. Mackris was living way beyond her means,” a source close to the situation told DRUDGE late Thursday. “She’s up to her eyeballs in debt.”


  • curt

    i wonder why he offered her $2 million to settle before he went public with his suit, after she turned down the 2 mil and suggested the $60 million…??

    i thought i sure heard him tell a caller the other day “…i’m stupid, ok. i’m not a victim here. i’m a stupid guy…” (to paraphrase) … ??

    if (i mean IF) he is guilty, i feel he deserves more than the slap on the wrist that rush lardbaugh got for illegally purchasing black market prescription drugs. if that would’ve been you or i we’d be in jail right now.

  • bob2112

    These guys on FOX News, Rush Lindberg, Ann C*nt-her, are not funny at all. There is no saving face when people this bad are caught doing exactly what they claim is beyond them. This is my only post here (Thank Gawd) I only want these people to kill themselves much like the Goebbels family when this election is over. Kiss my you-know-where, if you cannot see the resemblance!

  • bob2112

    Sean Hannity can be finished with O’Rightly as well.

    How wonderful it is to dance to the tune of chirping crickets.

    Another thread down the rest to go!

  • curt

    what did hannity do?

  • bob2112

    Suck up to right-wing bastards in a rude non-journalistic manner, when it’s completely op-ed crap! That’s all.

  • curt

    oh, ok. now there’s one chickenhawk war-monger i would love to see drafted and sent to bahgdad.

  • bob2112

    Thank you, curt. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Mary

    I find the greatest and most just irony in these revelations to be consideration of O’Reilly’s incessant lecturing to gays and lesbians about how inappropriate it is to “talk about” one’s “sex life”; “I don’t want to hear about it” has been his mantra……..so now, the chickens come home to roost. Though its excruciating to imagine O’Reilly’s fantasies so explicitly laid out, it is all worth it to anticipate that someday soon his fall from grace will remove him from the landscape of 21st century moralizing….

  • curt

    yeah mary, i agree. its like rush limbaugh, who was always passing judgment on drug addicts, and then getting busted for the very same behavior he was condemning. their a bunch of phony hypocrites.

  • I think that anyone that thinks that Bill ORilley is stupid enough to mess with this women is nuts, maybe I am a silly but, is it because Bill is a get in your face and confronts if he don’t agree is the way it goes for people? To attack a person in such a way is terrible, and may it come back on all who are guilty of this, double no matter if he calls a spade a spade. Thats the way it is..and we need more of it..its called honesty…

  • rick

    Bill O is the worst kind of hypocrit, why because he spent the majority of his time bashing others, so he got what he deserves,maybe now he’ll see how it feels to be on the other end of assholes misrepresenting.What goes around comes around.

  • D IANE


  • John Howard

    The left wing rads and the right wing
    rads are so full of hate,How does the right of freedom of speech,allow the ACLU to use it for child molesters rights,and how does kkk right wing nuts
    think there 5ft 5 inch dark skin master
    which has been the cause of most wars in the last 2000 years is the way? I think both radical sides are the slime of this earth.