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Quotes from here:

In the presence of NAACP President Kweisi Mfume and other African-American leaders, comedian Bill Cosby took aim at blacks who don’t take responsibility for their economic status, blame police for incarcerations and teach their kids poor speaking habits.


When Cosby finally concluded, Leiby said, Mfume, Howard University President H. Patrick Swygert and NAACP legal defense fund head Theodore Shaw came to the podium looking “stone-faced.”

Shaw told the crowd most people on welfare are not African American. He insisted many of the problems his organization addresses among blacks are not self-inflicted.

Cosby said, according to Leiby: “Ladies and gentlemen, the lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids – $500 sneakers for what? And won’t spend $200 for ‘Hooked on Phonics.’

He added: “They’re standing on the corner and they can’t speak English. I can’t even talk the way these people talk: ‘Why you ain’t,’ ‘Where you is’ … And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. … Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. … You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!”

The Post said Cosby also targeted imprisoned blacks.

“These are not political criminals,” he said. “These are people going around stealing Coca-Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake and then we run out and we are outraged, [saying] ‘The cops shouldn’t have shot him.’ What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?”

I wonder how black activist types will respond to this. Will they attack Mr. Cosby for being old, rich, and out-of-touch with the issues that “real” blacks have to deal with? Or will they embrace this bit of self-criticism?

What say you, Mac Diva?

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  • Bob A. Booey


    In all seriousness, I know that you think that you were making a logical, reasoned response. But you have no idea the extent of how much fear and anger came across in your message. I just read it now but I would guess that the extreme bitterness toward minorities evidenced in your last comment is the reason no one else has responded since.

    I will think about whether I should address your various wild “angry white male” claims but I suspect that you’re so trapped within your own paranoid ideology that an exchange will be difficult.

    I’ll just make this one comment then: what “white empowerment” movements would you advocate, pray tell? I really cringe at statements like this and I’m not sure if you know what you’re even saying, especially when you say “white lash-out” is justified.

    Where are white men being degraded in the media? Please offer some examples.

    I can’t even digest the rest of what you wrote yet. I don’t know if anyone else was willing or able to.

  • Al Barger

    Booey, feel free to get off Dan’s ass anytime. He’s not hostile toward black folk. You might say that he’s a little paranoid, but it’s not paranoia if people really ARE out to get you.

    If you look back to some of the stuff here at Blogcritics written by (a few) black folks about white folks generally and specifically, particularly Mac Diva about Dan, then his somewhat defensive posture starts to look pretty understandable.

    A few months of intensive slander like Dan has been subjected to as an evil whitey might cause anyone to get their back up.

    Narrowing “society” down to BlogCritics for the sake of some specificity, no white person would be allowed to express the continuing overt racial hostility to black folk that Diva most particularly routinely does toward white folk. That’s good. I’d be one of the first ones slapping the white schmuck around- for the two seconds it would take before Eric had them permanently banned from our (mostly) polite company.

    Then again, there are no white folk around here even WANTING to speak that way of our brothers and sisters.

  • Bob A. Booey


    First of all, it’s LIBEL not slander. Libel is written, slander is oral.

    I’m not “on” your manfriend’s ass. You can have it. I barely even chose to respond because I don’t really like where this discussion has gone.

    About your paranoia: the fact that you’d judge race relations by some website comments is troubling enough, but I really don’t know or care what your internet “friends” or “enemies” have made you feel about race. I don’t think you have any capacity to understand or empathize with humanity in general, much less people different from you. Go write another sneering, race-baiting comment about Rosa Parks. I couldn’t even will myself to read the comments underneath that post since discussions like that one and Dan’s illustrate the absurdity of people’s “thoughts” on serious issues on websites like this one. I’m sure they were equally sad and repulsive.

    For the record, I think MacDiva is a poor writer and has no insight into these issues either. At least she tries to engage them, though, instead of championing fear and hatred. Just as I would never for even a second take you or Dan for intelligent conservatives who are presenting actual arguments, the fact that you would associate her with all minorities and their views is revealing.

    Your “brothers and sisters” comment at the end was a nice, patronizing little touch. Did you laugh when you wrote that too? It amused me. And your impassioned moral stand against the hypothetical white racist lent you SUCH credibility too! It brought a tear to my eye to hear your courageous “KKK bad, Dan the white backlash movement defender guy good” argument. With brave, soulful men like you on our side, we’ll solve this racial issue yet. I commend you, sir. You inspire us. Your passion for exclusion and ever-nuanced rhetoric truly distinguishes you from those “violent thugs” you rail about.

    Good luck with “narrowing society down to BlogCritics.” I really don’t know what to say to you and Dan about your misguided emotions and extreme angry white male views. Good luck with your “white empowerment movements” and your “backlash,” Dan and Al.

    I don’t know how to engage your anger.

    That is all.

  • RJ Elliott

    “For the record, I think MacDiva is a poor writer and has no insight into these issues either.”

    Oh, brother. You would have been kinder to have called her a fat cunt.

    MD prides herself on two things in this world:

    1 – Being a masterful wordsmith

    2 – Having an incredibly deep and personal understanding of racial issues.

    In one sentence, you have managed to dismiss her on both counts.

    Methinks you just made an enemy for life. ;-]

    “Friends come and go. Enemies accumulate.” – Someone

  • Jim Carruthers

    Bobby, bobby, bobby, if you want to get picky a libel is printed, while a slander is not printed, and then there are degrees depending on the jurisdiction (for example there is are distinctions between criminal and civil libel, and there is the case of defamation, etc.)

    Just saying something bad about somebody is neither libel or slander, what is important is malicious intent to damage someone’s reputation. And then there are variations among jurisdictions. For someone who is so willing to slang around the phrase “pretentious”, you seem somewhat of a cat-flap bastard.

  • Bob A. Booey

    Jim, your stupidity knows no bounds.

    I mean this in all sincerity: you are a twit.

    I haven’t read any of MacDiva’s comments, but I highly doubt they would qualify as libelous. I didn’t say they would, dummy. Al Barger did.

    Your clarification of “libel” as being printed adds nothing. Libel is based on the written word. That’s what I said, dummy. Al Barger misused the word “slander” in that context; he meant “libel.”

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for stalking me because I pointed out that you’re a pervert, but try and actually SAY something the next time.

    Go call your parole officer, weirdo.

    That is all.

  • Bob A. Booey

    Not to beat a dead horse and further address the stupidest comment I have ever seen on here, but I should add this to your continuing education and rehabilitation into society:

    “Slang” is not a verb. Perhaps you meant “sling.” And the comma would go inside the quotation marks. I know they don’t teach that in the joint.

    Do you really feel good about using phrases like “cat-flap bastard,” old man? I mean, really.

    That is all. Freak.

  • Jim Carruthers

    Bobby, bobby, bobby, sigh, I really feel sorry for yah, yah gob-smacked little bastard.

    I even looked up “slang” in a ‘murrican dictionary, and it’s there re: “a heated exchange of abuse”. So fuck you, you stunned cunt (see, that’s slanging). As for the . etc., not everybody lives in the USA, or uses the perversion of the English language as it is abused by the heathens who live there. Or are they heretics, I’m not sure. Either way, the prescriptionists who come from there are evil buggers.

    You might note, whatever is on a web site or whatever is not printed, print, in the legal sense, meaning ink on paper.

    So, instead of being a torrent of self-abuse, why don’t you just go into the corner and think about what you’ve done?

  • Bob A. Booey

    Yo, foreign guy.

    That definition you just listed … NOUN, dummy. Not a VERB. Here’s a hint for you so you can tell: the definition started with “a,” right? Good psycho.

    Libel law applies to electronic media as well. You take “print” too literally, which is not suprising in the least. Let me know how the concrete stage is working for you at your age, Pops.

    I don’t understand your rant about Americans, but I don’t care. Thanks for the advice. I’m not really into the S & M thing, though, so I don’t think I’ll be participating in your “abuse me please” give-and-take after this comment. Kinky stuff, really. Did they teach you that in the big house?

    That is all.

  • Jim Carruthers

    And to bring it back to “I’ve never thought he was funny” Bill Cosby, we have this:

    I don’t understand your rant about Americans, but I don’t care

    And that’s the whole thing isn’t it, I’m just going to say whatever I want with no evidence, cites, or experience. I’m just going to make some shit up and then plow ahead with whatever I feel like doing.

    Yeah, thanks, and fuck you too.

    Don’t live there, and you’re giving me more reasons to keep far away.

    Why do they hate ‘murrica? Because there are so many ‘murricans filled with hate.

  • Mac Diva

    Purple, I agree with much of what you are saying. But, I still think Bill Cosby was just ‘runnin’ off at da mouf,’ as some of my relatives in North Carolina would say. My first inclination when hearing about Cosby’s remarks was to dismiss them as ill-considered. However, since the topic is spreading, I am going to blog it today or tomorrow.

  • Shark

    ‘Scuse me, may I get into this volatile, race-based pissing match?


    ~ It’s time to play ~
    Fill in the Blank!
    with your host, Bill (“Why is there air, and where’d you get those $500 sneakers!?”) Cosby.

    The rules are simple: Fill in the Blank.

    1) The extraordinary high percentage of black males missing in action from their families, (especially wives and children) CAUSES _________.

    2) The extraordinary high percentage of black males missing in action from their families, (especially wives and children) IS CAUSED BY _________.

    3) “If black people gave the brains in their heads just half as much attention as they do their hair, they would be a thousand times better off,” is a very ______ statement.

    ** Bonus Essay Question**
    Write 100 words or less on the following:

    Assume you have children; you can’t feed ‘em, can’t clothe ‘em, can’t support ‘em, can’t educate ‘em, don’t need ‘em, and don’t want ‘em. Given the above circumstances, is it okay to continue to rut like a horny fruit fly, regardless of the color of your skin?

    If so, Why?

    If not, Why Not?

  • Shark

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if “bob booey” turns out to be a EurAsian Hermaphrodite — and can speak for everybody with total authority!

  • kudd45

    I have to once again state this:

    Bob A. Booey is an arrogant asshole who derives pleasure from correcting people’s typing skills. What a fuck. Jesus bob, get down from your cloud, the thin air is making you delusional. Because people can’t type or write well, doesn’t indicate their intellect or wisdom is somehow inferior to yours. It is finally coming to light that Bob is an asshole and im happy about that, keep it up fellow Bob-haters, you have all the reason you need.

    P.S. Please correct my typing Bob, I thirst for your knowledge. fukkhead.

    Oh yeah, THAT IS ALL

  • kudd45

    I must once again state this:

    Bob why do you get such childish pleasure from correcting people’s grammer? Get off your cloud, the thin air is making you delusional, you arrogant fuck. Trying to prove yourself as intellectually superior by correcting people is a sad display of your uselessness in life.

    I’m glad other people are starting to notice what an arrogant dick Bob is, bout time.

    P.S. please correct my post, oh great one, i thirst for your knowledge. you dumbfuck.

    Oh yeah I almost forgot:


  • Kudd45

    Oops, thought that thread got lost, HA.
    well hope you read it both times.

  • Mac Diva

    Kudd, I just skip Booey’s comments. Click on the links to his identifying data. Blanks. Dead ends. In other words, he is pure troll. It was the same under his previous two screen names. I also skip Shark, who is either Booey or a very good facsimile. If you bypass the most foolish commenters, you can save yourself considerable time.

  • Shark

    McD: “I just skip Booey’s comments. Click on the links to his identifying data. Blanks. Dead ends…”

    Ironic coming from someone who not only refuses to divulge her identity on TWO web sites, but doesn’t allow comments on either site.


    And MacDiva skips me and Bob A. Booey, unless, of course, she wants to requisition one of our more intelligent, articulate ideas and rewrite it as her own.

    BTW: Booey took about THREE days to get McD’s number as a piss-poor writer and a very simplistic ‘thinker’.

    Pretty impressive, but Shark still holds the indoor record: My FIRST comment on BC

    Note I called her “Katie Couric” for her mindless, meaningless (yet wordy) BS cut and paste style of ‘reporting’ — long before I knew she was a black, african-american-indian-journalist -lawyer who, when not teaching Constitutional Law, is persuing contemporary slave owners.


  • Shark

    –pursuing— ?

    hey, I’m hot, what can i say…

  • Mac Diva

    Feel free to read what a deluded elderly fellow with signs of Alzheimer’s believes to be brilliant output here. Try not to snicker. Poor Gramps, next he will be peeing on himself and thinking it is raining.

    As for Shark’s latest sterotypical remarks about African-Americans, (Comment 112) they are, of course, false. The AA and white birth rates are very close. They data offer no evidence Americans of African descent ‘rut like horny fruit flies.’

  • Jim Carruthers

    MacD, if you want to get into segmenting ‘murrican society by made-up racial demographics, remember, “chinga tu puta madre” means “have a nice day” in Spanish.

    They really should have gotten Margaret Cho to speak, she’s funnier and funkier than the ol’ ground up cow hoofs shill.

  • Bob A. Booey

    Sharky poo: I hope that little quiz was irony, “Eat the Irish” style. Otherwise, yikes.


    Your stalking belies your attempts to dismiss me. I’m glad you tried to click on all my information, but I don’t have any websites or other business that SHOULD interest you. Yet it does. Why?

    You are a paranoid nerd who lives her entire life assuming “internet personas.” I am not like anyone else you’ve encountered on your nerdy websites: I’m one of a kind. I’m new to this site and you’re transparent. What’s your diagnosis? Let’s be real for a second, honey, as long as you’re criticizing people for being evasive.

    I know it’s a policy of yours NOT to read anything of intelligence, but if you were ACTUALLY following the substance of this racism discussion, you’d see that my comments are by far the most insightful and incisive on this topic. I mean, honestly, you attempt to say some of the things I say but you don’t have the ability or perspective — to put it simply, my comments blow yours out of the water and I don’t need you as an ally. Notice how the neo-con right-winger white folks just answer MY comments with “Look at MacDiva. She’s a dumb liberal.” That’s the best they can come up with, associating me with your poor writing and analysis.

    You praise your fellow schizoid writer Purple Tigress (she’s also your compatriot in being pretentious and disjointed), who makes neo-con arguments, because she’s the only one who isn’t overtly dismissive of your comments. What could you POSSIBLY agree with that she said? Her writing is bizarre and she always ends in a twisting, logic-less path toward an unevidenced right-wing viewpoint. I don’t think this should matter any, but do you notice that no one seems to respect your writing on this site? Maybe Kudd can be your “internet friend”; he seems like-minded in his lack of a mind and tons of meaningless posts. You have a lot in common.

    Pray tell, where do you teach constitutional law? And where did you go to law school? This should be good.

    Don’t enjoy, this right-wing conservatives. Because at least MacDiva is on the right side of this one issue and you’re just plain wrong. My criticism of her blather doesn’t mean, once again, that I respect your views. You have, however, successfully de-railed this discussion and made it all about who’s a jerk and who’s not. Congratulations for avoiding the issue.

    That is all.

  • Shark

    Booey, you should know my irony by now — since you’re me!


  • Shark

    MacD: “…As for Shark’s latest sterotypical remarks about African-Americans, (Comment 112) they are, of course, false. The AA and white birth rates are very close…”

    Of course, my little quiz wasn’t about white vs black birth rates; it was about…

    “…U.S. Census Bureau estimates for 2002 showed the percentage of black children living with both their parents at 39 percent, up from 33 percent in 1995 but still barely half the number for white children, 75 percent.

    “…The percentage of black kids living only with their mother stood at 48 percent, down from 53 percent in the mid-1990s but still huge compared with the 18 percent of white children just with mom.”

    * *

    “…Between 1980 and 1994, the proportion of all black families that were headed by single parents climbed from 52% to 65%.

    By 2000, however, this percentage had declined slightly to 63.2%.

    Among both white and Hispanic families, the percentage maintained by single parents increased between 1980 and 2000, among whites from 17.1% in 1980 to 26% in 2000, and from 25.9% to 35.4% for Hispanics.

    However, these increases still left the percentage of black families maintained by single parents more than twice the percentage for white families, and 75% higher than that for Hispanics.

    The fraction of single-parent families maintained by men is steadily increasing… Nevertheless, in 2000 the overwhelming majority of black single-parent families (90.1%) were maintained by women, and so were 79.3% of white single-parent families.

    In 2000, 19.2 million children under 18 lived with one parent, including about 58.2% of all black children and 23% of all white children.”

    Again, I emphasize, one can debate the causes and effects of the reality reflected in this data, but at the very least, a lot of these single mothers and their children are automatically condemned to a life of extreme poverty and all the problems that accompany it.

    Either way, it seems to me that this might be at least as important as bitchin’ about $500 shoes or underestimating and/or demeaning the value of “Huxtable” type families.

    Have at it.

  • bill cosby hater

    Fuck Bill Cosby ever since he got that award last year he’s been going around acting like his shit doesn’t stink. He’s talking about the black kids are going around dirty dancing and doing what they see on bet what about all the kids who get arrested for selling x and weed and bringing the guns to school because they can’t take a fucking joke and from where i’m from those kids are the white kids.Also why the fuck did he have to say the black kids are watching bet personally i was offended for that comment what that motherfucker thinks all blacks watch bet fuck him. I hope his new show Fatherhood gets canceled . Fuck that fuckin sell out you know that he’s literally kissed a white person’s ass. FUCK BILL COSBY

  • Another Republican With His Head Up His A$$

    George Bush must love that man. He is stirring up all the haters by selling out his own ppl. It’s funny that he talks about black kids being undereducated. My wife is from the midwest and blonde haired and blue eyed and had never been exposed to any of the classic literature that I had to read in school. No red badge of courage. or Old man and the sea or grapes of wrath. I’m sure if a teacher would have told her to read those things she would have. The point I’m making is that you can’t just blame kids of any ethnicity for not being educated. If the opportunity isn’t there and if they never meet up in life with ppl who can expose them to the finer things like art and literature and science than they just carry on as best they can. BC was raised well.with many opportunities and from reading some of his books he was more or less never exposed to the hard living that young ppl today who grow up in underrepresented communities are exposed to. I lived in some of the bad places and I watched in vain as some of these minorities struggled to pay the bills and just survive. In most homes there is not 200 dollars laying around to buy anything much less hooked on phonics. If it wasn’t for walmart most underpriviledged kids wouldn’t have clothes for school. thank god for layaway. I think BC is nothing more than an a$$ kissing sellout racist! I’m educated and not white and guess what! No one gives a damn and I still struggle despite the opportunities that I made for myself. My building is getting a blanket eviction due to new ownership but it’s funny that all the U-hauls I see driving out of this place are driven by blacks and hispanics! And I got that green slip on my door as well. Guess what! I’ve got a degree and am currently in school seeking another and I’m still getting tossed out on my butt and I still have a harder time finding good jobs while the majority who know less than I do get it easier. Education and opportunity only take you so far because at the end of the day, if the person staring at you thinks your sh!t because of the colour of your skin, nothing is going to make that go away. I’m ashamed that BC would do this hurtful thing to his own brothers and sisters. The Klan must love him to death right now! Maybe they’ll give him an invite to light the next cross they burn.

  • The poor can improve…

    The fact remains that the poor of all races are making the same mistakes made by the poor generations ago. Does that include poor blacks? Yes.
    Not studying, not using the libraries, not utilizing literacy services (as tutors and learners), having kids while young, under/unemployed and poor, not spending time with the kids, squandering the opportunities that do exist and yes, breaking the law all contribute to further spiraling poverty. I went to inner city NY schools and I saw some poor kids including the black students changing their lives for the better while others simply kept shooting themselves in the feet. In other words, some people were making difficult life situations worse by their own actions. And too many of the well-meaning people who are trying to help see no other way than strategies that indirectly encourage dependency on the state and blame on everyone but one’s self. How is it that many Black Muslims have turned their lives around for the better? They live in part by pointing at themselves for the source of solutions in their own lives. Parents need to do a lot better, they are the first teachers and the most important ones. Governmental solutions are slow, inefficient and insufficient to making real lasting changes to poverty of all the races. Racism sucks. There are no two ways around it. But race is not the sole reason keeping poor blacks from getting ahead. The things people of all races do and don’t do also contribute to how one is treated in society. But continually hurting one’s self while pretending they are not is catastrophic to those desperate to escape poverty. Moving up can be done and is being done but in very small numbers. The poor have to try harder. It is the lifes of the poor that suffer if they don’t try harder.
    By the way, I think Bill Cosby cares a great deal about the poor blacks of this country. Selling out would be acting like poor blacks don’t even exist.

  • Jolie

    I think that I agree with what Bill Cosby said. I’m Afican but a ciizen of United States by birth. I moved to Africa when I was little and I was very disapointed when i came to united states to find out that most African Americans cannot speak english properly.
    English is the only language that Americans speak and I was so shocked to find out that alot of black people cannot speak english. I get so sad when i see the life that alot of black people leave in the projects. Alot of black people do not want to work and make money that is why they live very horrible and dangerous lives in the projects. I believe that most parents do not take care of their kids that why the whole prisons in America are filled with young black men and women.
    Most of the people that make it and get out of the projects never come back to help the ones that are still not making it. Look at all this rappers all they rap about is how they are gonna get someone killed and all they do is go and waste their money on a stupid stuff called blink, blink and some stupid disgusting stuff called gold teeth.
    I think that Afican American’s are so upset with what Cosby said simply because alot of them are very ignorant and do not want to accept the facts. How many young African American’s kill each other everyday? There is still alot of racism that is going on in America why is no one talking about that? Look at the amount of illegal aliens that come to America each year? This people come down here and taking most of the jobs. I bet you that in ten years time, a black person that has no college degree will not find a job.
    I think ya’ll should take what Cosby has said cause that’s the absolute truth.

  • unknown

    I think all of you who are hating on Cosby should lay off already…its pathetic, I mean he was only saying pretty much to stop lounging around and start doing something about your problems. I mean sure, it hurts when you hear the truth, and yeah he knows he has done wrong, but look at this way…he doesn’t want you to be like him he says…he just wants you all to do good and not commit the mistakes he has done or others. To also stop following that whole “I’s a gangsta” bs because who cares what gang you are in or what suppose power you have, because you will pass overtime and joining a gang meaning, thugs, gun poppers, bang babys etc, is drinking death. Anywho, also yeah if someone is speaking to you don’t throw slang in their face, talk to them on that level in full sentences and not cut off, I mean sure a little here and there isn’t that bad or really not but I mean if its for show or supposely that is how you talk, don’t give me that. Just stop hating on Bill cosby, yeah he makes billions and you get mad at him because he says all that stuff that is true. He wants you all to stand up and unite because I tell you something big is going to happen, and its gonna be one heck of a ride especially for the black commmunity of the world. I am part African-American myself and I am not here to hate on anyone here, just understand that Cosby has every right to say stuff because he is telling us exactly what some families do. Notice…I only said some but that some makes up a part of that community. Infact, right now you should be probably getting angry reading this, enraged at what I am typing, you might just stop reading this part, but your voice alone cannot stop this. But through Jesus Christ all is possible, remember what it said somewhere in the bible that the world hates you because the world hates me? Or something like that…anywho take that into consideration and stop being narrow minded.

  • esecallum

    Look you are either lying or self delusional. White people see blacks as apes.Thats why when you see a banana you associate IT with blacks and apes.

    When you see jungle the mental picture is of black cannibals boiling people to eat them and blacks living in mudhuts or swinging from the trees throwing spears.

    When you see blacks on TV you hate them even more because they have a better job then you and you feel even more justification for your intense hatred and loathing of all blacks.

    For example if you had a black friend and you fell out and had a fight the abuse you would against the black would be “black bastard” or “nigger”.

    In King Kong blacks are portrayed as rapists of white blonde women and must therefore be machine gunned to death.

    In King Kong the giant ape had no penis?

    where was it? well?

    This as an attempt to portray blacks as bestial savags but without an actual penis.

    Even when King Kong was standing erectwe could not see his penis yet blacks are portrayed as rapists of young blonde virgin white women. Why?


    I ask you why?

  • Gman

    The time has come for responsible black leaders to stop defending any black person, regardless of their conduct. Choose your battles. Admit that Tawana Brawley was a liar. Admit that OJ did it. But at the same time, be angry that Rodney King was beaten by white cops. Racism is out there, but if you want any credibility at all, you can’t just circle the wagons any time a black person messes up. This is Bill Cosby’s message. If you do this, white people will stop rolling their eyes every time Al Shaprton opens his mouth, and they will support you in actual cases of stupid racism

  • mo parkinson

    only a self centered black boule member would say that .study the black boule and truly understand why bill cosbey says what he says.his job is to help enslave us .his organization does not support black people yet their ganin is a result of the black peoles willingness to support these conclusion ,gay sex is a requirement in joinig the Boule and they are titled the modern day house nigga .get off of his legacy and get to know about the true impe bill cosby really is

  • mo parkinson

    bill cosby is a black boule member,whos job is to keep the black man down in exchange for fame and money.debbie allen from a different world turned out the whole female cast of a different world except for lisa bonet .she left the same show centered around her character (wendy william) blog.bill supports college and frats ,that were started by sigma pi psi aka boule.why are greeks implemented in black frats or the sell out boule.who killed martin and malclm who were boule members aswell.the boule has to seek u out9u cant join)and gay sex is required for all 5000 mebers .get a better understanding about ur popular black historic figures.white history isnt the only load of crap read about the boule .you will see that u live in a matrix