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Bill, Condi, Hillary – A Triangle of Blame

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Welcome to the weird world of political spinning. The Clintons are back and so is the nasty debate over who did what and when prior to 9/11.

President Clinton must have really hated that “smirk” he described when he took off on Chris Wallace, the conservative son of Mike Wallace. But Clinton is no debutante when it comes to political war. He used the interview to let the people know that he does not approve of the way President Bush handled the run up to 9/11. It was classic Clinton all the way, looking victimized, but also enjoying “roughing it up” with the media. For those with short memories, President Clinton has little use for media folks, but he certainly knows how to do television doesn’t he?

Along comes Secretary of State Rice. Condi, as the President calls her, did a good job of burying all those headlines of the National Intelligence Estimate which says, despite White House views to the contrary, that Iraq has made the terror war worse. The Secretary offered her retort to President Clinton, charging that the Bush folks did more in eight months to fight terrorism than the Clintons did in many years.

Not to be outdone, Senator Hillary Clinton, no slouch when it comes to political combat, offered her sizzling assesment, blasting Condi and defending Bill. She reminded the Secretary that the White House may have ignored warnings in the summer of 2001 that Al Qaeda was ready to strike.

So what is this all about?

Election day is less than six weeks away. The Republicans are on the defensive. The Democrats, as a party, have done a lousy job convincing Americans that they are tough on terrorists. Bill Clinton did more in one interview to dispel that myth than Howard Dean has done in two years.

The Secretary, a very smart politician, used her high office and imagery as a person of charisma, to blast back at Mr. Charisma himself.

The Senator looks to another election, New Hampshire 2008.

The President can avoid the debate with his loyal Secretary as the front person.

The problem with all of this is the obsession with the PAST. All of this energy and all of these brickbats are wasted. Smart people should be looking AHEAD and debating ways to make us safer.

It is time for our egotistical politicians to “let it go already.”

The Bill, Hillary and Condi show is embarrassing.

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  • SHRK

    I agree.

    This is just another distraction from the real issues facing America.

    We fiddle while Islamic terrorists plan to burn Rome.

    “Daddy, what did you do in the “war” against “terrorism”?”

    “Um, I violently debated whether Clinton or Bush did less prior to 9/11.”

    “Shouldn’t you have been securing the nation and leave that to future historians?”

    “Honey, it was a slow news night — and there weren’t any football games on.”

    Meanwhile, ALL of our contemporary leaders are too egotistical and opportunistic to even DISCUSS the tough choices we face in fighting Islamic terrorists — and the MEDIA (and many writers here on BC) are accomplices to the crime.

    Keep your eye on the shiney swinging pocketwatch, America.

    tick tick tick

    [CUT TO a dark, deserted warehouse somewhere in America — where an Islamic nut-bar assembles a dirty bomb; between his fits of self-assured laughter — sound of FOX, MSNBC, CNN in background]

    tick tick tick

    AMERICA, YOU’RE GETTING SLEEPY.. sleepy.. sleepy..



    If you want the perfect, disgusting epitome of a distracted and dysfunctional America, check out one of the most “popular” threads hereabouts lately, “Rewriting History: 8 months vs 8 years”

    …that is… if you can stomach it.

    And if you want to know how I REALLY feel, read comments #164 & 168.


  • Nancy

    The future is always inextricably entangled with the past: “those who have no knowledge of history are doomed to repeat it,” etc. In this case, I think there is very good reason to continue fixing the blame, both for historical accuracy & so it won’t happen again, hopefully. I suspect history is not going to be kind to the Bush administration for choosing to hold policy reviews instead of responding to their own intelligence sections’ urgent requests for meetings, no matter how much Condi Rice tries to deny it or Bush tries to avoid the subject, because it all comes down to the fact that Bush was on duty from January of 2001, & HE was president on 9/11 – not Clinton, not anybody else. The Buck Stops There. That’s part of the job, accepting responsibility – a part of the job Junior has consistently refused from the beginning of his terms in office, and continues to neglect even now. The only activities I ever hear of him involve taking vacations so he can go biking & clear brush, and going to closed fundraisers for GOP candidates. That these events have to be closed to the MSM or the public says volumes about Dubya’s capabilities intellectually or otherwise: he can’t function except for a carefully vetted, pre-selected audience of yes men.

  • JustOneMan


    As a washed up new anchor from a seconday market ..while you try to play the role of an objective journalist you out ourself with this line..”Bill Clinton did more in one interview to dispel that myth than Howard Dean has done in two years.”

    The “Stain Maker” actually demonstrated that the only way the Dems can be percieved as tough on terror is to lie and recreated the past…

    Hey Larry why dont you stop pretending to be a “journalist” and accept you calling as a mens room attendant at some patsa joint in South Philly…

  • This is for JustOneMan. A real person you are not. The “stain maker” is really quite old. Your comments about “washed up” new anchor are ludicrous. I have done alot in 45 years of journalism, and I’m not “new”, nor is Phila. a secondary market.

    One thing I have learned is that people like you like to attack, without merit and enjoy personal attacks because they have nothing intelligent to say.

    Offer some logic and perhaps someone will take you seriously.,

    And by all means, don’t label me. I’m tired of verbal thugs like you who are as fascinating as the bwown shirts of 1932.

    Have fun



    Just for the record:

    “just-one-man” is a plague upon this web site; that’s an accepted fact among all veteran participants on Blogcritics — from Left to Right. We either ignore him or mock him.


    Nancy, I agree on the importance of history, but:

    1) future historians will have a much better perspective on the the 1990s-2001 Clinton-Bush response to Al Kyda, etc. The documents are there. And btw, last night on Olberman’s COUNTDOWN on MSNBC — they took about 5 minutes to show a summary of the chronology behind the response to Islamic terrorist threats. It’s a relatively complicated scenario, but when put chronologically, it’s pretty darn simple. Bush & Co. — needless to say — don’t look too concerned during their first 8 months.

    2) FOX dragging Clinton out from his Dark, Eternal GOP Boogeyman Closet AT THIS TIME is a pretty obvious Distraction Marketing Tool; Iraq is a disaster BEYOND description; the NIE report confirms what any moron could surmise EVEN PRIOR TO THE INVASION: that Iraq has turned into a recruiting/training center for future generations of URBAN terrorists bent on killing Americans. So let the passionate peons spend the next week or two debating who was more negligent, Bush or Clinton.

    I don’t know about you, but when FOX et al start swinging a political pocketwatch apparently OUT OF NOWHERE, my alarm goes off.

  • JustOneMan

    Larry….gee not bad without a teleprompter…unlike others in this blog…I live in the Philly area and know your reputation…gee your claim to fame is that you went to a couple of Beatles concerts…WOW…

  • Nancy

    JOM has already been repeatedly outed as a troll – and a not particularly intelligent one at that – whose only recourse is stupid potty slurs & disgusting personal attacks instead of arguing issues, mainly because he’s incapable of cogent arguments or intelligence. “Nyah, nyah” & name-calling of the most prurient kind seems to be his best response to anything he dislikes – which is anything which isn’t in line with neonazi opinion. Ignore him. Eventually he’ll go away.

  • JustOneMan

    Very well said Nancy…me thinks thou protesteth too much!

  • troll

    I hope not – there is an intelligence underlying his perseverance

    his is a clear voice and his juvenile insults are a pleasure

    keep up the good work JOM

  • Nancy

    And now he’s even applauding himself?

  • JustOneMan


    Ironic that you have Dan Rather write the intro for your book…you and him have a lot in common…he made up a story about Bush and you made up a story about Mayor Greene

    PS Thanks troll…your proof there are signs of intelligence in here!

  • troll

    (Nancy – trolls get less respect than Dangerfield and the US…we must stick together

    and it’s a myth that ignored trolls go away

    …JOM don’t let it go to your head and make you all reasonable and such – )

  • Nancy

    Oh – is this THE troll posting? I thought it was JOM using an alternate name. So far, you are the only troll I’ve read that has enough wit & intelligence that I don’t mind YOUR trolling, so to speak. The same cannot be said of your pale imitators.

  • JustOneMan

    Nancy…see your prejudice against “dark” trolls is showing again!

  • JustOneMan


    “One thing I have learned is that people like you like to attack, without merit and enjoy personal attacks because they have nothing intelligent to say.”

    I put out public facts and you fail to respond.

    “bwown shirts of 1932.”

    Pleeaassseeee…now your trying to bring in antisemitism…you have outed yourself as a member of the indutry of “victims”. It dont work with me….

  • Larry, trust me, we all know your integrity and you don’t have to justify yourself to a hypocrite like JOM

  • JustOneMan

    Jet….Larry has a past…fully documented..in which a story was fabricated…a lawsuit was filed…and Larrys boss had to settle big time…So lets not discuss integrity…in addition he cant even defend himself…Screaming antisemitism doesnt mean your right….

  • Oh… I you expect me to take your word for it?

  • JustOneMan

    No…take Larry’s word…its in his latest book! Right Larry?

    Heres more Larry Kane

    “Kane was also involved in a botched news story that sought to link Philadelphia mayor William J. Green with improprieties. The story was later retracted and Green sued WCAU-TV and Kane.”

  • I don’t care if it’s printed in the Bible, I’d take his word over yours any day because you have zero credibility with me, and I’m sure quite a few others as well.

    Something you have only yourself to blame for with your smartass remarks and inability to stick to a subject or give credible argumetns, instead choosing to stick to childish name-calling and opinions you try to pass off as “facts” without any substantiation.

    …but of course that’s only my opinion!




    No shit, yer startin’ to piss me off. Back in the prehistoric days of the internet, it took me about 15 minutes to realize that the best way to deal with a guy like JOM is NOT TO RESPOND TO ANYTHING HE WRITES.


    Got it?

    Please. Stop. Ignore.


    Personal note to the REAL Troll,

    Love ya babe!

    …Oh… And take your confusing statements off my bridge!


  • JustOneMan


    The truth….you can’t handle the truth. The fact is Larry was an early pioneer in the distruction and discrediting of the main stream media. I have put the facts out there which writes about in his own book. What type of ethics can a jounalist posess if they are willing to make up a story to destroy someones life?

    Don’t lecture me all I am seeking to do is shine a light on a source that has no problem inventing the truth.

    I guess as long as they agree with your views it doesn’t matter does it. The left is sick and gasping for air….while an angel of mercy end their suffering?

  • Thanks for all the kindness. I think JOM has got a lot of unleashed anger. Sometimes that’s good. Other times JOM just becomes a pain in the …..



  • Thanks for all the kindness. I think JOM has got a lot of unleashed anger. I recognize the writing and know who this is anyway…



  • JustOneMan

    No Larry I am not Dan Blather….Gee you know me..LOL..oh thats right we were in the Air National Gurad together and you have a never seen befor copy of a 30 year old document….


    PS…you should be thanking me…it looks like this is the first article of yours that any of the leftwing dregs in here ever read

  • Shark 22-I’m going to take your advice… thanks for offering it.

  • JustOneMan

    Jet…I guess you cant think for yourself and have to listen to other people…ehhhh

  • troll

    Jet’s one of them JOM – a people person…not a curmudgeonly asshole like us

  • JustOneMan

    Amazing when liberals are faced with admiting that they are wrong…they change the subject or ignore the truth…theres a pattern there

  • troll

    liberals – conservatives – right – left – progressive – reationary…they’re all just peeps each with his own ego and asshole

    the pattern that you see is universal

  • JustOneMan

    Troll…exactly…I guess we have more in common that we think…or admit

    “Can’t we all… just… get along?”

  • troll

    what fun would that be – ?

  • JustOneMan


  • troll

    as the beloved Shark has pointed out in other comments – ‘that’s entertainment folks’