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Bigotry then and now

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“I want to tell you that there’s not enough troops in the Army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the nigger race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes and into our churches.”

Senator Strom Thurmond, rest in peace.

“Many Americans do not want persons who openly engage in homosexual conduct as partners in their business, as scoutmasters for their children, as teachers in their children’s schools, or as boarders in their home. They view this as protecting themselves and their families from a lifestyle that they believe to be immoral and destructive.”

Justice Antonin Scalia, Strom is calling.

God bless the Supreme Court.

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  • Only a minor quibble, but Thurmond actually said “nigra.”

  • Rodney,

    That’s what thought until I heard the tape. Sounds unmistakably like the other word to me.

    The audio (direct link to RealAudio file).

    Of course, roughly 90% or more of news accounts, inexplicably, bowdlerize it into a third, less offensive word (“Negro”), which Thurmond definitely did not say.

  • Brian, would it be at all possible in your worldview to hold any view other than that homosexual behavior is perfectly moral, natural and the exact equivalent of monogamous married behavior, and NOT be considered an evil, stupid bigot?

  • Al,

    A person who feels another person doesn’t deserve equal rights because that person is black is a bigot. There is no solid, rational basis for the denial of rights.

    Similarly, a person who would deny equal rights to another person because the other is gay is a bigot. There is no solid, rational basis for the denial of rights.

    “I’m a Christian” is not an I-get-to-hate-for-free card. A selective reading of Leviticus does not count as a solid basis for denying another person his or her rights.

    However, I am more concerned about Supreme Court justices and senators who hold these irrational views than I am about the average bigoted citizen.

  • Well done, Brian.

    Al, in answer to your question, yes.

    Not that people don’t have the right to be bigots — of course they do! As long as that anti-gay person does not discriminate against GLBT people (in arenas governed by law), he or she can hate queers all day long. No one is saying anyone need associate with gays or approve of them. That would be nice, but the only thing that matters is that the law treats everyone equally. Right now, it does not do this.

    I believe those who hold anti-gay prejudices are a destructive force in society — do you see me trying to keep homophobes from marrying or adopting kids or working or living where they choose or having sex? No. I figure the Creator will deal with them when the time comes and go about living my life. I don’t slant secular law to accommodate one particular school of religious thought at the expense of citizens who don’t follow said school of thought.

  • Thanks, Natalie.

    I love how much press this is getting.



    Kid Rock: And Wolf, if I could just make one more comment, I’ve been watching CNN here, and I keep hearing about the decision with the Supreme Court with the homosexual ruling. I just want to say I think it’s a beautiful thing. Because if you really think about it, you know, the more gay men there are in the world, that just leaves more chicks for me and you, Wolf.

  • Andrew

    Hi everyone, I was reading everything in here and to be honest, I am offended by a lot of it. I am a gay man, I am not a Christian. I have the right to be who I am! This is who I am! There’s is not a spirit possesing me. I have always be the way I am today. I have never had any sexual attraction towards females. Ever since I was a little boy, I knew something was different between me and other boys. And before I even hit puberity I knew that I was attracted to boys. I didn’t quite understand it at that point. In my early adolescent years I knew that I was gay in the back of my mind but refused to believe it. I denied and denied it until I just couldn’t deny it anymore. I finally admitted to myself that I was gay and I was going to be gay for the rest of my life when I was 18.

    I’m still 18, but since I’ve made that decision I have fallen in love with a guy. It feels so right and I know that this is my destiny. Nobody can tell me who I am!! Nobody knows me but me!! Nobody knows what it’s like to be but me!! People need to stop judging and back off and be tolerant! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY!! I want to get married! I want to have a good life!! I can’t help who I am attracted to. It’s just the way I was born, it’s the way my brain developed. I cannot help it! I didn’t choose to be gay! I can’t help who I’ve fallen in love with. It was in my destiny to fall in love with the guy I am with now, and I had no control over it. I actually didn’t want to fall in love and didn’t even want to start dating yet, but there’s nowhere to hide when love calls your name.

    I heard someone say that the issue of homosexuality is getting a lot of coverage. That is completely false! Nobody cares! Homosexuality is still looked at as a joke. The only types of relationships excepted in society right now are hederosexual relationships.

    The Bible: There are so many religions out there! Some many religions out there that have absolutely no connection to the Christian religion. Those religions are not being excepted. Why must only the morals and beliefs of the Christian church be such a strong concern. My best friend is Hindu, the morals and beliefs of his religion aren’t even known to the world. Certain religions (including the Hindu religion) believe that no one should eat any meat, wear any fur, or kill any animals. These morals and values are not a concern to people. The way people look at that is that you have the freedom to believe that but were not going to force it upon the rest of the world. But with the Chrisitian, their morals and beliefs are forced upon everyone. Morals and beliefs in the Jewish religion are not forced upon everyone. We must be living in a country ruled by a dictator, if are country is run on one single religion.

    I happen to not be affiliated with any religion. I was born into a Catholic family. I was baptised and conceived in the Catholic church, but after being confirmed, I decided that I wanted nothing to do with the religion. I do not believe the things that are written in the Christian bible. I also believe that Christian’s look at God as a vain lord. According to the Christian, if you don’t believe in God, you’re going to hell, if you serve another god, you’re going to hell, if you’re gay, you’re going to hell. Well, it looks like I’m screwed.

    Just recently, I have stopped believing in God all together. I am now Athiest. I can’t believe how disrespectful people are being after hearing I am athiest. I have had people tell me that I am going to hell. It just upsets me so much, the fact that people can’t just be tolerant of others beliefs and opinions. Let us free!! LET ME BE FREE!! FREE ME!! I want to know if I will ever be free. I’m being denied marriage! I’m being denied jobs! It is not fair!

    Something has to change. We need another revolution. Hopefully, the future will be brighter than today.

  • There is a God, only ONE and He has spoken, in propositional terms, revealing His character [which, incidently sustains the entire universe at this very moment] and His will for your life.
    He says, “See, I have placed before you Life & Death: Choose LIFE, that you may live!”