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Biggie’s Crew Still Doing it up

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For those not in the know, Junior Mafia was Biggie’s “crew” or “posse” or however you want to call it. Basically a bunch of people he “came up” with in Brooklyn or wherever he’s from. Some part of New York. Don’t make me look it up, please? Gracias. In any event, the people that comprise this group are supposedly the people Biggie really cared about and wanted to help “come up” so they could have a part of and enjoy his success.

Anyway, the DVD is all about the history of the Junior Mafia, which continued in one form or another after Biggie’s death, and what they’re up to now. And it sounds like they’ve been keeping their money straight and not letting record companies milk their cash a la 99% of the rappers out there, despite what they might say otherwise.

One of the main ideas that seems to come across in this DVD is the (apparent) fact that P Diddy, Puffy, whatever is name is this afternoon, royally screwed over the JM and especially Lil’ Cease and also Biggie. I guess he somehow talked Biggie into signing over his publishing rights for something pathetic to the tune of a couple hundred grand, or less? Can’t remember, anyway, that shiz would be worth millions if not more today. I guess Diddy takes care of the Poppa’s momma but everybody else can basically swing from his nuts.

Que sera sera. Anyway, this is an interesting video if you’re interested in the history of the matter. The other most famous person in the crew, besides Biggie, was Lil’ Kim, who was down in the beginning, and then once she started getting too big for her britches, started treating the other fellas like her little henchman or some shit, which I guess they weren’t having. So she bounced, and now they’re doing their own thing.

The package comes with a CD as well which is full of some not too bad hip hop music, with some Biggie raps here and there, plus the crew. I think it was mostly put together by Lil’ Cease, who besides being an alright rapper in his own right, is prolly most famous for being the guy that was sitting right next to Big in the car when he got shot up in LA. There’s some chilling recounts (on the DVD) of that story, the way Cease hung out at the hospital the whole way, hoping Biggie would live, some bitter feelings about Puffy getting on the next plane out the fuck of LA and back to New york, not even staying for the funeral, all kinds of skanless shit.

Anyway, I gotta say I found this DVD quite interesting, if not the most polished production of all time. (Some spots are especially ugh-ish, and there are some parts that drag on a bit). If you’re a Biggie fan, though, and into that “behind the scenes” and “real (supposed) deal” type stuff, you could do worse than checking this thing out. And like I said, the CD ain’t bad either, the first track being especially listenable in my opinion.

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