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Big Oil…Not That We Didn’t Suspect

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As the New York Times called it this morning, the House had a “raucous vote” yesterday, with the Republicans barely pulling enough votes together to pass a bill which will supposedly “provide America with price stability and a bold plan for this nation’s energy future,” as Speaker Hastert said.

The bill’s language was so repugnant that many moderate Republicans abandoned the party line and were poised to vote against it. Hastert and Delay had to browbeat their own party members and managed, after flagrantly violating House rules by keeping the 5 minute vote window open for 40 minutes (as they scurried about trying to secure these votes).

In NPR’s coverage (NPR 10/7/05 Political Parties Spat Over Proposed Gas Act), what I found most interesting was the mention of memos FROM oil companies stating that shutting down refineries was primarily used for boosting profits – and it was noted that profits from oil refineries DOUBLED last year.

The Democrats were furious over violations of parliamentary procedure and more furious over what they term as a giveaway to big oil.

I would note that back in the late ’70s early ’80s, oil companies begged Congress to ease up on various environmental laws and corporate structure laws so that, as the oil companies said at that time, “…America wouldn’t be held hostage again to foreign oil interests.” One of the main things oil companies wanted to do was build new refineries. Certain clean air regulations were changed – and yet no new refineries have been built in the US since the late ’70s.

So the money that was “saved” that would “assist” the oil companies to build these refineries – where did the money go? Why were no refineries built?

Not that we don’t already know.

But when are we, as the People, going to ACT?


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  • Alethinos

    FORGIVE the spelling errors! I could have SWORN I ran it past spell check but… Hey… Wait a damn minute! What the hell is THIS!?!? WHO GAVE ME DECAF?!?!

    That’s a felony in Oregon!


  • What’s good for Big Oil is good for America! Anyone who says different is nothing but a dirty commie pinko.

    Would we have a bunch of brand new oil refineries built by now if we’d elected Nader to the White House in 2000 and given control of Congress to the Green Party? I don’t think so!

    Remember, only if we follow orders without question, and obey our leaders blindly, can we ever hope to be free.

  • Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, came off like a shrew as she screamed from the floor about the complete steam rolling of the House. The Democrats had an opportunity to show just how crooked and cruel the House Majority Leadership continues to be and blew it by whining. They should have come before the American people on the steps of the Capitol and laid it out for the evening news. The media bears responsibility for failing to keep us informed. Just because we seem disinterested doesn’t mean we have to be. There’s nothing sexy about Congress, just look at Tom DeLay. Americans should stop worrying about how others are getting laid and go get a piece themselves. Perhaps the preoccupation with sex can be redirected into preoccupation with reforming our political system.

    We’ve got serious problems in Congress and Americans seem to think that by electing a President, that’s the solution to the problem. Folks, nothing could be further from the truth. Next year’s elections are crucial to the Republic. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, you MUST vote if you are eligible. We need to send a resounding message that we’re in touch with what they’re doing in Congress. An overwhelming turnout in 2006 is our best weapon against corruption and those around the world who think Americans are disconnected from their government.

  • The bailout for big oil was inevitable, even if outrageous, given who’s running D.C. What’s worse is the complete lack of interest by this administration on alternative energy sources, the subtle like a brick destruction of environmental regulations, and the head in the sand attitude towards global warming.

    And as for voting…we’ve got to figure out how to get candidates worth voting for! Few Republicans I know are ardent Bush supporters & few Democrats were wild about Harry, er, I mean…wait a minute, who ran against Baby Bush?

    Look in the House & Senate & it’s just as bad.

  • Alethinos

    Thanks for the comments so far – good jab there Victor!


  • >>But when are we, as the People, going to ACT?<< Planning armed uprisings? You voted these buffoons in. Vote them out. I suspect this will die in the Senate, but we'll see. Dave

  • RJ

    “Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, came off like a shrew as she screamed from the floor”

    Yeah, she’s pretty much a harpy…and quite likely our next Speaker Of The House! :-/

  • practical joe

    The blame for our energy problem can be attributed to both Republicans and Democrats.

    The problem has been there since 1973, and has been festering under both Democrat and Republican Congressional majorities in Washington ever since.

    Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II, failed to do anything constructive.

    Over thirty years have passed and the problem is still there.

    It’s clear the primary problem is that our politicians are servants of lobbyists – not the people.

    Until we address the problem of lobbyists, there will be no solution — just more pork.

    And that problem is unlikely to be addressed by “our servants” any more than they addressed the energy problem itself.

    Unfortunately, the milk of politics mixes well with oil.

    Based on the past, we’ll just have to resign ourselves to tightening our belts and give the oil companies our wallets.

  • Yeah, she’s pretty much a harpy…and quite likely our next Speaker Of The House! :-/

    Dear God, I hope not. That woman is a disgrace. I’d love to see a coalition of like minded Reps from both sides of the aisle come up with a Speaker & Deputy that would blow everyone away. There are some great people serving in Congress who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. The current leadership on both sides of the aisle should fall to a coup. Nothing less.

  • Jewels

    I guess I have work-too-much burn-out, and am having sleep-depriv. so can’t function correctly but right now I am SO freaking about this energy topic and OtherStuff like BirdFlu that I am just going to have to do some serious research: my answer to Most Things….

  • Good luck, Jewels. We’re in a real pickle. You would think that after 9/11/2001, we would be better prepared for natural and biological disasters. Unfortunately, we don’t have a provsion in our Constitution for the recall of a President. So, it’s not a bad idea to overhaul the Congress next year. All 435 House seats are up for election as well as one-third of the Senate. This Administration squandered the opportunities it had in the aftermath of 9/11. Let’s not follow suit by squandering our chance to get it right in Congress. In the meantime, Jewels, stock up on chicken broth, Vitamin C, Tylenol PM and buy a bicycle.

  • Jewels

    Silas, after all the Rep. hopes and dreams we still have to resort to what you’re talkin’ about;

    I’ve scraped off the ‘Bush/Cheney” sticker from my vehicle; not because I am a “Chicken-Shit” but because, as a ‘recovering Dem.’, I am Cautious.

  • >>I’ve scraped off the ‘Bush/Cheney” sticker from my vehicle; not because I am a “Chicken-Shit” but because, as a ‘recovering Dem.’, I am Cautious.<< Probably wise. Here in Austin there's a regular pattern of people keying cars with Bush stickers on them in certain neighborhoods. Dave

  • Jewels

    Dallas area too…Not Skeered; just don’t wanta havta kick some Ass if they F*ck with my home/vehicle ‘cuz I “Ain’t Skeered”. (this is a local tout to arms, and folks are putting it on cars and homes ) It’s a Texas ‘thing’ I guess…

  • WTF

    I guess a few well placed neutron bombs are out of the question.