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Is it a coincidence that now sweeps are over, the teevee networks have nothing but repeats, so that is the signal to get your war on?

Since there’s nothing good on teevee, I’m watching “The Big Lebowski” tonight.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Cohen brothers work, “The Big Lebowski” is their tribute to noir films such as “The Big Sleep” where things get so complicated, nobody has any idea what is going on. From their first movie “Blood Simple”, the Cohen brothers have been remaking noir films with a comedic twist.

“The Big Lebowski” is the story of Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, a stoner burnout, who gets confused with another Jeff Lebowski. And the rug really set off the the room.

What makes this relevant is the dream sequence with Saddam Hussain running a bowling alley. Trust me, it works.

As a side note, I first saw this movie at a 7 pm promo screening where they gave away prizes. A friend won a bowling ball, which he had to carry around for the rest of the evening.

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  • yanni805

    Indeed this is a classic. Last year was my first year in college. We must have watched “The Big Lebowski” about 50 times in the dorms. Great memories!

  • Jennifer

    This is my all time favorite. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it….obsessively….My dog is a lazy thing that lays around and just hangs out…so we named him ‘The Dude’. And, it’s fitting!

  • malibu chief of police

    jackie treehorn treats objects like women, man.

  • solchek

    . . . who am I?! I’m a fuckin veteran. and you wanna know something else dude? ive seen a lot of spinals in my day and this guy walks – ive never been so sure of anything in my life. he’s a fuckin goldbricker.