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Freaks, geeks, kooks and spooks… this is Burton-by-numbers, like taking a peek into Forrest Gump’s weirdest dreams. Self-centred, odd, fascinating, but inconsequential.

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About Stephen 'Tagline' Reid

  • Hi Stephen. I loved your witty little review. However, I don’t get how you can say that this movie was “inconsequential.” Did you miss the point?

    The entire point of the movie is about living your life and celebrating even the smallest things. That is why Albert Finney’s character exaggerated everything – he appreciated the smallest details. When he communicated these, his son failed to recognize the importance of the things in life and his perception was way off.

    Adding to this, the subtle undertones about not fearing death are also enlightening. Inconsequential might be a movie like “Breakin 2: The Electric Boogaloo.” “Big Fish” on the other hand is swimming in pretty deep water.

    ……………….but for what it is worth, I still enjoyed your review anyway.

  • It was? I just thought the guy exaggerated everything because he wanted to be the centre of attention. 😉

    I agree, Big Fish was attempting to make some fairly deep points, but for me it just sort of lost its way. So I guess the inconsequential thing was mostly for me, in the end.

    Thanks for enjoying though. 🙂