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Big Brother and Naked Women

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A friend of mine told me she despised Orlaith on Big Brother because “She’s always getting naked”.

Personally, I think if someone’s got a great figure and is on a reality TV show, flashing your body is a great way to:

(a) annoy other housemates (i.e. Big Bully Saskia)


(b) gain the male vote should she ever be selected for the eviction vote.

OK, so there’s quite a lot to hate about the girl. She’s a model, she’s blonde, she’s a size 6-8, with surgically enhanced breasts… but at the same time, she’s intelligent enough to hold a decent conversation, is apparently modest and appears to be a genuinely nice person.

My boyfriend is allowed to like girls like Orlaith. Let him fancy tall girls with blonde hair. That’s fine. I’m far more irritated if he fancies someone I don’t see as attractive, is a complete bitch, or who is the acute physical opposite to me (I’d be a bit put out if he were lusting after Latino chicks with 38HH breasts, for example).

Women worry far too much about this kind of stuff. I know it’s not necessarily women’s fault – by nature we are aesthetically competitive, and everyone would like to be the prettiest girl in the whole wide world.

But I don’t think women on TV are that much to fret over (I would, of course, draw the line if my boyfriend started decorating his entire bedroom with Orlaith-devoted wallpaper, or stalking her in Belfast to ask her on a date).

Our attitude to this sort of thing also depends on our boyfriend’s attitude. At eighteen, I suffered the misfortune of having an absolute twat of a boyfriend who plastered his university digs in porn and cut-out pictures of page three girls (complete with cum-stains). On one occasion, I did actually sabotage a particularly offensive Jordan calendar from his house, so sick I was of his constant perving.

And it’s not just looking that’s the problem, guys. It’s your comments, your outlook. I may not be an overt feminist, but as a woman I don’t like to see a group of guys laughing over some porn star being shagged by a Dalmatian, or sucking off a pony. It’s derogatory. No woman does that because they get off on it, whatever you may like to believe in your warped and fucked-up mind. They do it because they need the money.

Personally I can think of better ways to make a living, and yes those girls should have tried harder at school and not taken the bestiality-porn route – but that’s beside the point. There’s no need to encourage the whole charade by buying the material, even if it is “just for a laugh”.

As you can see, I’m torn between prudishness and liberalism here…

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  • what Big Brother? When did it start? We’ve been waiting for this season for over a year.

  • Steve, Donna refers to the Big Brother 6 currently storming the UK. and what a wonderful, wonderful storm it is.

    And Donna, i know full well the laughable spectactle folks make of themselves when it comes to attractive telly ladies.

    I was telling my Kirsten Dunst Tennis Ball all about it last night, in fact.

    And Orlaith is nigh on insufferable, but a damn site less so than Maxwell, who started out as a likeable cheeky-chappy, an has revealed himself to be a disgusting thug bastard.

  • Donna,

    Whats good for the gander does well for the goose too. Next time he drools over done up goddess show him a perfect god 🙂

  • I think many of us display double standards when it comes to public nudity. American feigned apoplexy when Janet Jackson inadvertently bared a breast. We’ve all seen our own naked bodies, an its no big deal. See for example the Blog article, Genteel Genitals

  • Aaron

    i think that kemal needs to go i will a gran to whoever gets him out

  • Max

    Plz dont enter its waste