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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Today In The House 8/02

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Oh, something's up. It surely is. It must be! After Diane spilled the beans to Marcellas and live feed watchers that the Diary Room told her they'll be voting live on tomorrow's eviction show, the houseguests are full of speculation. And, so are show fans.

A double eviction? Someone returning? A new twist? Alas, we won't know until the live show! The suspense… the suspense!

Here's the skinny on what's happened today in that Big Brother House of Bare-Chested But Rarely Macho Men and a George (thankfully clothed):

  • Janelle and Kaysar not only stayed up all night, but then they exercised after dawn by running laps back and forth across the lawn and aerobics. They plan to go to bed tonight by 10 (PT) and try to get into a normal sleep pattern. [Editor's note: Okay, the betting window is open. How long do you think they'll maintain a "normal sleep pattern"? I predict two days tops. You?]
  • Today's BB House wake-up song was Michael Jackson's "Bad." Is it a clue?
  • Will told Diane he's trying to flip the vote. If she hears the phrase "You forgot your flip-flops" – that's the code that the vote has flipped for her instead of Erika. [Editor's note: I don't think I believe him, but then I think of him voting to keep Nakomis just for the heck of it. With Will, you never know and, as they say, it is what it is.]
  • Will thinks George is using too much protein powder in his slop shakes. Poor George.
  • They got the HOH digital camera and went through the usual hyped photo shoots. Will did his best to avoid having his picture taken. I can identify with him except for the fact he's willing to be on the show.
  • James spent much of the day looking sullen. [Editor's note: He's achieved the perfect Sullen Sourpuss.]
  • Most feel someone previously voted out will return tomorrow.
  • An interesting bit of conversation between Danielle and Erika – Danielle asked Erika how Diane would know that they didn't vote today because nominees don't get asked to vote. Maybe it's all something in Diane's head and the voting did occur? Marcellas had told her not to talk about DR sessions when she (Diane) mentioned it to him. Hmm…
  • Danielle admitted to being jealous of Alison for getting on The Amazing Race. She would love to do that show.
  • Marcellas and Danielle fussed about S6. I think Danielle mainly listens to others fuss to pick up info, don't you?
  • Ah, Howie confirmed no voting was done in the house today. Hmm…!

And that's what it is so far today in the BB House.  It seems despite Will's plan with Diane, the votes will still be for Diane to go away.  Good, I say.

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