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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Saturday Into Sunday Afternoon 9/03

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Here are the events (and a few non-events) from Saturday in that Big Brother House of Nappers and Card Players:

  • They slept late, for a change. [Please note that's sarcasm.]
  • Will waved at a helicopter in the yard, then said it was L.A.P.D. and they gave him a siren blast.
  • On and off all day from morning (well, noon) to night, they all studied up on house and comp trivia in preparation for the POV Comp. I mean everybody, in pairs, trios, all mixes.
  • Will told Erika that the BB house is like a morals test – James was always too worried about what Sarah and his family would think. But, you can't go the other extreme and just hop into bed with any buxom blonde and think it's all okay.
  • Mike Boogie got more medical care for his ear woes.
  • Mike and Erika think Janelle is a machine when it comes to competitions.
  • Will told Mike that he hopes the fans realize that he thinks Janelle is cute, funny, sexy and more… but he loves Erin (his girlfriend).
  • They played cards. They talked about the wonder that is Metamucil. They played more cards.
  • Will admitted he hasn't washed dishes since he's been in the house (and he's not starting now).
  • Janelle stayed in bed a lot and told Will she didn't feel well. He told her she can win.
  • Mike and Will napped in the HOH and ant room, respectively. While they napped, Erika and Janelle were in the kitchen just chitchatting.
  • All later napped some more. I napped, too. It must be contagious.
  • Erika eavesdropped on Will and Janelle drilling for HOH trivia questions and flirting.
  • They talked of others throwing comps and how terrible James was when he threw the one to Danielle.
  • They wondered about the Veto Comp – said BB told them nothing. They've been in indoor lockdown for hours now. [I wonder about it, too!]
  • Will went on and on about Mike accusing him and his "dollfriend" of stealing his HOH the other day.
  • Finally, in the wee hours (here on the East Coast), the feeds were blocked for an extended time and, when they returned, Janelle was wearing the POV necklace.  She did it again.

Here are the Saturday into Sunday overnight happenings from that Big Brother House of Take Me With You to the Final Three:

  • Erika told Will that she was definitely going to campaign to stay even though Janelle will probably send her home.
  • The veto competition (blocked from the feeds) had to do with previous food comps, one of the areas that neither Mike or Will focused on while studying.
  • Big Brother gave them wine… again.
  • Erika is not happy, not at all. She's pretty sure Janelle will keep Will and is at the point of desperation.
  • Will, on the other hand, danced a happy dance with Janelle.
  • Erika complained about the comp and Mike said he had a lot of problems with it, too. Erika said something about her Diane was broken and in the wrong place. [I'd hate to have a broken Diane, wouldn't you?]
  • Janelle walked around wearing both her tiara and the POV necklace. She's a very happy camper. She also noted that she broke James' veto winning record.
  • Woogie is happy. They said the show wanted Good vs. Evil and they got it. Plus, they're sure Janelle is smitten with Will and would choose to keep him.
  • Woogie went right to work on Janelle to dump Erika. One of the main points is that Erika is extremely strong with endurance competitions and the final comp is traditionally a test of endurance. [They have a point there.]
  • Janelle told Woogie that Erika tried to make a deal with her for Final Two.
  • Janelle told Woogie (and later Erika) that no one will take her (Janelle) to the Final Two, so she has to fight for it and win it on her own. [She's right. Mike would take Will and vice versa. Erika would take Mike. If Janelle doesn't win her way into it, she won't be in the Final Two.]
  • Woogie told Janelle she has a better chance winning against them than Erika.
  • Erika kept telling her that she (Janelle) should take her with her as all she (Erika) would get is second place. She needs the money to pay the mortgage, dumped by her boyfriend, woe is me, wah, wah. She said Janelle would have the jury votes if it were the girls in the Final Two and that she'd be thrilled with the second place prize of 50 thousand to pay bills. Take me! Take me! The boys don't need the money. They're rich. I need this SO much! [I hate when reality show contestants pull the Woe Is Me, I Need The Money So Much card. To me, winning the shows should never be about who needs the money the most – it should be about who's the best at the game. If folks need the money so much, they should concentrate on a career… not be taking chances on reality shows. That's my opinion, your mileage may vary. But it is what it is.]
  • Erika promised to take Janelle to the Final Two with her if she's kept and wins HOH.
  • Erika told Janelle that Will and Mike are the biggest liars in the house and that Will says mean things about her (Janelle) when she's not around. Janelle kept telling her she had to go to the bathroom, but Erika kept on talking.
  • Will said the Diary Room told them not to whisper anymore. Good. I'd imagine that's more for the TV show itself than for the feed watchers, but good anyway. About time. Tell them to stop shuffling cards and singing next.
  • Then Will and Janelle whispered. Argh.
  • Janelle told Will that Erika said that he said that Janelle was ruining his life.
  • Both Will and Mike tried to convince her that Will never said that. [He did say that in an Internet address to his girlfriend to show that he still loves her and is not involved with Janelle. I personally think that's being taken a bit out of context, but that may just be me.]
  • Will backpedalled with Janelle, claiming that Erika was desperate and pathetic and, of course, she'd say anything.
  • Janelle thinks that Erika has misled her or lied to her several times in the game.
  • Janelle was really upset about the "ruining your life" comment.
  • Janelle told Will she fell in love with him early in the game. [Is she playing him? Or is she really smitten? The Diary Room sessions have it that she's playing him. Since the feeds only show her with folks with whom she can't confide, she could very well be playing him along. She has no one in the house to tell if she is.]
  • Erika asked Mike and Will to leave her "nice" goodbye messages.
  • Will told Mike that Erika told Janelle that he's using her (Janelle) in the game… which he admits is "kind of true."
  • Erika told Mike that she thinks Janelle wants to take Will to the end to make for a storybook ending.
  • Mike told Erika that neither he or Will would ever hold onto something for any long period of time in an endurance comp.
  • Will told Janelle that both Kaysar and James called him before the show.
  • Will and Janelle spent the wee hours in bed talking through the night. No bickering, no real flirting… just friendly talking.
  • Will called out Erika (to Janelle) for owning three cars and a house and whining that she "needs money." He also mentioned that no one told James to drop out of five colleges then whine he needs money. If you need money, work for it. [Yep! As much as Mike really turns me off, I'll give him credit that he must have worked to make his businesses a success. I don't think anyone just gave him them. Nor was Will's degree just given to him.]

And, that's where things stand. Despite active campaigning and spilling the Will Beans (which are not to be confused with Cool Beans) to Janelle, now it seems that Erika is isolating herself and feels she will be evicted. Janelle and Will seem to have mended fences regarding the Spilt Beans. Mike is HOH, so he knows he's safe.

My own thoughts? It's hard. Erika could probably beat Janelle in an endurance comp at the end. I don't know if Erika would take Janelle to the final two if she did win. She could very well take Mike. If the final two was either Mike/Janelle or Erika/Janelle, I think Janelle would take the jury vote for the win. But if the final two was Janelle/Will, it's more of a toss-up as both play the game extremely well in their own ways. Will never wins comps, but manipulates people. On the other hand, Janelle isn't so great at decisions, but she's sure a machine when it comes to the competitions.

So… I dunno. I'd personally like to see a Will/Janelle final two at this point. How about you?  Sunday got off to a slow start in the house due to the houseguests once again being up for most of the night. But I feel that now I've gathered enough newsworthy things to make up an entry, so I'm giving it a shot.

Here are the events of Sunday so far in that Big Brother House of a POV Queen and Her Master Manipulator… and The Jealous Ones Who Live With Them:

  • Will told Janelle that her friends would probably advise her not to be friends with him because he plays people. She told him she likes him anyway and that she'll stick with him. He went on to tell her she's affected his game because he likes to play without emotion and he can't when she's in the game. [Mr. Silver Tongue Say The Right Thing At The Right Time strikes again.]
  • Janelle and Will slept together, but no hanky-panky ensued.
  • BB tried to wake everyone up around 12:30, the crack of afternoon.
  • Will told Erika that he feels sorry for Erika because she's going to be worried all day. Janelle told him she planned to tell her (her choice to save) today.
  • After taking on George's housecleaning role for the last few days, Erika declared to Mike that she was no longer going to clean for everyone.
  • Mike and Erika talked for some time while Janelle and Will stayed in bed. Erika is pretty sure she'll be leaving and Mike told her he thinks that the final two will indeed be Janelle and Will. They went over who would vote for whom in the jury and think Janelle might win it all.
  • Mike told Erika it would be "awesome" if the finale is moved up a week because he doesn't want to be in a boring house with Janelle and Will for a week. [Be careful what you wish for, Boogie. That's $2,000 less for you!]
  • Erika thinks that Will's girlfriend has probably left him by now.
  • Mike went on about how good things always go for Will – he's handsome, smart, women like him, he seems like he can do no wrong… and he will win BB7 over himself (Mike).
  • Erika told Mike that Will would surely win over him with the jury votes.
  • Will pointed out the differences between Mike's showmance and his own to Janelle. He told Janelle that Mike thinks Erika is "kinda creeepy" while he honestly likes Janelle and they're friends. Janelle thinks that Mike is just getting tired of Erika.

There. That's it.

For now…

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  • Mer

    hey, how are you able to see all this stuff ahead of time? If Janelle does indeed win the POV I’d be ecstatic..but only if WIll ends up leaving. She knows 1)WIll is playing her 2)that he would choose Boogie over her 3)that she cant win the jury votes if she’s up vs. Will….yet she continuously lets him dictate her choices.

    Probably because he’s been her only real ally since Howie. But I really hope she’s outmaneuvered chill town. some one needs to, and it aint Erica.

  • michelle laface

    Janelle you are the best, keep on going girl take it to the end!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear,

    You are too cool and too damn hottttttt.

    Keep rockin’ their reality. You have the boyz scared!

    Marry me!

  • Roger

    How about a Big Brother for Senior Citizens? Say between 45 & 60.