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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Wednesday Into Thursday Morning 8/31

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Here are Wednesday morning's events from that Big Brother House of Boogie's Soft Porn (eww):

  • Danielle once again asked Mike Boogie (this time) if they're saving her. Right? Yeah, right.
  • Danielle thinks if Will makes the Final 2, he'll win the jury votes, even though he was responsible for all the jurors being there in the first place. He plays the game well.
  • The houseguests were put on an indoor lockdown and construction was evident in the backyard.
  • As they talked of the time remaining, they obviously haven't been told the season will be ending over a week earlier than planned.
  • Mike said he got into trouble for not wearing his microphone. [Too bad he can't get in trouble for being a sleaze, eh?]
  • Mike complained his ear (a problem some weeks ago) was still bothering him and BB "had better get him some care for it."
  • Will worked on his own buddy Boogie pushing Janelle as the third in their Final Three.
  • There seems to be a bit of a rift still with Mike and Will regarding Janelle. While Mike and Will are willing to throw Erika "under the bus," Will seems to want Janelle in the game as long as possible. Mike thinks she's dangerous.
  • They got the HOH digital camera and took photos, with George donning his Santa suit.

The afternoon and evening events from that Big Brother House of No Bouncy-Bounce:

  • Why "no bouncy-bounce"? Well, the trampoline was taken away last night – this in accordance to the comp in which they won it, they only had it through Tuesday. And, trust me, today these folks just ain't too bouncy.
  • Danielle is bothered by the fact Will and Janelle spend so much time together. "What are they doing? What do they talk about?" [Very similar to her not trusting George because he won't tell her his strategy. Her kids must really have had trouble getting away with anything!]
  • Mike saw the show's doctor for his ear, but still isn't pleased.
  • Danielle packed her bags in anticipation of tomorrow.
  • Will shmoozed Erika, telling her how hard he worked for Marcellas to go on the block instead of her, telling her George would beat Janelle in the Final Two. [While Mike focuses his sex drive on his shomance, Will works Mike's showmance for their mutual benefit.]
  • Erika told Will it's imperative to get Janelle out. If she stays, she will think they're (Janelle and Erika) targeting Chill Town.
  • Will agreeed with her. Of course. [Sure, he does. It's a scheme he assigned to Janelle. Lie!]
  • George worked on his costume for the live show. It's going to make his previous costumes look normal. Eep.
  • Will heard some construction work going on somewhere over the fence. He yelled. He pleaded. He begged to know what they were building out there. No response.
  • Will kept singing and Big Brother kept telling him to knock it off.
  • Will confronted Danielle while she was smoking hiding behind the couch (in the yard). "The cameras see you there. Do you care?" "No."
  • Will kicked the beachball onto the roof of the house and worked to get it down. No, he may not climb up on the roof.
  • Will wanted to put Erika's teddy bear in the hot tub. She wouldn't let him and wanted to know why he wanted to be so mean to the bear.
  • Mike accused Will and Janelle of stealing his hidden HOH treats. Will said they were probably taken by BB when they were on food restriction.
  • Mike isn't pleased. He said a lot of stuff has gone missing… even the Hamburger Helper. [Maybe it's the tarantulas stealing the foodstuffs!]
  • Will wanted to create a smoky fire in the backyard and scream "Fire!" George told him they'd have Jase (the hero firefighter) there with an extinguisher. Then he said Will must have given his parents a rough time bringing him up.
  • With no fire, Will screamed, "The backyard's on fire! Help!"
  • Lots of singing (blocking feeds each time), celebrity talk, and talk of boredom.

Here are the overnight events into Thursday predawn from that Big Brother House of Wannabe Celebrities:

  • Mike Boogie claimed he had been kissed by Paris Hilton and Erika went a step further – she claimed she's been with Matthew McConaughey. [I would have thought he'd have better taste!]
  • They talked about odd sexual conquesting at bars.
  • Will said he didn't think Erin would break up with him over the show.
  • Mike asked Will and Janelle if they'd "hook up" in the house with six or seven bottles of wine to encourage them. They said no. Will said it wasn't in his moral character.
  • Mike complained more about the BB doctor not fixing his ear. He said the doctor would return with a piece of equipment.
  • Mike is concerned that Will is too close to Janelle. Will told him he trusts her 100% because she thinks they'll be getting together after the show. Meanwhile, he loves his girlfriend.
  • Mike complained to George and Danielle about Will and Janelle.
  • Danielle said she didn't think it was fair that Season 6 came in the house with four members.
  • When George asked Danielle if her husband would be at the wrap party, she said probably not. He doesn't like Big Brother.
  • Will told Mike he did a Diary Room segment about Mike's lack of self-control. Mike only asked if it was funny. [I would be embarrassed!]
  • BB turned the lights off at about 2 AM their time. Erika stayed up smoking alone in the yard.
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