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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Tuesday Into Wednesday Morning 8/30

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Today's grey cloudy skies and drizzle here in the Northeast reminded me of Danielle's mood. While she was one of my favorites during her season, I really had hoped for much better strategy this season than she exhibited. I think a part of it was not teaming up with the right person from the start.

Here are the events of the Tuesday daytime hours in that Big Brother House of Bouncing Blondes, Brunettes, and Boys:

  • Danielle was the "early riser" of the house today… at around 10 AM their time.
  • She wandered a bit, changed the batteries in her microphone, and sneaked smokes behind the couch. [I find it funny that a 30-some year-old woman is so worried about her parents finding out she smokes!]
  • Sigh… she started crying again as she reread the letter from home she received when she was the Head of House.
  • She still can't believe no one wants to take her to or be with her in the end of the game. [A thought she's expressed a kazillion times between yesterday and today so far.]
  • She apologized to James' girlfriend Sarah saying she tried to save him.
  • George is taking full advantage of his Slopless Week.
  • Danielle noticed the plasma screen wasn't showing flames, but something else (no announcements).
  • Mike Boogie confirmed to Erika that Chicken George was staying in the game Thursday.
  • George cleaned the kitchen, then cleaned some more. [He can come to my place!]
  • Mike once again proved he isn't the Master of His Domain. This time it was under the covers, but evident. [I think he's going for the in-house record for masturbation.]
  • Will talked about East Coast feed watchers and what they could be saying about the houseguests staying up so late. [Editor's note: Vampires, I tell ya… vampires! Pale isn't the new tan. He's a vampire! Actually, Kaysar and Janelle were always the worst for staying up all night there, which is a chunk into the day here.]
  • Tonight, the houseguests get the 5 Star restaurant meal won in the food comp. They've decided they'll all dress up and make it a Big Brother Date Night. Erika and Mike, George and Danielle, and Will and Janelle are the couples.

Here are Tuesday evening's happenings from that Big Brother House of Dastardly Dating:

  • The doldrums seem to have set in as the houseguests sort of wait for Danielle's eviction. Or, perhaps it's just that time in the show. They all slept on and off most of the day.
  • Although she might think it's futile, Danielle is still trying to work Will into keeping her in the house by telling tales of Janelle and Erika.
  • Will mentioned that one of the producers/voices in the Diary Room (Cory) invented a new term for them – flirtmances. That got us flame/clouds.
  • Danielle said her DR session was great – she was asked about shomances, stress and more.
  • "Houseguests, it's against the rules to discuss your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests."
  • It was the perfect date night for the houseguests, alliances set aside (or tucked in their pockets) for the evening. The girls all primped together and the boys picked their dates up in the HOH room.
  • Woogie sang "Once, twice, three times evicted…" as they waited to pick up their dates. [Yeah, I think they were being symbolic – three women, three evictions planned.]
  • While they probably had an enjoyable breath of relief from the game, the evening was (and is still ongoing) pleasant and non-eventful. Lots of small talk, very little game talk.

Here are the events of the overnight hours into Wednesday from that Big Brother House of Undercover Lovers and Shomance Shenanigans:

  • Danielle hid while smoking… again. Hey, your secret smoking habit is out, girl. Give it up!
  • Will told Janelle Mike and Erika were going to "hook up" tonight. Eww, I say.
  • Will and Janelle took off from the dinner to the HOH and locked themselves in. She tried for more kisses than he was willing to give, but it seems like watching kids fooling around watching them. They are sure not to be seen doing the deed. It's not like the Mike/Erika thing at all. With Mike, his goal is sex, Will and Janelle just seem to be joking around and having fairly innocent fun.
  • Danielle told Erika she forgives her. Erika was appropriately apologetic to her and it seems Danielle can see she's upset, too. Kissy, kissy. (Well, not literally kisses!)
  • Danielle told Erika she will go out fine and not to worry about her. She knows it's a game.
  • Mike tried to tell Janelle she wouldn't like Will outside of the house – he's a very different person and very quiet. [From what Janelle has said about her own personal life, she's the type of person who prefers to stay home and watch rented movies on a Saturday night than go out. Hmmm… they could be a lot alike!]
  • Mike indicated to both Janelle and Will that he'll be kicking his shomance away soon. "Talk to me next Thursday about it!" (Accompanied by kicking motions.)
  • Mike was really crude about his bed plans with Erika for later. Dang it, Erika. Your choice in men is um… tacky, to say the least.
  • Danielle told Erika she has to get Will out of the house because everyone will vote for him in the end.
  • Lots of sex-related goings-on with Boogie and Erika in the twin bed. But, I'll go with what Mike says – "What happens under the covers stays under the covers" – and I refuse to write porn, soft or hardcore. Use your imagination, folks. Stupid, stupid Erika.
  • Erika and Mike then got in the HOH bed with Will and Janelle. Will didn't want to go, but they (Will and Janelle) eventually gave it up and headed out to the yard.
  • Will told Janelle she can't let George win HOH. He knows George would probably put Chill Town on the block and he's the only one in the house who would do that.
  • As I post this, a few are starting to stir and are up for the morning, doing personal hygiene stuff and the like.
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