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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Overnight Into Tuesday 8/29

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Here are the events from the late night and overnight hours into Tuesday from that Big Brother House of Wonky Weasels:

  • The Red Room is off limits and has been since at least yesterday. I must have missed the "why" about it all. But, Big Brother yells at them everytime they try to go in there. So, the houseguests are pretty much delegated to the Ant Room and the HOH Room to sleep.
  • Janelle complained about sitting next to a fat woman on a plane.
  • Danielle told Erika that if the final two are Erika and Will, she (Danielle) will be faced with a difficult choice (and hints she'd vote for Will to win).
  • Danielle said she didn't care that she lost to Jason in her season because he was deserving and she was loyal to him.
  • Will, Janelle and Mike studied questions for the HOH comp on Thursday. They think it might be based on the questionnaires they filled out for the show. I don't know why they think that, but it is what it is.
  • The HG talked about Treasure Hunters – Will thinks the Nerd Team had to be eliminated and they wonder what happened in the end. [Will's "Nerd Team" was the Geniuses, the winners of the show. He only saw the Mt. Rushmore fiasco.]
  • The houseguests have decided to have a Date Night and plan to dress up. In the food comp, they won a 5 Star restaurant meal. They will have to suffer a day of slop before getting to the good food, though.
  • While they were given some beer and wine for the night, Mike rallied to get them more. [Just what Danielle needs, eh?]
  • Danielle mumbled to herself that the Diary Room wasn't calling her in to talk because she's going home.
  • They played poker. Yawn.
  • Erika headed to be relatively early for the house – about 12:30 AM their time.
  • Mike Boogie told Will that Danielle told him that Erika and Janelle have a secret alliance. Uh-oh! [Keep in mind that this is the secret alliance Will encouraged as an act.]
  • Will told Mike he wasn't surprised and that Erika was a "blabbermouth." Woogie decided they definitely trust Janelle more than Erika.
  • They then decided (once again) that Erika must leave after Danielle is out of the house this week.
  • Will told Janelle that if he, Mike and her are in the Final Three, he'll just walk away because he knows she wants to be against Mike in the end for votes. [I'm sure he's lying, aren't you?]
  • Will told Janelle that Erika "came onto" Mike a few months before the season. Now he's worried that she may be influencing him.

As I post this, all the houseguests are sleeping, as they should be.

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  • http://Indianapolis,Indiana Robin

    Will is going to win. All the houseguests are blinded by his charms and brains. Mike would not be on all stars if not for Will. Janelle will probably make the final two with Will. She is not going to win. She made too many mistakes with the other houseguests. Hopefully Erika will be the second houseguest eliminated on Thursday after Danielle.

  • diane

    Erica sold out Danielle. She will be the next to go home.

  • diane

    Erica sold out Danielle. She will be the next to go home.