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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Monday 8/28

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The houseguests have no clue about the double eviction slated for this Thursday. From the news released by CBS, it will be the first eviction, HOH comp, POV, and eviction. Oh, and I'm sure they'll have to do another HOH comp, too. Yikes! None of us should blink or we'll miss something major. With various issues and Julie Chen errors we've seen so far this season, it should be very interesting if the show comes off without a hitch.

Here are today's events from the Big Brother House of Damsels in Distress:

  • Despite her um… night imbibing… Danielle was up early and roaming the house and smoking (outside, of course).
  • She muttered apologies to her husband and parents, and said out loud that she just wanted to go home, repeating the latter over and over again. Eventually she headed back to bed.
  • At around 9:30 AM, BB announced the Power of Veto Ceremony would begin in two hours.
  • The houseguests stayed in bed.
  • Once they did get up, Will told Erika to be strong. [I like how Will has taken charge of Mike's charge.]
  • Erika seemed really down, saying she hates her life, she hates the house, she hates the camera… and so on.
  • Erika told George she was very disappointed with Danielle's behavior last night. (Rather drunken rampage.)
  • She then went over scenarios to herself – can't send Will home because she doesn't have the numbers, can't send George home because it would be stupid, etc. She mumbled more about emotional blackmail. [I would think she meant coming from Danielle.]
  • Will told her he was mad at Mike for not helping out. Perfect thing to say because… she's mad at him (Mike), too!
  • Erika can't say enough good things about George, though.
  • Janelle and Erika talked about how crazy Danielle acted last night. They were joined by Will and the talk continued. [I can bet it will be a topic for a long time to come. She really went over the edge. Thanks, alcohol… such a great invention, eh? Yes, I know she could have limited it, but they are in such an odd predicament. I doubt she'd do that at home. I don't think so, anyway.]
  • Chicken George plans to wear his Santa suit for the POV Ceremony. At least someone is dressing for the event!
  • It seems Mike wants to throw Danielle a sympathy vote. Will's not too pleased with the idea – Janelle already planned to give her one. So, Mike got in a snit saying she didn't have the right to do that. Will seems to really want the vote to be 3-0 so there's no margin of error. [A rift in the Riff-Raff?]
  • Today's POV Ceremony only began a half-hour later than planned. And, as expected, Janelle used her Power of Veto to save herself and Erika then nominated Danielle in her place.
  • Danielle told Janelle to take Erika to the final two and she'd (Janelle) would have the votes to win the game.
  • Danielle campaigned for votes. When she asked Will, he said he'd vote to keep her. He hinted that Mike Boogie wanted to give George a sympathy vote. [Liar, liar, pants on fire!]
  • Erika told Danielle she put her up because she's too loved, too strong, too good… too too.
  • Danielle sobbed alone on the couch in the backyard, mumbled about no one wanting to take her to the finals with them and requested a Diary Room session.
  • Will told George that people keep him because he's so bad at competitions.
  • Danielle smoked behind the couch once again. This time we found out her parents would be upset. So, that's the reason she's been sneaking cigarettes!
  • Woogie discussed the plan of action for when Danielle goes. Mike Boogie thinks it's best if Janelle gets the HOH. Will thinks Mike can get rid of Erika at anytime since they got her to turn on her friend.
  • Then, after Janelle gets the HOH, she can't compete the next week. So, it will be George, Will, and Mike competing.
  • Woogie's worst case scenario is if George wins HOH this week – he would put them on the block. They pondered about how to fix that situation.
  • Will told Janelle she's going to be one of the final three (with himself and Mike).
  • Will then told George he's in Chill Town now.
  • Danielle wants more "libations" tonight. One would think last night's would have lasted a while for her.

So, that's where we stand during the daytime hours. There isn't really any official alliance with George, but it's obvious Woogie might think it safer to bring him along as he would put them on the block. I think (could be wrong) if Janelle wins this HOH, Erika would be the target. It's hard to tell how strong this Chill Town George is going to be – he doesn't trust Will and Mike, not at all.

Here are the events from the evening in that Big Brother House of Dismal Danielle:

  • Danielle once again asked Will and Mike Boogie if she had their votes. They told her yes. [Yeah, their votes to leave!]
  • Will said James shouldn't have been in All Stars because all he did was bite his fingernails and worry about the pool. [James has the worst nailbiting habit I've ever seen. He was always biting and picking at his nails. I'd be scared to see what they look like close up.]
  • Janelle told Will he was just jealous of S6 Players because they were so popular.
  • The houseguests kept mentioning producers of the show by name, so we got flame/clouds with loud bad theme music each time.
  • Janelle asked Will what he says in the Diary Room about her. He told her only good things.  [Only good things?  Sure!] 
  • In case he hadn't heard her tell it a dozen times already, Danielle told Chicken George that Erika didn't want to be in the finals with her because she couldn't beat her.
  • Lots of talk about bad oysters, previous seasons, other shows, wrap parties, Miami bars and restaurants, but little strategy talk.
  • Erika took a bath in the HOH bathroom. Alone.

No alcohol this evening; no drunken rampages. Although Danielle seems to be holding out some hope she'll stay, I don't think she trusts Woogie at all, rightfully so. Most of the HG lounged around on the trampoline, including Danielle. Erika kept pretty much to herself.

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