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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live feeds Report – Overnight Into Monday 8/28

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Wow! Here are the happenings from the Sunday late night and overnight periods in that Big Brother house of Defensive Danielle and Reaping What You Sow:

  • Will said that Big Brother should give them a variety, but instead bought seven cases of wine and beer.
  • Danielle said she has no problem with the wine and beer. [Not a surprise after watching her lately.]
  • The houseguests got their alcohol around 9 p.m. By then Danielle was already hiding behind the couch with another cigarette.
  • Will said he's never a nasty drunk, always happy, then goes to bed. Janelle said she talks too much when she drinks.
  • Will has plastic surgery on one ear where it was bitten by a dog when he was young.
  • Danielle started telling George all about how she can't believe she was lied to and that she's going to be voted out. She was actually crying and saying that Erika won't get her vote in the jury. George looked uncomfortable, yet tried to be sympathetic.
  • Danielle kept at poor George for a long, long time saying the same things over and over again.
  • Danielle told him the producers told her she would win. But now, he should try to get Erika to take him to the final two, then he could win because she won't have the votes.
  • Danielle thinks that Erika threw the spider's web HOH comp to put her in harm's way.
  • Danielle is drinking steadily with no signs of stopping.
  • Erika, Will, Mike and Janelle said they were going to ignore Danielle because she was drunk.
  • Will asked Janelle who George would put up if he was HOH. She didn't know. Earlier Erika had told him that George was going to put up Chill Town. Will's testing the waters.
  • Will and Janelle flirted. Again.
  • Danielle is not a good drunk, certainly not smart when drunk. In front of George, she asked Janelle to keep her in the house (thus voting out George) so she could go after Erika. George didn't say anything. Janelle just looked at her. When Danielle realized what she said, she hugged George and said she knew it wouldn't happen. Duh.
  • After ranting so much and so long, George suggested that Danielle talk to Erika (not him).
  • Under questioning from Danielle, Erika backpedaled a bit and said that putting her up was a possibility, not a done deal.
  • Danielle started drunkenly yelling at Erika. [Oh, yeah… that will help her cause.]
  • The confrontation went on for what seemed like forever – Danielle shouting and accusing, Erika pretty much just standing there probably not quite knowing what to do or say.
  • Danielle blatantly smoked as she ranted at Erika – no attempts to hide it.
  • Erika finally said that she knew Danielle was working with others and that she hadn't even nominated her yet.
  • Erika finally sought out help from the others as she couldn't stop Danielle's rant.
  • Mike didn't/wouldn't wake up, so Will ended up talking to Erika about how necessary it is to get Danielle out of the house. She had been wavering under the pressure from Danielle's rant, but Will worked his magic with her to meet the goals he's set in the game.
  • Danielle started leaning on the HOH doorbell (where Will and Erika were) with no sign of letting up. Will and Erika ignored her.
  • Danielle rang the bell more than 70 or 80 times, alternately banging on the door and yelling.
  • Will and Erika think Danielle's gone absolutely bonkers. Will decides to stay right there overnight so they don't have to face Danielle.
  • Finally Danielle gave up and went downstairs where she found Janelle.
  • She told Janelle all her troubles, once again repeating things over and over with the main thing being that Erika won't have her jury vote.
  • Janelle and nearby George were quiet, nodding now and then and making signs they were ready to head to bed. Both seemed at a loss how to handle Danielle.
  • Will was ticked that Mike was the one who wanted to do the show and he wasn't trying to help out during the evening – he was sleeping.
  • A Will quote: "You know your life is crazy when you like Janelle more than Mike Boogie." [Well, mine wouldn't be crazy, but Mike Boogie is supposed to be his best friend, not mine.]
  • After being an agitated broken record for several hours, Danielle went to bed, leaving George and Janelle in her wake. Janelle said she thought Danielle would wig out before this.
  • George warned Janelle that Will is "shady."
  • As I post this, Erika is the only one awake. She seems troubled by the events of the evening.
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