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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Sunday 8/27 From Morning To Dusk

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Did you see the snow? I only saw rain here today, but it was Christmas in August for our favorite (and not so favorite) Big Brother houseguests! They blocked the feeds from Christmas. Oh, that's so wrong, isn't it? I feel Scrooged.

Here are Sunday's events leading well into the afternoon hours from that Big Brother House of Christmas In August Loot:

  • Will said Neil Patrick Harris was there, he's thrilled. The gifts included a camera, a PSP player, a DVD player and DVDs, new pillows, new clothes, and more.
  • Danielle went to bed after they finished the big party.
  • Will was like a kid on a sugar rush going on about the day, while George thought it was "So COOL!"
  • Neil Patrick Harris allegedly ate slop. I can just imagine how his How I Met Your Mother character Barney would react to that – it would be legendary! He also filmed a Diary Room segment.
  • Will flirted more with Janelle. At one point, as she napped on the bed, he got on the floor and said he'll be able to move to the bed when his girlfriend dumps him over the show.
  • Janelle reminded him they're just friends and his response was: "I know! And that's how people get pregnant!"
  • They all napped. So, I took a bubble bath while listening to Mozart, then napped myself. Ah, that felt good!
  • Erika thought Janelle got better clothes from the Christmas in August than she did.
  • Will is worried a new shirt he received might make him look gay. "Does this make me look gay?" He may wear it on the live show. [Too bad Marcellas isn't around to critique it!]
  • Will talked to Erika more about the money split. [I imagine we'll keep hearing talk of this with her until the Erika split, planned for right after the Danielle split. How's them splits for ya, Erika?]
  • George is saving the spoon and its slop that touched the lips of Neil Patrick Harris. [Now, if he gave it to Howie, it would end up on eBay!]
  • Janelle and Erika schemed about taking out Chill Town. Act or not?
  • Danielle told Will she didn't want her family to see her walking out the door another loser in the game. [When in doubt, use sympathy votes!]
  • Danielle noticed Erika was acting a bit subdued and asked if something was wrong. Erika told her there was no way she could beat her (Danielle) in the final two.
  • Danielle muttered to herself that she should have kept Marcellas in the game. She realizes Erika has turned.
  • Danielle questioned Janelle about her reasoning in voting out James. Janelle told her it was because she heard James planned to backdoor her (he did) and the really bad acting throwing comps.
  • Danielle told Janelle Erika just told her she was putting her (Danielle) on the block. Janelle played dumb. "Really? How did she say it?"
  • Danielle told Janelle it was alright, it was just a game. [It is, but it's a game with big stakes and she wanted to win it. Now, to ME, it's a game. I win or lose nothing and as long as I'm entertained, that's all I need. But if I were in it for the money in the house, I know I'd feel it was all much more than a game.]
  • Danielle fussed that the Diary Room needs to call her because it's un-freekin-believable that she's going on the block because people are scared she'll win. [Well, it may have a bit more to do with Chill Town just wanting her gone.]
  • Danielle is sure she'll be voted out and all of a sudden becomes Janelle's friend and confidante. She told Janelle she hopes she (Janelle) wins. Too little, too late, me thinks.
  • Danielle regrets trusting Erika and feels she should have realized she wouldn't be on her side.

Once again, the tides have turned in the Big Brother house. Now it's Erika's turn at betrayal. Will she go through with it and put her friend on the block during tomorrow's Veto Ceremony? It's a given that Janelle will save herself. At this time, Danielle knows Erika plans to put her on the block to replace Janelle. Will Danielle fight to stay in the house or will she just go gentle into that good night? (My apologies for really misusing a fine Dylan Thomas poem.)

Here are the Sunday evening events from that Big Brother House of Pompous Playboys:

  • After telling Janelle that Erika told her she was going on the block, Danielle warned Janelle that Erika can't be trusted. Good timing there, Danielle.
  • Danielle told Chicken George that he can trust Janelle. [It looks like Danielle wants to tie up any loose ends before leaving. Is she resigned to her fate?]
  • Danielle thinks Janelle should start training George for competitions.
  • Meanwhile, Erika is jumping on the trampoline in a bikini. [Maybe it does something for Mike or Will, but blech for me.]
  • While bouncing together on the trampoline (not with Erika), Will and Janelle whispered about how great it is that Erika is going to put up Danielle… and then Erika goes home next week! Bounce. Bounce.
  • Will talked to the Internet fans once again. This time he talked of welcoming us to the TerrorDome and taunted us. [Sigh, how quickly he forgot his love for us. Sniffle.]
  • Will and Janelle discussed Janelle's pseudo-alliance with Erika. Janelle told all. It's obvious she's playing Erika, but Erika's probably playing her, too.
  • Will once again told George not to worry – he won't be going home this week. [Ah, but they think only one houseguest will leave this week. Welcome to our TerrorDome! Bwahahaha! Ahem.]
  • They talked about American Idol. Janelle was a Katharine fan while Will liked Taylor better.
  • Will wants a total body transplant because he hates working out. [I can identify with that!]
  • Janelle and Will flirted more while on the trampoline.
  • Danielle ducked to hide a cigarette she was smoking. [I don't think she wants her family to see her smoking or just doesn't want to be seen smoking on television. But, she's stressed.]

For the most part, with the exception of Danielle knowing she's to be placed on the block tomorrow and the fact they had Christmas today, it's been a bit on the uneventful side. On the other hand, the food comp on tonight's show was a hoot! And, though they drastically shortened it and didn't mention that Will was talking to US, not the camera… his LoveFest was great. He has nice teeth, doesn't he?

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