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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Evening And Overnight Into Friday 8/25

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Thursday evening's happenings since the live show in that Big Brother House of a Dead Legion of Doom:

  • Just prior to the live show, James was practically begging Woogie for reassurance. Mike tried to tell him he was going home, but James kept at him. Will ended up telling him he was safe. We know how that turned out.
  • After the feeds returned following the live show, Will took the blame for the last three evictions. I'm not sure of his strategy with that one – perhaps to get Janelle out of the spotlight, perhaps because it means he's also responsible for three others remaining in the house.
  • Woogie talked about making sure Janelle wins the veto, either on her own or with their help. They seem pretty sure she will be one of Erika's nominees.
  • Erika told Chicken George not to worry because she had his back. Again, I'm not sure of the meaning. He's either not going to be nominated or he's not her target. [Danielle wants him out, though. Did you know she can't figure out his strategy?]
  • Danielle is concerned because she knows Janelle voted to evict James.
  • Danielle laid a guilt trip on Mike and he ended up telling her he trusts her more than he does Will. [If you're going to lie and shmooze, at least do it well. Sheesh. As if she can't see right through that one. As if!]
  • Will, Mike and Janelle once again (earlier tonight, too) said something about competing with George for HOH next week. That's why Will said he was going to throw tonight's. Looking at who's there, it shows they expect/want Danielle out this week.
  • Danielle kept at Mike telling him she wasn't happy and he's a target.
  • Alone, she muttered, "Will's ass is MINE."
  • Erika told Danielle she plans to nominate Janelle and George, with George as the pawn.
  • Will told Danielle they have the votes to get Janelle out unless she wins POV. [I watched really closely. Yes, his nose grew just a wee bit, but I saw it!]
  • Janelle thinks she's going on the block with Will.
  • Will told Janelle if he, her, and Mike are still around next week, it's to the Final Three for them.
  • Poor Erika. The last time she was HOH, it was a re-do. This time BB gave her the key and she went to the living room and shouted the typical, "Who wants to see my HOH room?" Dead quiet. Everyone was outside. Erika then said, "Well, that was anti-climatic." It cracked me up, maybe you had to be there.
  • Her room is flower-themed.
  • Danielle and Erika can't figure out why Will took the blame for James' leaving. It bothers Danielle. [A lot bothers Danielle.]
  • Will and Mike tried to get a plane to flash its lights by waving pool cues at it. The plane ignored them. Will said it had to be a pilot who was just a company-man.
  • Will and Mike went over several scenarios trying to figure their best approach to strategy. They want Janelle to stay in the game. Now Erika is Yoko and Janelle is Paul's new ex-Heather. Listening to these two brainstorm ideas makes me thankful they're not ruling the world. I could see a takeover. Every angle, every move… they're planning it.
  • Their food arrived (every live show night, they get food delivered). Will doesn't like it. He complained about pizza and wanted sushi. They got Mexican.
  • George was hoping they'd let him eat, but no go. Will told him that if another slop pass is a prize for anything, he'll try to win it for him.
  • The HG all think it was very awkward when Julie mentioned Howie's exit and Mike being called a punk by him.
  • Erika thought BB would give her a picture of Jack for her HOH room. Nope, she did a shout-out. "Jack, I miss you!"
  • Janelle told Will the comp was hard and there's no way she could have won.
  • Will and Janelle said they did a phone call bit for the Diary Room last night, apparently like the Chill Town ones.
  • Will is explaing to Janelle the game is about deceit and lying, not love and honor.

That's the scoop. The newest BB ad for Sunday's show has a bit of Will's Internet Lovefest so that should be fun to rewatch!  A house without James and a floater in the HOH room. This week, we'll see how loyal Erika is to Danielle as Chill Town puts the pressure on for a Danielle eviction.

Here are the events of the overnight hours into Friday in the Big Brother House of Silly Boys, Distrusting Women and a Chicken Man:

  • Erika tried begging Big Brother for alcohol. BB won't give them any on Thursday nights as a rule. She offered more sexy hot tub scenes and more. BB held its ground, no alcohol.
  • Will tried to get Janelle to play up to Erika and she refused. She "hates being fake." Will told her the name of the game is Big Liar, not Big Brother.
  • Mike told George he had been the one with the "secret power." [As if no one knew, eh?]
  • Erika told George he would be the only one safe to go on the block with Janelle. He told her he understands, he's used to being nominated.
  • Will mentioned he's the only one in the house who hasn't won either a HOH or POV. [He never won any in his season, yet won the show.]
  • Mike Boogie said that BB assigned people to watch him with the Coup d'Etat because he was giving hints and that he "almost lost the power."
  • There will be a food comp today (Friday).
  • Mike and Erika smooched in the HOH room. He's working, y'know. She's Yoko, of course.
  • A Will quote: "My future depends on Mike's ability to showmance Erika. That's scary because he farts on her on a regular basis."
  • Erika told Mike that Danielle would take her to the final two, while Janelle is a danger to her. He kept working the subtle save Janelle angle, to no avail at this time.
  • Erika told Mike if one of her nominees (at this time proposed, not actually nominated) George or Janelle is saved by the POV, Will will go on the block.
  • Mike proposed splitting the winnings. Money talks, we'll see how loud.
  • Will kept singing to Janelle, so flame/clouds with bad loud theme music kept happening. [Argh! This show is NOT Big Brother The Musical – why do they all keep breaking out into spontaneous singing?]
  • George is asleep, all the others are still awake as I post this.

Today should be food comp and the nominations. How quickly and effectively can Mike showmance Erika to keep Janelle safe while putting a target on Danielle? I don't think it's going to happen. We'll see!

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