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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Wednesday Into Dawn Thursday 8/24

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Wenesday morning's happenings from that Big Brother House of Can You Feel The Love:

  • Before heading to bed, Will talked to Janelle about teaming up and going for The Amazing Race. I think Janelle would be good at that show as she's good in comps, but I'm not so sure about Will. He'd be good at Survivor as he's great with alliances and manipulating folks, but I don't know how he'd be at comps as his strategy has always been to avoid winning them. Can he win them? I don't even know after watching him for two seasons! But, The Amazing Race isn't a sneaky kind of show for the most part.
  • Big Brother woke up the houseguests early (for them) — around 9 AM their time.
  • Mike even wondered if they might be voting today instead of live because they had to get up so early. [It's a good thing he runs an evening-based business in real life. By 9 AM, I've usually been up at least a couple of hours, more on workdays.]
  • Whoa… Will and Janelle's Diary Room visit together last night went on for two hours according to Will. [Dang it! We see none of that on the feeds and I'm sure the show will air a teensy bit of it, but I'd love to have been a fly on the wall, wouldn't you?]
  • Woogie uses Banana Bread code for splitting the winnings on the show. Will says they're not committed to banana bread until next week.
  • Will told Mike he trusts Janelle.
  • The plans SEEM to be voting out James, then either Danielle or Erika not in any particular order, then George… leaving Will, Mike and Janelle as the final three. I think this might be an actual plan, not just a lie. Of course, Will and Mike want to be the final two, so we know when they want Janelle gone.
  • James told Will that it was obvious that he didn't want to talk to him. Will pretty much ignored him.
  • Although I missed part of it, it looks like Will told Danielle the intent is to vote out James this week. He had said he was going to hold off telling her until near time to vote. She's upset and doesn't want to vote him out. Will told her he'll continue to flip from alliance to alliance and can't be trusted.
  • Will "willed" her – "When you're upset, I'm upset." [Will this change the vote? I don't think so. I think Woogie is intent on James going home no matter what Danielle may want. But, as usual, Will knows to say just the right things at the right time to shmooze her.]
  • Will wants her to talk to Mike before she speaks to James.
  • Danielle sobbed while in the backyard. She said she wants to speak to Dr. Zachary (show shrink) and is ready to quit the show.
  • Will asked Erika if she was totally committed to the plan and she said she was. (Vote out James or, if a tie, Mike votes out James.)
  • They got the HOH digital camera, but with Danielle and James lost in their own funks, it's up to Chicken George to have fun with photos.

Here are the events of the afternoon (their time, not mine – it's well into the evening here) from that Big Brother House of Sullied Reputations:

  • Chicken George mentioned that another thing he didn't get in his short reign as HOH was the camera. Aw, he's right. I didn't think about that. He really got the short end of the stick, didn't he?
  • James told Danielle to go after Chill Town if he leaves tomorrow. She told him she will, but she goes about things in a roundabout way.
  • Mike Boogie and Will actually studied for comps. [As if they intend to win? Well, I think Will wasn't pleased with Mike's rather premature HOH win and it may have kicked them into action where they feel they have to win every week from now on to be safe.]
  • Chicken George and James talked today. James told George that they all have choices and he chose to put Howie up. George said the decision was rushed and both agreed that Howie is probably angrier with Chill Town than at George.
  • James told George that he (James) and Marcellas were friends prior to the show this season – Marcellas went to Chicago and they hung out together. George was surprised to hear the information. He said he knew no one prior to the show.
  • Danielle is still upset – she told Erika she didn't think she belonged in the game anymore. She said that prior to going on the show she thought she wouldn't because she knew she'd be an emotional mess… and now she is indeed one. [I do think she's having a rough time as of late, but I also think she could snap back. She's a shrewd BB player at heart.]
  • When Janelle asked Will if he thought James would vote with them if he stayed, Will told her that he (James) would be coming after both her and Chill Town. When she asked why, the feeds were cut (doubt that's why – someone may have been singing on another feed or something).
  • Erika wouldn't commit either way when asked by Danielle about who she's voting to evict this week. She said it was a tough decision and both are dangerous players. [Her vote should go with Woogie for James to leave, as of this time anyway.]
  • Some of the HG slept a lot through the afternoon. Perhaps if they slept at night, they wouldn't sleep half the day. That's just me being snarky about it.
  • When talking with James, Mike Boogie made it sound like he wants George out.
  • James has decided that if he leaves 3-1, Janelle has betrayed him. If he leaves 2-2 with Mike casting the tiebreaker against him, Janelle just might be willing to work with Danielle.
  • Even Danielle and Erika are at odds about tomorrow's eviction. Danielle told Erika that she knows that James is going home, but she's not happy about it. When Erika commiserated and said no one would be happy, Danielle pointed at her and said, "Some will be happy." [Well, Erika… she nailed ya.]
  • Woogie is worried that Danielle will work on Erika to change the vote. [That would only make it 2-2 with Mike as the tiebreaker. Janelle and Will seem (note I said SEEM as anything can change anytime before the live vote) to be going for James' eviction, Erika for James and Danielle for George to go. That's how it stands right now.]
  • Woogie (alone together) talked about how they'll have to change strategies in a game without James. They weighed the pros and cons of how long Danielle, Erika, Janelle and George should last and who would work best with them. Will pushed the Janelle issue with Mike (again).

Here are the evening and overnight events from that Big Brother House of Slop Waffles and Wine:

  • Danielle claimed she wants to keep James because he'll go after Chill Town. [Can't she do that? Wait, didn't she say she's working with them?]
  • Will told Janelle that Mike knows he can't win against anyone if he makes the final two.
  • Erika told Danielle that she needs George to stay as he won't put her on the block but James would.
  • George told Erika and Danielle that he had lost focus for a while, but wanted the person who needed it the most to win. [I hope he means himself.]
  • He then told them about his family and how the money could change their lives. [Good.]
  • Erika said her gut says that George just may win the game.
  • Will made sure that Mike told Erika to throw HOH so she's not a target, as he told him to say. Mike affirmed that he did.
  • Erika said that George is after Janelle and Will because she (Janelle) lied to him about wanting Will out.
  • Mike thinks that Danielle has been crying all day just to get jury votes.
  • Danielle is concerned because George won't actually say he wants Janelle out. [Editor's note: Because maybe he doesn't, Danielle!]
  • Erika remained firm that she wants James out, better for her game.
  • Mike asked George if the girls had been pressuring him or promised him anything for their vote. He said they did in a roundabout way, but he didn't commit to anything. [I prefer to watch Will work people rather than Mike. Mike tries to use Will's style, but doesn't have the timing, nor the charisma.]
  • Mike told Erika he wants Danielle to be the only vote to keep James.
  • Big Brother gave the houseguests plenty of wine – just what they needed.
  • George asked BB if he could have a glass of wine and a cheeseburger since he's nominated anyway. He reported back that they said they'd put the request in, but he didn't expect anything. [That would have to be something coming from one of the producers, not the staff on hand.]
  • BB got back to George with a 'no cheeburger for you.' Well, maybe not in those words.
  • They played cards. Yawn. They played pool. Yawn.
  • James imbibed quite a bit.
  • Will and Janelle talked about flirting.
  • Will claimed he was drunk (Janelle had been telling him to drink for her). I don't think he was all that drunk at all, though. He jumped up on the pool table. [He's already said the BB has charged him for breaking things – he better be careful of the pool table!]
  • Big Brother yelled at him to stop.
  • Then it was hot tub time. Erika, Janelle, Will and James. They got to horseplay, not foreplay. Will and James did cannonballs into the tub. While they frolicked, George and Mike had already turned in for the night.
  • So… they all ran up to the HOH room wet and loud, banging on the door for Mike.
  • Big Brother yelled at them. Again.
  • Back to the hot tub and a game of Spin the Bottle.
  • Will moved Howie's Jack Shack box over to the edge of the hot tub so they could jump from it into the hot tub. Big Brother yelled at them.
  • The pool cover fell, striking both Danielle and James. Both said it hurt. [It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!]
  • Will claimed he was Janelle's "boy toy" to Erika.
  • But, once alone in the pool both Will and Janelle told each other they're scared of each other. Oh, pshaw! They are not!
  • Then they decided they're friends and nothing more. They continued to tussle, joke around and just be friends in the hot tub. No Boogie action here.
  • Will once again told (lied to) Danielle that Janelle is going after Chill Town next week.
  • James thinks he will win HOH if he stays. He said he'd put up Mike and Erika and backdoor Janelle.
  • James asked Danielle what Will's been saying. Danielle told him that Will said he (James) really had to compete for HOH because they (LOD?) needed it. [We KNOW that's not what Will has been saying!]
  • Will and Janelle were in the Diary Room for yet another really long session, don't know what's going on there!
  • All headed to bed while Janelle stayed up reading the Bible (the only book in the house).
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