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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Tuesday 8/22

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Here are the late Monday night and overnight into Tuesday events (or lack thereof) from the Big Brother House of the Blues:

  • Will had an amusing talk with the Internet, declaring love for us (is he lying?) and so much more. It was a hoot to watch him, better than the season Marcellas sat and talked to himself for hours.
  • Will claims he invented the mandana, not Jase. He wore one in Season 2; Jase didn't come along until Season 5.
  • Will and Mike said that if they were up for an America's Choice, no one would call. [I think Will would get some calls, but I don't see too many thrilled with Mike.]
  • James talked to the show's doctor Dr. Zachary for quite a while, but didn't tell us about the visit.
  • James wants to make a voodoo doll of George to scare him.
  • Danielle thinks she can only win against Erika. [I would think she'd be a shoe-in against Mike, too.]
  • The HG are bored. They had so much action for a few days in a row, now nothing for them until the live show Thursday.
  • Will bounced a ball around until BB shouted at him and then laid down the law – "There will be no ball-playing in the house!"
  • After Will got called out for ball playing by BB, he claimed he'd use this as evidence. [Editor's note: Mocking James' lawsuit claims over the POV, for sure!]
  • The target still seems to be James this week, not Chicken George.
  • Will told Janelle he's committed to her and Mike Boogie. [Editor's note: When he's with Danielle, he's committed to her and Mike Boogie.]
  • Danielle and James think the show won't show him calling Janelle a liar because she's "America's Choice."
  • Will told Mike that the Diary Room told him that anything else broken in the house will be taken out of their stipends. [In other words, knock off the tomfoolery, boys!]
  • Mike gave James the nickname "YuckMouth" because he's talking so much trash. [Takes one to know one?]
  • Danielle told James that LOD is tight. [Is not! Is not! She's lying to her boy!]
  • Will spoke with Janelle about splitting the money once again. I'm surprised that BB isn't saying much to them, but BB is definitely aware of the talk. Maybe Will will get a surprise penalty nom, maybe not. But, BB must not be taking any of the talk seriously as they haven't acted.
  • They were talking about splitting the money legally, abiding by whatever the contract says, it seems.
  • Most of the HG played poker for a long time.
  • James is still choosing to be alone except for occasional talks with Danielle.
  • Will and Danielle spent most of the night up talking about past seasons, then were joined by Janelle and the talk continued.
  • Now they (Will, Danielle and Janelle) are playing cards into the dawn. Oy. These folks are going to have trouble fixing their sleep patterns when the show is over.

These are Tuesday's daytime events from that Big Brother House Double-Dipping Deceitful Double-Crossers:

  • It was almost dawn at the BB House when Will and Janelle called it a night. A day? Whatever.
  • Will and Janelle plan to study for the next HOH comp together. By losing Howie, she lost her drill partner.
  • Will told her if they get HOH this week, they should vote out Danielle. [That's not what he tells Danielle!]
  • James was the only one up at the crack of 10:20 or so. He said he lives with a bunch of pigs while looking around. [He's right. This is the messiest BB house I've ever seen on the feeds and none of them have been really clean!]
  • Mike Boogie talked to Danielle about the vote, kind of sort of. She wanted to know if he wanted her to vote out James. He told her he can't really tell her how to vote. He said that he would like George to leave, but then he mentioned James' double-dipping with alliances and said he knows Will wants James out. He himself respects Will's opinion and gameplay, but he's not going to tell her how to vote.
  • Erika and Danielle discussed keeping George in the game. Erika said she doesn't trust James at all. Danielle told her she was torn, then added that she can't figure out George's strategy and that bothers her. [We know, Danielle, we know. You've only said it about 837 times now!]
  • Danielle told Erika that Janelle will put up the Woogie pair if she gets HOH. When Erika asked both or one, Danielle told her that Janelle told them both.
  • So, now Erika and Danielle decide they have to win HOH.
  • Mike is wondering if it will be a live vote – he wants to let Danielle know as close to the voting as possible that the target is James.
  • Erika does casting for Survivor which takes up about nine months a year. [I know she's mentioned it before, but I don't think I've mentioned it.]
  • James, Dead Man Walking, mingled with the living. But he's very subdued.
  • They played with clay. Woohoo. Well, it was cute for a bit – Erika made a Mr. Bill doll (Saturday Night Live long, long ago)… "Oh, no! Mr. Bill!"
  • James killed Mr. Bill with an airplane. Oh, no!
  • James claimed he really wants to go home and taught Danielle how he likes his towels folded. [May I have an eyeroll, please?]
  • Then James told Danielle that he needs to get HOH… if he's still there for it. Fickle!
  • Danielle and Erika think that James is like Sawyer on Lost. Um. I say no.
  • From what's being said, I'm still thinking a James eviction.

Onto the happenings from the evening hours of Tuesday in that Big Brother House of Loquacious Loons:

  • Will said that one of the producers in the Diary Room confirmed the houseguests are bound by their contract for the period of one year.
  • George is acting pretty much as he said on the show – if he gets evicted, it's fine. If he stays – cool! He said he's looking forward to Thursday just to see what happens.
  • Aww, George said his wife is a hard-working woman and he'd love to give her a helicopter ride as a gift.
  • Will again talked to Danielle about James' double-dipping alliances.  [Plant those seeds and see what may grow.]
  • Will told Mike that he had been up working until 5 AM. [Referring to staying up with Danielle, then Janelle. Will usually isn't a part of the Up All Night Crew. I should have figured he was working, not just being sociable.]
  • Will told Mike that he'd be riding Seabiscuit all the way to the end, but that he (Mike) must feed the horse. Janelle and Erika, I presume.
  • In their talk, it's clear that Will and Mike have their eyes on the final two for themselves.
  • They think that James should go this week, Erika or Danielle next week.
  • Will told Janelle (with Mike present) that they'll get rid of James this week, then he fears Danielle more. So, she would be next, followed by Erika. [Leaving the final four as Chicken George, Janelle, Will and Mike. An interesting group.]
  • Janelle thinks Danielle is an alcoholic as she either drinks or wants to drink every night. [She does drink too much in the house. Hopefully it's just due to the environment.]
  • They tie-dyed shirts. Woohoo! Clay and tie-dyed shirts… activities!
  • Mike Boogie reminded Janelle that James said he only voted for Howie so it looked good to the jury. [Now, that always seems odd at this point – the actual jury only consists of Marcellas and Howie.]
  • Janelle dyed Mike's hair and they think it turned out well.
  • Janelle said she was embarrassed that she had to wrestle a 30-year-old man over a doll in a competition.
  • Will and Janelle did their exercise walk and built a fantasy romance, marriage, and more. Like the Montagues and Capulets, Will said. An impossible romance.
  • Will, George, Danielle, Erika and Janelle were in the kitchen talking about James' saying that he thought Janelle stole wine. He had left a glass in the refrigerator and someone drank it. Danielle said she was offended by him saying Janelle drank it. [Should he have said Danielle drank it? Or has she fallen in with the turn Janelle's vote to James out bit? I'm not sure. It was bizarre.]
  • Erika and Mike Boogie kissed and snuggled in the HOH tub. Earlier, Will had told Mike he should have sex with Erika tonight. We'll see!
  • James told Danielle that Janelle took out all of his allies – she took out Kaysar, Howie and Marcellas. I don't think he meant Marcellas was one of his allies.
  • Erika (who is definitely tipsy) and Mike turned off the lights in the HOH bathroom. The feeds continued for a bit with audio, then to flames. When they came back on, the HOH bathroom lights were back on. Um… we'll leave things at foreplay. They talked about dating before entering the house.
  • In the midst of Erika's hands in his shorts, Mike yelled out, "Oh God, Kelly Clarkson!" [Get that restraining order NOW, Kelly. Before it's too late!]
  • Their tryst was interrupted by Janelle, Will and Danielle.
  • So, Erika and Mike headed to the bed. After more fooling around, they fell asleep.
  • Apparently Will and Janelle did a Diary Room session together.
  • All went to sleep except Janelle and Will up playing cards. Oh, wait, he's not playing cards – he's working.
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