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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Overnight Monday Through The Afternoon 8/21

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The house has changed so much since last Friday that it almost doesn't seem like the same folks living there. Between Howie's departure, Janelle's crisis followed by victory and James giving all the way in to his anger… it's not a happy place. Not at all.

Here are the events from the overnight hours in that Big Brother House of Taunting and Tantrums:

  • Janelle taught Will how to play chess, but cheated while she did it. He may be leading her on about not knowing the game as he knew she cheated.
  • Woogie offered George a deal to go in with them — they'd put him on the block with James, but James would be the target and no one would know they're working together.
  • Will wants to sell the house on the idea that George is going home while it will actually be James.
  • Mike wants to work with George mainly because he's about his only choice to go up with James.
  • George ended up agreeing to a one week limited deal. He goes on the block with James. James goes home. If George wins HOH next week, he won't put Woogie (Will and Mike) on the block.
  • Janelle told Woogie she didn't think she could vote out James because she promised him long ago that she wouldn't. She wants them to put Danielle on the block with him because she put Marcellas on the block for them.
  • Woogie told Janelle that it's certain that James is leaving.
  • Janelle wanted some kind of promise for her own safety if she votes out James.
  • Woogie talked about splitting money with Janelle (like they have with practically everyone in the house) and she doesn't know if they can be trusted. After all, according to her, she trusted them for four weeks and so much went wrong.
  • She told them she still feels bad about what they did to Howie.
  • Janelle finally agreed to vote James out after Will sweet-talked her some more. [He hinted that they're more than friends!]
  • Will told her he was playing the game coldly without emotion until she came along. [Eyeroll alert! Don't trust his puppy eyes!]
  • Danielle told Erika that no matter what she promised George, she will vote for him to go because she doesn't know his plans and doesn't want him messing up her game. [Jackie's note: It's also a good reason to vote for her boy James to stay.]
  • Danielle said that George is the most dangerous player in the game.
  • Will told Janelle he wants to be friends with her after September 24th (they haven't been told of the finale change to 9/12) and she feels the same.
  • George decided that if he was going to go on the block anyway, he might eat real food for four days and take the penalty nomination. [Hmmm… would that work? Or would someone else have to be nominated by Mike?]
  • Will once again offered to split winnings with Janelle. She didn't commit to anything.
  • Janelle told George that Danielle and James have been a team for a long time. [Duh! She should have noticed that a few weeks back!]
  • Shades of olden days, when Will and Janelle ran back and forth across the lawn to exercise, Big Brother informed them how many yard laps make a mile.
  • George told James that the game has changed since his season and it's ruthless now. He asked James why he's doing it again. James told him he thought it was fun last season.
  • Will complained that Big Brother wouldn't give him a sharp kitchen knife and he had to chop onions with a butter knife. "I promise I won't hurt anyone, Big Brother!"
  • James told George and Danielle he had planned to get really mean today and explode. He's still talking about wanting to read over his contract to find out his rights. Once he mentions contract – BOOM – blocked feeds! Earlier he had been talking lawyer once again.
  • Danielle told James he has to mend fences with Janelle before he leaves. She asked him if Janelle knew all the bad things Marcellas had said about her. Perhaps he could use that information to mend said fences.
  • Then James started talking as if he's staying and he discussed who he would nominate if he got HOH. Both he and Danielle (once again) say they'd backdoor Janelle.
  • While alone, Danielle addressed the Internet and Sarah, in particular. She said she loves James (not in a romantic way) and still wants to go to the final two with him.

Here are the events from Tuesday in that Big Brother House of Devious Dolts:

  • Shortly before 10 AM, Big Brother woke the houseguests up and told them the Power of Veto Ceremony would begin in two hours. [So, we can count on three hours.]
  • George weighed himself and came in at under 200 pounds. He's thrilled. That's so cool! He's lost over 20 pounds. BB Slop is good for something.
  • James was singing to himself that he gets to see the show's shrink and see his contract today.
  • James told Will that when he finished the show last year, a lot of people compared him to Will. [Gag me with a spoon, please.]
  • Will told James to be nice to Janelle the next few days. He also told him that Janelle plans on coming after CT for the Howie and Marcellas evictions. [That's one of the schemes/rumors he and Janelle were talking about planting. Y'see, you plant the seeds and watch them grow, you're going to end up reaping what you sow.]
  • Alone with Danielle, Will told her he had concerns about James stacking the jury, double-dipping in alliances and more. James had told Janelle he was sorry and supporting her while telling Will he hates her and wants her out — and Will knows both sides. [Well, just about everyone is double-dipping alliances, but James' lies strikingly similar to the present scenario is what did him in last year. The morale of the story? Lie wise, I guess.]
  • Danielle asked Janelle if she has talked to James and Janelle claimed "just in passing." Danielle told her she wants to patch their relationship. [Suuure…!]
  • Will went to Mike and told him that he planted the seed of distrust of James to Danielle.
  • The veto ceremony was held… late, of course. Janelle apologized to George because he'sl on the block when she saved herself with the veto.
  • Mike and Janelle talked about the truce Danielle offered Janelle. She told him it wasn't for just a week – it was a team-up.
  • Janelle told him that Danielle and Erika are going to target Chill Town (as James, Danielle and Erika told her). Both Mike and Janelle talked about how James must leave.
  • Danielle indeed brought the James double-dipping alliances conversation to Erika, just as Will knew she would.
  • Erika told Danielle that Janelle will vote out James because she has a new alliance. [Not sure if she meant the truce or George here.]
  • James told Erika and Danielle that this would be his only game talk this week – "If you want to keep me, keep me. If not, send me on to sequester."
  • James has been talking about seeing the show's shrink since he got up. He grabbed a doll (leftover from the comp) and yelled, "If I don't see a shrink soon, this doll will get it!"
  • Danielle told details from season three, for the 47th time.
  • After a backyard lockdown, they went inside to find the smaller table in the kitchen. About time.
  • Will asked Mike why Danielle wants George to leave so much. Mike said it was because she had alliances with everyone but him and she couldn't control him. [Yep, that's just about right!]
  • Will asked when they would tell Danielle about James leaving this week – Mike said they should before the eviction. He also said that Janelle cannot stay until the final three because she's so good in comps.
  • James told Danielle that Woogie wants Janelle out and they're lying about it.
  • Erika thinks America hates her.
  • Danielle told James doesn't believe the "Janelle is going after Chill Town" story.
  • When James asked Danielle if Woogie will keep him, she told him Erika would vote him out because he keeps switching sides.
  • When James said he wanted to talk to Erika, Danielle said she wanted to talk to her first.
  • James asked Janelle who she was voting for and she told him she would vote to keep him. [According to Will's scheme or really? Hmmm…]
  • James said that Mike has already lost jury votes, but if he goes to sequester he will vote for Will.
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