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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Sunday 8/20

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For what many considered a slow start this season, it sure has been a rollicking past few days, huh? I'm talking more specifically for the folks who watch the live feeds or those who follow them here and on other sites. It's hard to believe so much has happened in just three days – and we're talking only two full days! It's enough to make your head spin! Before I get into the full report of the overnight events, I just want to set a timeline of sorts because, if you blinked, you may have missed an important event.

Thursday night in the live show: George won HOH, had to immediately make nominations, chose James and Erika.

Thursday after the live show: James won POV and George put Howie on the block in his place.

Friday: Howie was evicted from the house and a new HOH Competition was won by Mike Boogie.

Saturday: Mike Boogie nominated Janelle and James. Janelle won POV.

Phew! Even if I don't like the turn of events or the houseguests winning or losing, I have to say it… it's interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Here are the events of the late night and overnight period after Janelle won the POV in that Big Brother House of Wayward Boys and Girls:

  • Danielle and Erika were in awe of Janelle's ability in competitions. Erika says she's not good with strategy, but her strength is in comps.
  • James was screaming, yelling, fussing, moaning. He said that Janelle cheated in the POV competition. According to him, they were told "no physical contact" and he claims Janelle stole the Marcellas doll out of his hand and yelled "Give me that!" [Jackie's note: I don't know if snatching the doll would constitute physical contact or not. It's contact with the doll, but not necessarily with James. It sounds like he should have had a better grip on it to me. Or, it's also possible that in the heat of the competition, things might not be as he thinks. Could they both have been reaching for the doll at the same time? He says he was reaching under her. Could she have seen him going for it and took it first? I don't know. The producers told him there is nothing on video that shows any rules broken.]
  • Danielle and Erika talked about approaching Janelle to team up against Chill Town.
  • Mike Boogie and Will seem to be absolutely fine with the Janelle win. They plan to vote out James.
  • Janelle said to Mike: "Did you see me take that doll right out of his hands?" So, she must have. But would it constitute any sort of violation? [Jackie's note: Again, my feeling is that it wouldn't be considered physical contact with James. He should have hung onto the doll if it was that important. If you're playing basketball, stealing the ball is part of the game. You have to be on guard and control the ball (doll). Physical contact is also disallowed in basketball, much like this BB comp.]
  • George thinks he did the right thing by making sure Janelle stayed in the house.
  • Danielle and Erika think George will go on the block and the vote will be to send James packing. They both think that George has teamed up with Janelle. (They're right.)
  • Danielle thinks if the vote could be 2-2, Mike would have to do the dirty work and be the one to alienate jury votes. She thinks he'd vote out James.
  • Will told Janelle he's just trying to make "good TV." But he's very happy with her win.
  • Will told Janelle that George will go up and they'll tell the "others" that he's leaving, but it's James who will go home – implying that Mike would break a tie and vote out James.
  • James is still fusssing and throwing himself around on the bed, bending everyone's ear with how he's been wronged. Danielle, George and Erika took turns listening to him and letting him vent. He's repeating the same stuff again and again – complaining that Janelle wins everything, fussing about the Prom Queen vote, saying the game is rigged and Janelle is more important to them than he is, on and on. And on.
  • At times James' voice breaks and it's evident that he's doing all he can to keep from crying. [Jackie's note: As much as I think that whatever Janelle did in the POV will be considered within rules, I'd probably pout like James myself if it were me. I think he knows that the POV was something he had to win to stay in, so it was important he do so… and he didn't. Is his fate sealed?]
  • Up in the HOH bathroom, Will and Mike were talking about voting James out this week… until James came to the door. Then they were agreeing with him what a "[bleepin'] ho" Janelle was and how James got screwed. When James went away, they both talked again about how he must go.
  • George told Janelle that people (James?) were mad at him because he didn't backdoor her, but he's glad she's still in the house.
  • Erika and Danielle push for a meeting with the producers to clear up the POV comp issues. Meanwhile, BB called the houseguests into the Diary Room one by one to discuss it. James wasn't in there even two minutes. [Jackie's note: I can't help but think that his behavior over this might make him his own worst enemy in getting his point (if he has one) across.]
  • Danielle is frazzled. She told George she's spent and just wishes she could go home. [Jackie's note: Danielle's a toughie. She'll get her second wind, I'm sure. It's been a rough few days for all the houseguests… except maybe Woogie.]
  • Janelle is a bit afraid to be near James – she knows he's viciously angry at her. Meanwhile, James claims he doesn't want to sleep in the same room with Janelle – probably a wise decision.
  • Will regarding James: "When he doesn't get his way, he's like an angry four-year-old boy pumped up on PEZ."
  • Will and Janelle talked about being friends after the show. He said he talked to Kaysar pre-season, but Janelle said it must have been a "loose agreement" to work with him. Will admitted it was.
  • Will also said the Erika made a lot of pre-season agreements with people and has a hard time covering "everyone's back."
  • Will and Janelle talked about how obvious the James/Danielle alliance is as well as James' bad acting abilities. [Jackie's note: But… but… James said in the DR what a great acting job he was doing!]

That's where we stand as I post this report. It seems unlikely that the POV will be re-done. It doesn't seem that James has any case in his gripe or something would have been done about it by now. Janelle won the POV and James will just have to carry on and get working on securing votes to stay if he can.

Part 2:

Here are the events from the daytime hours in that Big Brother House of Woe-Is-Me Whiners and Wacky Winners:

  • First, let me say that today is a bit of a replay from the overnight hours for the most part. Although I may be showing my age, I'm reminded of the old Herman's Hermits song with the line, "Second verse, same as the first!"
  • The producers have apparently told the houseguests that they will NOT be re-doing the POV competition and the results stand.
  • James is bitter about it all and the game itself. He's a broken record going on about Janelle cheating and how the producers like her better than they like him. [Jackie's note: Another age clue – I'm reminded of Tom and Dickie Smothers with their "Mom always liked you best!" routine.]
  • Danielle asked James who he thinks Janelle will go after. He told her Chill Town and Erika. Then he added that she (Janelle) has lost four votes in this fiasco. [Editor's note: But she's still in the house. She would have NO votes if she gets evicted… duh, James!]
  • When Danielle asked him who Mike Boogie is putting in Janelle's place, he thinks it will be George and hopes it's not Erika.
  • James is pretty sure that Janelle's vote will be to evict him no matter who goes on the block with him. "She's been gunning for me since the first week."
  • BB had to remind the houseguests dozens of times not to talk about their Diary Room sesssions. Between that talk and the fussing about the producers, we're getting blocked a lot.
  • Shades of Will, Danielle's been doing her own shmoozing of the other houseguests. She's good at it, but I think Will has the edge. It comes across looking like damage control since she's likely to lose her ally James.
  • Danielle and James both want George to go up on the block with James. Both (yes, James, too) think that it's probably a given that James will be voted out. Except for fussing about producers, James is doing no campaigning to stay at this time and his behavior seems to have many houseguests either walking on eggshells around him or avoiding him altogether.
  • Mike Boogie and Will aren't committing to putting any specific person up on the block at this time.
  • Janelle said James is a whiner and Will agreed and added, "It's pathetic."
  • Even Danielle has told James and others that they have to move on – "It is what it is."
  • Danielle told George that she thinks "America's favorite is Janelle." (George asked her the question, she didn't just bring it up this time.) She also told him that she thought he's probably very popular, too. She doesn't think she herself is popular.

And that's about it. James has been hiding under covers sulking as of late and things are basically small-talk chitchat.

Part 3:
Before I go into what's been happening on the feeds, I want to touch on a few things from tonight's show as the feeds were blocked for the competitions and such.

The POV comp that James won reminded me of one of the ones from another season – using items from past comps to retrieve a key. Instead of shackles, they were in cages for the one I'm thinking about. While he complained about how Howie and Janelle reacted to wins, James did the same exact thing. Oh, I would, too. You can't win something without gloating just a bit, can you?

In a way, I can't blame George for his decision, although I think it would have been nice if he had informed Howie so that he wasn't blindsided. We didn't see that meeting awaiting the POV in the Red Room, but heard a few mentions of it later on the feeds.

Howie did go out very badly. Sigh. I'm not one for any sort of physical violence, but I couldn't help but notice how tough-guy-talk Mike is when he's surrounded by folks while being filmed. He knew Howie wouldn't hit him and he egged it all on. Too much testosterone goin' on, boys! At least Danielle just jumps up and down and punches air. Sheesh. James and Janelle were the only votes for Howie to stay. Janelle's vote was the only sincere one – James had said on the feeds that he was going to vote thinking of the jury.

The talk on the feeds was right about the HOH being humiliating to the houseguests. As a matter of fact, I didn't care so much for either of the comps themselves tonight. It looks like they were slapped up without much creativity or thought process behind them. I hope that's not an indicator of the remaining comps this season. Oh… and Mike acted way too weird after winning, but did you notice Erika jumping up and straddling him? Or Danielle running to hug him? So much for those folks claiming that S6 showing off their alliances, eh?

One more note: I don't like Mike. I didn't like him in his season; I don't like him now. But James annoys me, too. Both are overbearing so-and-so's!

Oh, well. Onto the afternoon's happenings in that Big Brother House of Misplaced Distrust:

  • James slept. James hid under blankets. James sulked. James ranted about producers and Janelle. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.
  • Will begged BB to give them something to do. [Jackie's note: That's lacking this season. They have cards and checkers, both of which are boring to watch on the feeds. But, dang… give them a crafts project or something.]
  • James refused to wear his microphone because he's "not a part of the show."
  • Will started kicking a ball around the house for something to do and managed to kick himself in the leg. Drama!
  • Danielle once again told James he has to move on when he started complaining to her about the POV again.
  • James said he wants to see a copy of his contract to see if/how much money he'd lose if he just turns in his DOR and leaves the house. [Jackie's note: A DOR is a voluntary exit from the game. Technically, as Mike told James during one of his fussings, you can turn the handle on the panic door and leave at any time. They can't go out the front door, but there is an emergency exit.]
  • James thinks he'll be destroyed in the editing and Janelle will be the Princess.
  • Erika slept most of the day.
  • James doesn't think Erika's website has as many hits as his website does. [Jackie's note: Erika was last on the show two seasons ago!]
  • Woogie, for reasons only known by themselves, lied to Erika and Danielle claiming that Marcellas got the money and plasma TV in that graveyard comp.
  • James has talked to Janelle yet. He's yelled to her and about her, but no talk.
  • They have the chess game, so Will decided to learn how to play.
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