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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Wednesday And Overnight Into Thursday 8/17

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A few rather important things happened in the morning hours:

  • Now it turns out the houseguests were only speculating about votes being cast today. They now think they'll be cast live again tomorrow. Dang, if they are guessing, they should tell us feed-watchers it's a guess!
  • George told Danielle and Mike (separately) he will be voting for Erika to stay.
  • James hinted that he'll also vote for Marcellas to go despite all his talk at… er, to… Janelle last night.
  • George asked Mike Boogie what it would take to join Chill Town.
  • They're already fussing about hunger. It's their only Slop Day this week.

Okay, this isn't a day to mark down as one of the most exciting days in Big Brother history, so get that idea out of your heads right now! I've been watching Janelle put away laundry, Marcellas fussing with his nails, and LOD playing cards. Eep. At least the live show tomorrow should be very interesting, huh?

Here are the late afternoon and into the evening happenings from that Big Brother House of Shomances and One Namby-Pamby Blonde:

  • Will thinks sequester may be in Mexico again because BB asked for his passport and birth certificate.
  • They seemed to have made some sort of compromise with BB regarding food or alcohol for tonight. We got flame/clouds, but they were talking compromise and thanking BB upon our return to the feeds.
  • James and Danielle talked – he said he stepped up to the plate to save her and wonders who Erika will target if she's saved. Danielle is very pro-Erika and told him "you men have to sit down and get this decided." Either they do it or they don't. [Jackie's note: And, it is what it will be!]
  • James told Woogie they really have to step up and win a HOH. [Jackie's note: Why? What they're doing seems to be working fine for them so far!]
  • Mike Boogie said if his secret power can do it, he wants to evict Janelle. If she doesn't go this week, he feels he and James will be on the block next week.
  • Will told James he should go to Janelle and tell her he changed his mind – Marcellas must go. He also told him to tell her he talked to Boogie and there is no alliance with Erika.
  • Will told Howie "we" (as in Howie and Janelle) have the power and the votes. He told him, "Ideally, Marcellas goes, then James goes next."
  • Howie voiced concern it was all a grandmaster plan to get rid of him and Mike Boogie told him it wasn't – he's not a target. [Jackie's note: But do you believe Woogie? Can you? Should you?]
  • Mike told him not to worry about Erika – he's not falling in love and… "bros before hos." Yipes!
  • Howie now wants Marcellas out tomorrow… again.
  • Will told Janelle he wants Erika to stay. When she said she was worried about Erika nominating her and Howie next week, Will said Erika promised to throw the comp and will not even try to be HOH. He told her he doesn't trust Marcellas, but he would do what she wants him to do. [Jackie's note: As long as what she wants him to do is what he wants her to do.]
  • Lots of talk about past seasons as they waited for the Magic Hour of Real Food (except George). Marcellas is noticeably staying alone a lot. Oh… someone said Holly from BB5's voice was really like that. Eek!
  • It's looking like Marcellas is a Dead Man In Bathrobe Walking… or sitting.

Paging Doctor Delicious, I want some action!

Chicken George and Will were the artistes putting dye stripes in Howie's hair, as well as a moustache. Mike Boogie was the technician with the blow dryer. Supposedly, this look will be on tonight's live show, although Howie isn't too thrilled with the 'stache.

Here are the overnight events from that Big Brother House of Hen-headed Hamsters:

  • After burning the Jenga game, Will wanted to burn the Jack Shack.
  • James and Danielle talked. They think Woogie is running too many scams. Danielle told James he should tell them his plans. They also arranged a signal to give each other during the live vote. Danielle said she had to talk to them and if she votes out Marcellas, everyone has to vote him out.
  • Since they'll vote as a group, James' vote will be very evident if he votes with Howie (to keep Marcellas).
  • Danielle then said if a vote is off, they can blame Chicken George because he promised both his vote. [Jackie's note: I don't think he promised Marcellas anything and he only seemed to say "okay" to Erika without really saying he'd give her the vote for sure.]
  • Then they all decided Danielle will vote out Erika to keep her word while George, Will, Mike, and James will vote out Marcellas.
  • James wants Danielle to throw the HOH comp to him.
  • Several mentioned Mike Boogie's "special power" but none know exactly what it is – it seems to be a given amongst the house that he won it (the Coup d'Etat). [Jackie's note: I really don't think the order of the clues makes a difference, I really don't.]
  • James told Howie he looks like a gay 1970s hedgehog with his new hairdo.
  • Janelle is still pushing for the vote out to be Erika, while Woogie wants Marcellas out.
  • James suggested a fake fight between Janelle and Woogie. Then, when Marcellas is voted out, she can act all betrayed.
  • Will, Janelle, and Howie studied for the HOH comp. [Jackie's note: Janelle won't be allowed to compete as she's HOH now, but she always studies anyway.]
  • Janelle told Howie he looks horrible.
  • Marcellas fussed that he hates being in the house, but he was supposed to win. [Jackie's note: According to who?]
  • Howie said he and James are voting Erika out.

At this time, the vote looks like it should be 4-2 for Marcellas to be evicted. Howie may or may not have a moustache and may or may not try to change his hair to look human once again.

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