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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Sunday 8/13 Into The Night

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I'm surprised the houseguests aren't just a wee bit hungover today. I know I would be if I drank so much and acted a bit on the crazy side. I'd either be hungover or hiding from embarrassment. Ah, but I'd never choose to be in the house in the first place, so…!

Here are the events of the day from the Big Brother House of Wining While Whining:

  • They slept in until past 11 AM (PDT) and BB seemed to let them do so by not blasting them with music by 10 AM. Only Danielle was up doing housework for the "early" part of the morning. Read "early" as around 9:30 or 10.
  • Will and Danielle talked. She said she "can't" vote Chicken George out, so she'd have to vote Erika if he goes up in her place on the block. [Jackie's note: Good. She's keeping her word to George. Danielle has a track record for being honest once she gives her word. She told Kaysar she was going to put him on the block and more.]
  • Will told Janelle James is in an alliance with Danielle… again. It looks like he's trying to get her to put James on the block in place of Danielle. [Jackie's note: I don't think he really cares who goes in the long run, as long as it isn't a Woogie! He may be worried Janelle is considering putting Mike on the block, so he's for the replacement to be James, George, Marcellas…]
  • Howie thinks James should go. "He [BLEEPED] us yesterday, he'll do it again!" [Jackie's note: Will they trust him again tomorrow?]
  • Will told Janelle she should use the HOH Spy Screen to watch for James plotting with Danielle. All the time he's talking with her, he's acting nervous and acting as though his only concern is her safety – he'll go along with whatever decision she makes. [Editor's note: Dang, he's so good at this. Tell them what they want to hear, be their new best friend, and some are so gullible… they'll believe anything you say. After all, he's your new Best Buddy!]
  • Howie, Janelle, and Will talk about making a deal with Erika with the intention of putting James on the block as the target.
  • We got flame/clouds feeds-blocking when Howie said he told the producers he didn't want to be in the house with James.
  • Then Mike Boogie steps in and convinces Janelle they need James for the numbers. Argh!
  • Mike Boogie ran to James and Danielle to tell them he got Janelle NOT to put James on the block. He coached James what to say when he's confronted by CT and S6. Double-argh!
  • James blatantly lied (as expected) about working with Danielle. [Jackie's note: Not that I would expect him to admit it. Admitting it would be the nail in the coffin for him.] He also claimed he made an innocent error in the recent POV comp; he didn't throw it.
  • And, guess what? "I'm just a buxom blonde" Janelle bought it hook, line, and sinker! Sheesh. Where is her mind this season? How can she be so blind to what's going on? ::thumping head on keyboard::
  • Now the talk swung back to putting Marcellas on the block. [Jackie's note: I could deal with that. He's not fun to watch this season and seems miserable most of the time. But, I think taking out James would be a good strategical move for Janelle. He's got secret and not-so-secret alliances going with everyone in the house and no one really trusts him.]
  • Howie told Janelle she's a pushover. He's right.
  • Janelle didn't commit to putting up Marcellas. She said she would think about it.
  • Howie and Janelle told James not to sell them out for Danielle. Janelle told him that the DR compared Danielle to Maggie. [Jackie's note: Whether that's true, I don't know. I do know I like and respect Danielle as a gameplayer in the house more than I ever did Maggie.]
  • Meanwhile, Woogie told Danielle how much they're for her and support her in the game. [Jackie's note: Now, don't tell me she buys their lies, don't even go there! It's bad enough Janelle is blind, we don't need Danielle bumping into her in the dark cover that is Chill Town. Keep in mind, I think Will is the best player ever in the house. But Danielle, in my opinion, was second to Will. Hmmm…]
  • James reported back to Woogie that Janelle believed everything they and he said. [Jackie's note: Emphatic eye rolls at the Gullible!]
  • Will told Mike Boogie if Danielle gets HOH next week, they'll have to save Janelle with the veto. [Jackie's note: I think they would like the Danielle/Janelle saga to continue. Heck, it takes the target off of them. But, it also may have to do with Janelle not planning to put Mike on the block this week.]

Here are the late afternoon and evening happenings from that Big Brother House of Wisftful Whiners and a Devil Doc:

  • James told Danielle he'd "bury the %#&$ and dance on her grave" – about Janelle. Then he added, "Except she'd have to be recycled because everything's so fake."
  • Erika told Danielle if the Coup d'Etat phrase is "you reap what you sow" she'll argue it because she never heard it. [Jackie's note: Remember, that wasn't the guess she made in the Diary Room on the show and they only get one shot at it. Although several discussed the saying when seeing the needle and thread (huge as they were), the guesses we saw on TV were made before the spool clue.]
  • Howie wanted Danielle to tell him what L.O.D. (Legion of Doom) means. She told him Love One Day as in Love One Day at a Time. [Jackie's note: Well, she was put on the spot! I'm sure she would have been more creative had she received some warning he was going to push for the meaning!]
  • James and Mike Boogie once again talked about dumping Janelle the first chance they get.
  • Howie got in his taunting mode, but not to the full hurricane. He told Erika, Chicken George, Danielle, and Marcellas they were the "True Four" in an alliance. Marcellas got very irked with him. Erika and Danielle were obviously a bit ticked. George just started singing "We All Live In The Big Brother House" to the tune of "Yellow Submarine" and then said "and one gets thrown out each week."
  • From a discussion Mike Boogie and Janelle had, it seems BB has clarified the rules of the Coup d'Etat for the house and emphasized it's a common saying that could be applied to Big Brother. That was part of the instructions all along, but the houseguests (like us) were a bit confused.
  • Janelle told Will Marcellas tried to make a deal with her to put up George or Mike this week and make a truce with Danielle and Erika. She says she didn't buy it.
  • Marcellas thinks the only ones in the game who are clean are Danielle, Erika and himself. [Jackie's note: Gotta roll the eyes. Gotta.]
  • Erika and Janelle talked about how innocent the shower escapade from last night was. [Jackie's note: Roll the eyes again!]
  • Will did a shout out to a friend asking him to call Erin (his girlfriend) to tell her nothing happened in the shower. Mike told him he didn't know if they controlled it anymore. [Jackie's note: The show? The game? Themselves?]
  • Howie and James started in once again on Janelle to put Marcellas on the block.
  • The third clue apparently showed up at the house – the Grim Reaper (who must've pointed at Danielle because she freaked out about it). Mike Boogie rang the bell for the Coup D'Etat and reported back all excited, sure he's won. [Jackie's note: Keep in mind that BB said they won't tell the winner he/she won until Thursday, so he's going on gut feeling,although, the Grim Reaper did clinch the Ewe Reap What You Sew, to spell it according to the clues. He's probably right if he's the first one in with that guess.]
  • Erika and Danielle are really angry with themselves for guessing after the first clue.
  • Janelle told Marcellas "the others" want him put up as a pawn. He's upset. He says if he's put up, he'll be voted out. [Jackie's note: And, he's probably very right.]
  • Danielle and Marcellas think Janelle told Marcellas her strategy for extra votes on the jury. [Jackie's note: Hmmm… that starts after the 5th week, right?]
  • Marcellas thinks Woogie getting the Coup d'Etat is the worst imaginable scenario.
  • Will buttered up Janelle a bit more with his Will-ful Ways… trying to talk her into putting Marcellas on the block. [Jackie's note: He always has a motive, but he sweet-talks his way to his point, all around it, and back to the point again.]
  • Mike Boogie worked the Put Marcellas Up bit with Janelle, too. He isn't as good at shmoozing as Will is, though.
  • Mike Boogie offered James a job at one of his restaurants.

That's where we stand as I get this posted. It looks like Mike Boogie most likely won the Coup d'Etat, Janelle hasn't made a decision regarding who to put on the block when Danielle (most likely) saves herself tomorrow with the POV, and Will is still working his wonders telling everyone what they want to hear. Amazing.

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