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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Saturday Night Into Sunday 8/13

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With this season's latest "throw under the bus" claims, I can't help but wonder about the poor bus driver of this Bus o' Death with all these houseguests getting thrown under his vehicle harum-scarum. He'll probably need to take an early retirement. "Every time I drive my route in Studio City, I'm hitting pedestrians! I don't know where they're coming from; it's like they're falling from the sky! Or, like a giant force just throws them under my bus! I have to quit! I can't take it anymore!"

What? You came here to read about last night's events in the house? You didn't come here to listen to me ramble on about silliness. Eep! Onto the happenings from that Big Brother House of Shomances On Exhibition:

  • Howie irked Erika by talking about her previous boyfriends from BB – Robert (her ex on Ex-Factor season) and Josh (season 1). Josh was in the BB Seance on last week's live show. "No more ex-boyfriends, please Big Brother," Erika shouted.
  • George prepared about every steak west of the Rockies for dinner, planning a huge BB BBQ.
  • BB gave them alcohol, so they imbibed like the predictable little hamsters they are.
  • Danielle and Erika discussed the possibility that Janelle might be willing to have a truce, but Erika thinks not. I think not, too.
  • James said, "Both sides have a retard, Howie and Chicken George." [Editor's note: And some folks wonder why I don't like James, eh? That's an example of his mean ways.]
  • Danielle got drunk, James wanted her to stay away from the others so she wouldn't pull a "Mike Boogie" referring to the night he got drunk and made everyone angry.
  • James, Erika, Marcellas and Danielle spent a long time trashing Janelle. [Editor's note: It's as if they have a quota of time they must spend every day doing so – it's always the same old trashtalking and slamming, nothing new or exciting.]
  • Danielle tried to figure out a way to get Howie because she feels that he makes Janelle strong.
  • Will told James that they have to get rid of Janelle because "she's flirting with me and putting a huge target on me." [Editor's note: Sure, Will.]
  • Erika decided that they (floaters) were evil, they're the villains, woohoo!
  • After George cooked for them all, James said, "He's so [bleeping] annoying. Can we throw him on the grill and eat walrus tomorrow?" [Editor's note: See. He's just plain mean. I understand playing the game, but there's a cruelness in his words. George has done nothing to him.]
  • Erika is a loud and brazen drunk. Not pretty. She was yelling for them to come and get her because she's on the block.
  • Janelle said that she actually liked April – that she (A) just "fell in with the wrong crowd." [Editor's note: I've also heard Howie mention that he's seen and talked to April since last season. Out of the house does seem to be a different reality.]
  • Woogie says they want to go on The Amazing Race and win twice as much.
  • Will told Danielle not to worry, they took care of POV for her and will take care of this, too. I assume he means they'll work to make sure she's not evicted. But they also have an Erika connection (Mike), so I would guess the pawn (George?) will be their target. Dang, I hope that Janelle changes her mind and puts up James or Marcellas!
  • Danielle suggested sacrificing Erika now and Will said okay. [Editor's note: But do we believe him? I don't!]
  • Janelle got drunk. [Editor's note: Oh, why do these fools just keep on drinking that alcohol? Maybe I'm just old, but I know that alcohol isn't conducive to thinking or planning. It's better to be the one NOT drunk and pick up on what the others do or say.]
  • Audio from Erika in the Diary Room came through the feeds. She was offering to flash the BB person for more wine and he said not to do so. [Editor's note: @@ – yes, I didn't break my eyerolling… yet.]
  • Erika and Janelle, drunk in the hot tub, tried to convince Will to take off his shorts. He declined.
  • Both Erika and Janelle were more than flirting with Will – he actually looked a bit panicked. It's a hoot when Will doesn't quite know how to cope with a situation. And, in this case, it was two drunk women almost ready to molest him.
  • "But… but… I'm dating someone!" cried Will.
  • The girls try to drag Will with them in the dark HOH room. Mike got all into it and started to take off his shorts, but Erika told him not to. They wanted Will! Will kept coming out of the shower stall as if to show he still had his shorts on and would not be seduced by two crazy drunken women. Finally BB made them turn the lights back on.
  • Uh-oh. There is now whipped cream and um… body licking. [Editor's note: Covering my eyes.] Janelle wants Will to lick whipped cream off of her, Erika licked the cream off Mike. [Hiding my eyes again.]
  • They're all egging Will on – they want him to kiss Janelle.
  • Will tried to get out of it… "But I'm a bad kisser! You don't want me to kiss you!"
  • Finally they gave up, leaving Will alone in the shower.
  • He then told Janelle that "This is one of life's awkward moments. You just don't know what to say."
  • He told Erika to go to the Diary Room to do "damage control." He seems really embarrassed.
  • Erika and Mike Boogie snuggled and kissed again. It's very apparent that they do indeed have a pre-show relationship.
  • James thinks he's been nice all season. [Editor's note: @@]
  • Will, Howie and Janelle call their alliance "The Perfect Storm." [Editor's note: I think the whole house should name their alliance as the Sub-Alliances or something.]
  • Will pried James for information and played into what James wants by saying they had to get Janelle out because she's too smart. [Editor's note: That's what Will does best – he gets information for his own game by telling others what they want to hear and they just eat it up. Amazing.]
  • Danielle said she couldn't sleep because George was "calling hogs" – snoring – by her bed.
  • Will flirted with Janelle, for his own personal game, of course. He doesn't know what to do when it all gets turned on him. But when he controls the flirting, he's fine with it.
  • Howie asked Janelle if she has a deal to take Marcellas to the end and she told him she didn't.
  • Janelle now thinks that James is working with Danielle… again. Let's see if she changes her mind again tomorrow.
  • Howie thinks that George has never voted the way he said he would. [Editor's note: Not true. When George has given his word, he's stuck with it. He just didn't commit to others.]
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