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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Saturday 8/12

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Onto the events of Saturday from that Big Brother House of Revolving Door Power:

  • Danielle and James were the first awake, just before 10 AM their time. They tried to figure the votes and decided that Danielle would probably be voted out unless they can get POV.
  • A bit before 10 AM, BB announced that the Veto Competition would start in 90 minutes. [Editor's note: Let's time BB!]
  • Will complained that a 30-minute wake-up warning would work perfectly fine – they needn't be awakened so early. [Editor's note: @@ Ten o'clock is not early!]
  • Will told BB via the cameras that if he's not chosen to play for Veto, they better find him something to do. After all, they woke him up early. [Editor's note: @@]
  • Erika, Danielle, James, Marcellas, and Will are the Veto Players. Marcellas told Erika he'd save her if he wins.
  • Marcellas and Janelle had a huge verbal brouhaha (I just like to say "brouhaha" whenever I can, humor me). He screamed at her that everyone knew the HOH Comp was rigged for her to win and on and on. And on. He told her he's never said anything bad about her. [@@ – BOLD eyeroll] Janelle went back at him that he didn't play the veto to help her. He claimed that their alliance (his and Janelle's) is all he has and they were to go to the end together. He also told her that Danielle has James in her pocket. [Editor's note: Hey, Mister… I got a snake in my pocket. Wanna hear it hiss?] Then he told her James has a deal with Woogie, too! [Editor's note: Listen to him this once, Janelle.]
  • They hug and say they love each other. [@@]
  • At about 1:15 PM PDT, the feeds blocked for the POV Comp that BB slated for 11:30 AM. See! I told you!
  • Danielle won Veto and Janelle's mad at James for somehow protecting Danielle in the Veto.
  • James told Janelle she's in his alliance and he wouldn't lie to her. [@@ If I keep rolling my eyes, I'm going to get a headache.]
  • James accused Janelle of lying to him and giving other people information before telling him. Howie tried to calm both down.
  • Meanwhile, Marcellas is telling Erika and Danielle that James is in cahoots with Woogie.
  • It seems April, Jack and Scott were part of the Veto Comp.
  • Janelle had warned George last night that he may be put on the block if the Veto saves a nominee. It seems they're still leaning that way. They counted the votes they'd have to evict Erika.
  • Janelle mentioned that Erika seemed happy that Danielle won Veto – was she (Erika) stupid? — Janelle asked that, not me.
  • Woogie is trying to do damage control and have anyone but Chill Town on the block. They claim no one would vote for George to leave. [Editor's note: They would vote him out in a second to save Erika!]
  • Woogie are still pushing the Marcellas angle, too.
  • Will said Erika had to see the show's shrink due to losing the HOH on a technicality.
  • Howie told Janelle that if they put up Marcellas while their target is Erika, if it doesn't work, they get rid of Marcellas. He doesn't want to "lose George in an accident."
  • Danielle, meanwhile, is trying to figure out how to save Erika.
  • Will schmoozed Janelle once again. He can get her every time, can't he?
  • Marcellas told Danielle all about his fight with Janelle. [@@!!]
  • Danielle told Mike and James that Marcellas told her all about his fight with Janelle. [@@!!!!]
  • Will promised Janelle he'll try hard and not throw HOH comps from now on. [@@]
  • Will told James that Janelle doesn't want to be in the finals with George. [Editor's note: Who would? George is about the only person in the house who treats all with respect and doesn't lie or scheme.]
  • Ohhh… a new clue in the backyard for the Coup d'Etat! The new clue is a huge spool of rope/thread (sort of like cable spools) and a needle. Okay, combine that with the ewe or sheep. HG are coming up with "Ewe reap what you sew." "Wolf in sheep's clothing." (As are many commenters.)
  • Janelle told Chicken George that she's going to put him up as a pawn. ARGH. That ARGH is me. Sigh. So is the sigh.
  • Will told Janelle to put him (Will) up… again.
  • Will and Janelle hope they'll get a date for an America's Choice vote.
  • Erika told Marcellas that she has a feeling they'll put up Mike Boogie in Danielle's place.

My eyes hurt. I rolled them too much. Wah. I want to see the BB Blog Shrink!

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