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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Overnight Into Thursday 8/10

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Today the houseguests should be occupied cleaning the house for the live show, thinking about their live vote and you would think they'd want to be well-rested for the upcoming Head of House competition.

Not this crowd! Go to bed early? Be alert and be prepared? Now, that's just a silly thought!

Here are the late night and overnight events from that Big Brother House of Stay Up 'Til The Rising Sun:

  • Janelle and Kaysar figured out that Marcellas and Danielle are working together. [Editor's note: Why aren't these two picking up on more clues? What's with them this year? Do they have to have a huge cohesive group near them to see alliances?]
  • On the other hand, now they think James isn't working with Danielle once again. [Editor's note: Ack. I have to @@ roll those eyes. I just do!]
  • Janelle, Kaysar and Howie noticed a rat from the Slop Competition was in the tarantula cage. They decided not to tell anyone. Will had put it in there earlier just to see who'd notice or say something.
  • James fussed to Kaysar that he (James) would be going home because everyone liked Kaysar more. [Editor's note: Don't quit your day job, James.]
  • Marcellas and Erika tried to figure out how many votes they'd each have from the jury. [Editor's note: As if they've made it that far. As if!]
  • Woogie (Will/Mike) talked to Janelle and Kaysar. Kaysar was trying to press for them to commit to voting to keep him, but they told them they have to think about things more and asked for time.
  • Mike trusts Danielle. [Editor's note: Silly man-boy.]
  • Will trusts both Danielle and Janelle in addition to his Best Boy Boogie.
  • Mike/Will asked Howie how Chicken George is voting and Howie told them when he asks, George says, "That's top secret, Howie!" [Editor's note: Good, George. As it should be.]
  • Howie also told them that Chicken George warned him to be wary of Chill Town. [Editor's note: Argh! Howie! Loose lips and sunken ships and all that stuff!]
  • Will and Mike continue their obvious-to-us fake alliance with Janelle and Kaysar. [Editor's note: Is it fake? I think so. I think their allegiance for their own needs in the game has switched over to Danielle.]
  • But… then… they (Woogie) talked about hand signals for the voting during the live show and… they talked of throwing the HOH comp to Janelle after hanging in there a while. They want either Janelle or Howie to win HOH so Marcellas and Danielle will "freak out."
  • Marcellas told Erika and Danielle that Janelle was "toast."
  • James called the floaters "furniture."
  • Howie, Janelle and Kaysar stayed up studying for HOH Comp questions.
  • They wished Kaysar a happy birthday before trying to get some sleep.
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