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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Tuesday Daytime Into The Night 8/08

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Here are the daytime events in that Big Brother House of Swelling Egos and a Flatulent Floater:

  • This morning Danielle and Mike Boogie talked about Kaysar. She said he can't be honorable if he lies and that she told him "expect the unexpected" just to throw him off.
  • She also told him that she's the "mole" in the floaters and James is her "mole" for S6.
  • Danielle also mentioned talking to James about the show pre-show. [Editor's note: But we knew that. James seems to have called many of the HG pre-season. Interesting, eh?]
  • She said Kaysar thinks the vote will be 3-3 and she'll keep him. She told Will/Boogie not to tell their votes to anyone – let it be a secret.
  • Danielle, James and Mike Boogie spent a chunk of time trashtalking Janelle. Oh, well… not unexpected.
  • Mike continued to lie about his actual winnings from the POV comp. I guess we'll see tonight why they don't seem to know what each other won.
  • James said he'd been setting Janelle up for the fall for weeks.
  • Danielle and James think the vote will be 5-1 for Kaysar to leave.
  • Erika begged Big Brother for food. I mean BEGGED. She's cracking.
  • Will wants BB to give them a puppy. Or a dolphin. Um… okay.
  • After an outdoor lockdown, BB had been up to stuff. One of the devil duckies is missing off the wall in the bathroom and the camera kept focusing on the spot where it had been.
  • Will/Boogie whispered in the storeroom about "we'll just tell her we had to change our vote. James is too big of a threat." [Editor's note: Aha! Aha!]
  • Another cam started zooming in on the tarantula cage and a nearby sign said "Do Not Open" and the side door of the cage seems to be open. [Editor's note: Arachnids on the run! They want out of the drama!]
  • Janelle told Howie she can't play for Veto next week. Something to do with POV, I assume. It might be something she gave up to win. She asked him not to tell anyone. So… shhh… folks, don't tell anyone!
  • So, then she told Kaysar.
  • George said his chicken necklace is missing. [Editor's note: Duh, houseguests! You're all so wrapped up in strategies that you're not noticing BB did STUFF! Sheesh!]
  • Danielle, Marcellas, and Erika studied for the HOH comp (thinking it's due to be questions) much like Howie and Janelle are always studying.
  • Janelle swore revenge on Danielle.

Well, now that the show aired the POV Comp, it's easy to see how the houseguests weren't sure who won what. In a way, it was rather eerie with the graveyard set-up, but I think it was an excellent competition set to instill distrust and uneasiness over the house. As if they didn't have enough of distrust and uneasiness! And, now you can see why I was confused from what they were saying in the house about who won what.  And, I also see why Danielle was repeatedly muttering about "idiots" and "stupid people" while in solitary. 

Here are the events from Tuesday late afternoon and into the evening from that Big Brother House of Loose-Lipped Liars and Ne'er-do-wells:

  • Despite the devil duckie gone missing, George's chicken necklace vanished and the tarantula cage open… these houseguests haven't really thought of anything except the game. [Editor's note: @@ Eyeroll alert! In past seasons, they looked for whatever BB may have done while they were in outdoor lockdown. Now they're just all hung up in their own dreamworld strategies.]
  • Danielle told James she didn't intend to backdoor Kaysar.
  • Mike Boogie and Janelle talked about Howie not winning comps and Mike asked if it were between them (M & J), should he throw it to her? She told him no – she'd give it to him, but they must go after Danielle.
  • George warned Howie to "watch out for the boys." When George asked Howie why Will doesn't get nominated, Howie told him it was because he throws comps and isn't seen as a big threat. [Editor's note: Will won his season and threw every comp. Nuff said.]
  • Janelle told Will she would date him. His reply? "I would, too."
  • Will told Janelle that he's "honest to a fault in this game." [Editor's note: COUGH.]
  • Janelle told Will that Erika was working Boogie every minute. He replied, "He's solid, we're solid." [Editor's note: Does Janelle have a problem with women? Is Marcellas right in that Janelle wants to be the only woman in the house? Hmmm…]
  • Howie visited the Jack Shack… again. He is NOT the Master of his Domain.
  • James told Danielle that Kaysar indeed fought to save Erika. Danielle had thought that Kaysar lied about that.
  • Erika isn't "working" anyone this evening that I can see. She's very lethargic. She's on slop and I don't think she's even eating much of that.
  • Janelle and Kaysar had a pillowfight. Now, there's fun. I guess. To me, it's only fun when feather pillows are used and they break open. I think I'm reliving my childhood. Nevermind.
  • Janelle is thinking of wearing her black dress for the live show as it will be a very black day.
  • James told Mike Boogie in his goodbye speech he plans to tell Kaysar, "I wanted to play as a team, but you [BLEEPED] me, so… goodbye!"

And so it goes on…

EEK!  An Other Worldly ALISON
<— This is the image frightening the houseguests as we get into the wee hours of Wednesday.  Erika first saw it and totally freaked out.  It's appearing from behind the mirrors.  She thought it was Alison with a flashlight under her chin.  Mike Boogie freaked out even more over it.

The brand new show promos talk about ghosts from previous seasons and it's started.

Now the houseguests are sure someone is coming back.

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