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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Monday Into Tuesday Morning 8/08

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Well, she did it. And, it is as it is.

At least Danielle was honest with Kaysar about her intentions. That's one good thing. Kaysar is now on the block with James after Janelle saved herself with the Veto. Sigh. I really want James to go, but I can see where others in the house may think they can use him more than Kaysar would allow himself to be.

So, with that thought in mind, it looks sort of grim for Kaysar. But, then again, I could be totally wrong. I hope so. I'd prefer to watch Kaysar being quiet than listening to James trashtalk others and complain all the time.

Mind you, if you're a James fan, I won't agree with you, but you have the right to cheer on whomever you like. One thing I've seen in the comments is that Janelle has been no more honest than James. James, not Janelle, has talked to everyone in the house about voting out S6 players… even before Janelle's nominations. He's been slowly betraying the alliance since he arrived in the house. No, they haven't totally trusted him either, but they didn't go to others saying they plan to evict him.

Ah, well… here are the events of the day from that Big Brother House of Cold Shoulders and Hot Jack Shacks:

  • James and Mike Boogie woke up rather early (for them) and noticed they were in an indoor lockdown with something going on in the backyard. Of course, BB had the shutters drawn, so they couldn't see.
  • James fussed to Mike that Kaysar and Janelle "gave away their strategies and put targets on our backs." [Editor's note: He's S6 for a pity party when he wants.]
  • James told Mike that everyone's sad that Kaysar is leaving. [Editor's note: Keep in mind this was way before the ceremony took place.]
  • Mike and Danielle talked. She said she's staying close to Marcellas so (paraphrasing) he won't go astray. Apparently she doesn't want him talking to people. They both said he doesn't lie, but he can be a jerk.
  • James used his phone call that he won in POV for a call from Sarah. He said she cried. [Editor's note: Maybe because she thinks he'll be home way too soon! I know, I'm bad. But I couldn't resist!]
  • Will and Mike Boogie don't think Erika can be trusted. They hatch a plan to tell her something to see if she runs to Danielle with it.
  • James said in idle conversation that "NYC is pretty much a Third World Country." [Editor's note: Racist much? Maybe if everyone was pale with a forehead the size of Ohio, he'd be a happy guy. Probably not.]
  • After a long period of flame/clouds, the POV Ceremony had finished and, indeed, Janelle saved herself (can't really blame her – she would have been evicted for sure had she remained on the block) – and Danielle nominated Kaysar in Janelle's place.
  • Danielle and James talked about what would happen if there is a tie. James wanted her to say she promised him she wouldn't vote him out, but she said she doesn't want to say anything about promises. James said something about the others will say "James had already written me off" plan that I personally don't understand. I think she just doesn't want to make promises to either James or Kaysar right now.
  • Danielle and James think that James has these votes to stay: Erika, Marcellas, Chicken George (Danielle said she talked to him). He wants to nullify Janelle's vote.
  • James thinks the plan (to evict Kaysar) will work better than any previous plan in BB history. [Editor's note: @@ Eyeroll alert!]
  • Danielle did a crying stint saying she felt bad for Kaysar, but it's business. [Editor's note: @@ Again!]
  • Despite the fact Kaysar said yesterday he wouldn't campaign… he talked to Erika who first said she didn't know how much difference her vote could make and then said something about she was worried "what she…" FLAME/CLOUDS due to singing on another feed. She didn't commit, but he pointed out several reasons she should vote to keep him over James.
  • The Kaysar campaigned to George.
  • Erika went crying to Marcellas and Danielle upset about her talk with Kaysar. She wanted to know if they were keeping the right one of the two. Marcellas and Danielle together tried to convince her Kaysar had to go. Then Marcellas left and Danielle told Erika that she won't tell anyone what she plans in case of a tie – she had told Kaysar that he just had to do what he had to do. And it is what it is.
  • Poor George. Everyone's making the rounds. He, so far, hasn't promised anything to anybody. He's thinking about it.
  • Mike Boogie told Kaysar they still plan to go to the Final Five with him.
  • Will shouted out to the Internet people that they wanted banner planes. BB cut him off when he started to give the address of the BB House.
  • Thanks to Will singing, the feeds kept cutting in and out as Erika talked to George. She's going to take him under wing and help him in comps and such? All I caught of a Kaysar/James mention was what a nice guy he is. So, they had to be talking Kaysar, but I don't know if either committed. [Editor's note: Although she seems like she will vote Kaysar for Danielle… though I'm beginning to wonder if Danielle really wants to keep James if there's a tie. Oh, I'm getting dizzy again!]

Phew! What a day!
Oh, things aren't looking too good for the Kaysar man, not at all. Unless the coup d'etat that Julie Chen hinted at happens affecting this eviction, he's most likely out the door once again.

Here are the more important schemings and dealings from last night and overnight from that Big Brother house of Turning Tides:

  • Will and Mike Boogie seem to think Kaysar will be going (and they were two votes some think will be for Kaysar).
  • They think it will be 5-1 for him to go with Janelle's vote nullified by James. Howie would be the one remaining vote.
  • James told Chicken George he wouldn't ask for votes, but he asks to do what's best for him (George) in the house. [Editor's note: Thus implying that he should vote with the house rather than from the heart.]
  • Some of the houseguests made a fake rock video with Howie on air drums. It was nice to see some laughs in the house.
  • Danielle and Erika decided that if someone were to come back, they'd want it to be Diane.
  • James fussed to Danielle that Kaysar went to Erika campaigning for a vote. [Editor's note: And, that's not allowed?]
  • BB gave George some Gas-X for his um… condition. The house will love it if it works.
  • Danielle and Erika said the show fans will hate them for taking out their favorite – Kaysar. [Editor's note: Maybe. We'll see. I personally think Danielle is playing the game well. Erika? I don't have her quite figured out yet.]
  • Kaysar talked to Mike Boogie about how he's ready to play due to recent events (nomination). Mike actually hedged and didn't commit to anything except that Kaysar would be tough to be against at the end. [Editor's note: Oh, Kaysar… Mike does NOT want you in the Final Two! Not that Mike will make it into the Final Two, mind you. He should be gone long before then, I would think.]
  • They headed towards bed rather early (not that they necessarily slept) – Danielle made a point to settle in the Bug Room with a group of the others. She has to keep tabs on folks, y'know!
  • Danielle and Marcellas say that Howie needs to grow up and stop becoming threatening each time noms don't go the way he wants.
  • Erika told Danielle that she thinks James should go on the block next week (again) and this time, be voted out. [Editor's note: Erika realizes he won't keep his word to anyone and is working all sides of the house. Not that she isn't doing the same, but at least she's not as blatant about it.]
  • Danielle is upset that "Kaysar has to leave." Although she put it all in motion, she honestly seems to like him a lot.

And there ya go…

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    Has any houseguests had sex on BB?

  • Not this season although neither Howie nor Mike are Masters of their Domains. They have a Jack Shack – a pool supply box in which they hide. @@

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    i think big brother should not go off the tv because it is intresting to watch people and see what they do in there life. its also funny when they take things because big brother tells him to. just because some things has happern it shouldnt go off. its the best show ever leave it on.