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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Update – Overnight Into Monday 8/07

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It's not a happy house.

It just isn't.

But, it is what it is.

Here are the events from the overnight hours in that Big Brother House of Harried and Hapless Hamsters:

  • Janelle and Kaysar continued their exercise program, walking the yard at a quick pace. James joined them, then claimed it was boring and annoyed him. [Editor's note: Does anything NOT annoy James?]
  • Janelle said she never used flirting as a strategy. Kaysar wasn't as sure about that as she was. He thinks she really likes Will.
  • James told Danielle Mike/Will think she has something going on with Marcellas because she won't put him on the block.
  • James also told Danielle part of the reason he put James on the block was to protect her. [Editor's note: Deserves the eyeroll!]
  • Danielle said if Kaysar had worked with her the past few weeks, he wouldn't be going home. "He didn't give me any other option."
  • James told Danielle Chill Town and S6 have joined forces and are going to go after the floaters.
  • The camera-person had fun zooming in on keywords on the wall as James talked to Kaysar – "Fraud" and "failure" as well as "leads astray" were zoomed on.
  • Kaysar says he'll be evicted on his birthday.
  • Will got yelled at by BB for shaking the railing on the balcony by the HOH room.
  • Mike Boogie used Howie's Jack Shack. [Editor's note: Eww.]
  • Kaysar and Janelle think people are mistreating them and wonder why because "we were nice to people when we had power."
  • Kaysar and Janelle think Erika is playing up to Mike Boogie to get what she wants. [Editor's note: They're probably right. Erika knows what she's doing.]
  • Kaysar said he won't campaign to stay. He's very sad and feels he's being backdoored.
  • Erika told Marcellas she really likes Kaysar and it's breaking her heart he's going. [Editor's note: Well, vote James out instead!]
  • Marcellas told her to love him (Kaysar) from afar.
  • Marcellas told Danielle and Erika he thinks Janelle is the worst player in Big Brother history. [Editor's note: He didn't say that when he was infatuated with her!]

A few are still rustling as I post this, but they're in for some sleep.

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