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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report for Sunday 8/06

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Yes, things are still a bit odd in the house. But, if it weren't odd, it wouldn't be Big Brother 7: All Stars. Yes, I think that's the name of the game this season, forget the good versus evil smack talkin' and just call it odd. After all, it's as the houseguests say, it is what it is.

Here are the more interesting, entertaining, or perhaps scheme-worthy events from today (so far) in that Big Brother House of Delusional Despots:

  • BB woke the houseguests early (so to speak) at 10:30 AM PT after sending them to bed early (so to speak) at 2:00 AM PT. Oh, my… up before noon! They're sure something has to be going on! There was an immediate outdoor lockdown after awakening them, perhaps a move mainly geared toward getting them out of bed. Danielle remained in her solitary confinement.
  • The HG want an America's Choice contest. Will suggested it be Assisted Suicide –  "These houseguests want to die! Which one would you decide to help commit suicide? It's America's Choice!"
  • James and Erika talked about the need to get rid of one of the S6 Players. [Editor's note: How 'bout James? Yeah, that's the ticket!]
  • James fussed about everything once again… in case we didn't hear him fuss the first million times.
  • Mike Boogie thinks the show caters too much to the Internet. When he said that, we got flame/clouds. Um, no they don't. If they catered to us, they'd turn that horrible music down. This was a question I asked of Arnold Shapiro in my interview, which he didn't answer – Why is that music SO LOUD?
  • Will told Mike Boogie he trusts Janelle more than he trusts Erika.
  • Will also told him he hopes the houseguests don't talk to each other because they have individual alliances with all of them.
  • Danielle is not a happy prisoner. She's pacing in there again today – not as much crying, but pacing for sure.
  • James fussed to George about the game, the food, and you-name-it. George remained George. He wasn't drawn in and didn't fuss himself.
  • James said if he gets out and people hate him more than they did last year, he doesn't care. [Editor's note: Is that supposed to be a shot at show fans or something? I don't care that he doesn't care!]
  • James is pretty certain he won't be going home this week. We'll see.
  • Erika talked to Danielle through the door slot. Danielle seems to be a bit off in her concept of time. She thinks she'll be out two hours earlier than her actual (approximately) 5:30 time, which makes 24 hours.
  • Erika told Boogie she wants Kaysar gone when he asked her. How true that is, I don't know.
  • Danielle got released a few hours early from her confinement as the houseguests staged a Free Danielle chanting rally. Before leaving, she told BB she didn't use the port-a-potty so they didn't have to worry about cleaning it.
  • Howie wants Danielle's port-a-potty as his new Jack Shack.
  • After she ran to the HOH bathroom and returned, the first thing she wanted to know was what she missed.
  • Mike Boogie told her Janelle and S6 were conspiring against Marcellas. [Editor's note: Huh? But… but… Chill Town is the alliance pushing the Marcellas Out Agenda more than S6!]
  • James told Danielle if she can get Kaysar out this week, he will get Janelle out next week. [Editor's note: Snake!]
  • James told Danielle he'd rather see Marcellas win than Chicken George. [Editor's note: Snake! Snake!]
  • Danielle is firm that S6 Players must be cut down to three for strategical reasons. She also doesn't think it's her duty to "do their dirty work" and remove one of Chill Town.
  • Will and Mike Boogie are still exaggerating what Marcellas won in the POV Comp. It seems the houseguests really aren't sure about what others won and some don't seem too sure of their own winnings.
  • Will told James that Howie said he was okay with him (James) going home. [Editor's note: Liar, liar! If James had a mind, he wouldn't believe a word Will says and only part of what Danielle says, although I feel Danielle is more of an information-gatherer while Will is a lying instigator.]
  • James told Janelle if he goes up against Kaysar, he'll go home. He claimed it sucked to go home before George and Marcellas. [Editor's note: He's laying it on thick.]
  • Will said this season is boring. I say it's odd. He says po-tah-to, I say po-tay-to… let's… um… never mind. (Ahem)
  • Everyone thinks they have Chill Town in an alliance. In actuality, no one does.
  • Marcellas and Erika talked about how Danielle promised safety to everyone left on the web at one point – Erika, Howie, George, Marcellas, and Mike.
  • Kaysar told Janelle Erika knows he's going on the block and keeps preparing him for it, but it doesn't come across as honest. He feels Danielle is more honest with him than Erika.
  • The floaters talked about actually backdooring Janelle next week – not nominating her, but working her in with the Veto.
  • Kaysar went to the HOH room to have a heart to heart talk with Danielle. It didn't really seem to have much effect. Danielle told him she feels he's her best choice to put on the block. [Editor's note: I don't mind Kaysar on the block with James if James leaves. That's okay with me.]
  • Kaysar told her he can't make a deal because it would go against his morals. Danielle said, "It is what it is." And, then, it shall be…
  • Danielle then met up with all of the S6 Players, yet didn't change her stance. It still is what it was.
  • Will and Boogie are still downtalking Marcellas and Erika to Janelle and James.

And, that's what it is so far today in the House. I think Danielle will put Kaysar in Janelle's place on the block. She mentioned it when Janelle won POV, just like she mentioned Janelle and James as nominations shortly after winning HOH. Danielle tends to go with her first instincts and knows what she wants to do all along.

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