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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Saturday 8/05

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It's been a day of sleeping late (surprise, surprise), a day of strategizing, a day of temptations. Oh, what a day it's been.

Without further ado, here are the important happenings from that Big Brother House of Who's On First:

  • At around 10 AM their time, BB announced the POV Competition would be begin in 2 hours. [Editor's note: Never set your watch by BB… these things almost always are delayed.]
  • Mike Boogie mentioned the comp is supposed to be about temptation. [Editor's note: That fits with Julie's hint about the upcoming week.]
  • Danielle played her HOH CD loud enough for the feeds to pick it up. An apt song, perhaps more suited for Thursday night – Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."
  • James thanked Danielle for her kindnesses toward him. As he left the room, she said, "See you next week!" Then she added, "If you're still here."
  • James, for the 875th time, told Kaysar Janelle was only looking out for herself with her nominations last week. [Editor's note: C'mon, James. Give it a break. We know. Kaysar knows. The world knows.]
  • Janelle told Marcellas she chose him to play for Veto because he's the only one who said he'd try to win it for her.
  • Starting about 12:15 their time, the feeds were blocked for nearly four hours.
  • When they returned, Janelle was wearing the Power of Veto necklace. Aha!
  • It sounds like everyone who competed won something. James won a phone call he doesn't seem thrilled about. Will won a trip.
  • They also seem to have lost something as they talk about having to take cold showers (hot water privileges removed?) and sleeping on cots.
  • Oh, I'm all confused once again. Never mind me. I'll sort it out.
  • They went to a backyard lockdown after the POV Comp feed block. It must be long… they have a Port-a-Potty out there. Hmmm…
  • Boogie wants to campaign to have Danielle put up Marcellas. [Editor's note: I liked Marcellas in his season, but he's WAY too negative this time 'round. I wouldn't mind a Marcellas/James nomination. I'd prefer James leaving as I feel he's always too intense, too serious, too bitter, too controlling. I don't find him any fun to watch.]
  • Okay, a new thing. Danielle has to go into solitary confinement for 24 hours. That's odd.
  • Boogie is happy Janelle will target Danielle and Marcellas now that she's staying. [Editor's note: It's pretty definite she will not pull a Marcellas and she will indeed save herself with the Veto.]
  • Um… now I hear Janelle somehow put the whole house on slop for the week in the comp. Interesting. I wonder if George's pass will remain good. I would think it should. So, he'd be the only one eating? Karma, baby!
  • Will and Boogie talked about how they threw POV and said something about it being James' fault for the $5,000. Say what? Have I mentioned how confusing these houseguests are lately?
  • Mike Boogie can't play for Veto next week. But, on the other hand, it sounds like he won a plasma television.
  • James took a margarita party? I dunno. I'm just getting bits and pieces here. So…
  • James fussed that he wanted to go home. [Editor's note: Go. Just go.]
  • Will told Mike to turn up the showmance with Erika and he'll do the same with Janelle. [Editor's note: Aha!]
  • When James complained to Kaysar that the competition wasn't really a competition, it was more of a contest and he was frustrated, Kaysar told him it was all about good and evil. [Editor's note: That, of course, is the theme for the season. The problem is it's hard to tell who's good and who's evil. And, most of the time, the evil is more entertaining!]
  • Marcellas won't complain about giving George the BB Slop pass anymore – he won a slop pass for the rest of the season. Or, at least until he's evicted!
  • Danielle told Will and James she won't put up Howie and she's reluctant to put up Marcellas. Then, after they left, she whispered to herself, "I have to put up Kaysar." [Editor's note: Hmmm… if Kaysar and James are on the block, I think James would be evicted. That would be okay with me.]
  • Marcellas told James he would put up George next week if he got HOH. [Editor's note: Oh, Marcellas! How come you fussed about Janelle not putting up Chill Town? How come you said you'd put up Janelle? And, now you say GEORGE? Feh!]
  • Eek! The lockdown ended… the HOH room has a cot in it and the exercise room is Danielle's solitary confinement room. Yipes.
  • James fussed. James whined. Then he fussed some more. At least he's rotating it a bit. Complaining the competitions were no good. Complaining Janelle put them on slop. Complaining the show's no good. [Editor's note: Such a bundle of joy.]
  • Ah, but Will and Mike are also complaining that the gym equipment is gone. But, Will has a trip and Mike has a plasma TV (not in the house, of course). They said James was foolish to spend his points on a margarita party and a call, whatever that means.
  • Apparently, the houseguests had tried some sort of uprising against BB and weren't going to go with the comp, but as James brought it up FLAME/CLOUDS!
  • Howie still has the baggie of Kaysar's hair! Kaysar has told him to throw it out several times – he doesn't want Howie to sell it on eBay.
  • Danielle came out of solitary to get her robe and Bible. She was crying and mumbling, "idiots." Hmmm…
  • Erika told Marcellas James is dangerous and cannot be trusted.

That's pretty much where we stand right now. I'm just getting bits and pieces about the Veto comp, but Janelle definitely won it. Some folks are wondering about James' right to nullify an eviction vote. In my understanding, it's only good for one vote in all. Say he and Janelle remained on the block. If the vote was 4-3 for Janelle to stay, he could use it to bring things to a tie to be decided by Danielle.

This is a very odd day amongst odd days in the house.

Party GeorgeI've gleaned a bit more on the competition. Apparently, the POV competitors earned points for taking punishments. Before the comp, they agreed to go for the individual punishments rather than the whole or half house ones. The goal for the win was 50 points. Janelle did what she had to do to win – 55 points and whole house punishments. It was the only way the points would add up to enough to win the veto. The smaller personal punishments wouldn't add up to what was needed. Danielle took the solitary confinement, Mike Boogie gave up his right to compete in POV next week. It also seems Mike won the Aruba vacation, not Will. I'm still piecing things together from what's been said.

  • Danielle is really having a rough time with the solitary confinement, even though others are shouting through the door and IT'S JUST 24 HOURS! Sheesh. I would take the time to get some actual sleep and think about my next moves. Instead, she's crying… and crying some more. She says she wants to go home.
  • Will went to the Diary Room and came out looking like he had been crying. Or, at the very least, he looked very upset. Odd.
  • Erika says she can't eat slop anymore and she wants to go home.
  • Will talked Kaysar into thinking they (the two) are in a secret alliance. [Editor's note: Kaysar, don't let yourself get Jenned again. Will = Liar. I love to watch the guy, but he lies.]
  • James groused about production and we got flame/clouds.
  • Will took a spray bath in the kitchen sink, the only sink with hot water.
  • Now James has turned the tide again against George. He says if he (James) gets HOH, he'll put up George.
  • When Howie said that Marcellas was the most annoying person in the house besides himself, James told him Marcellas had him beat.
  • Only four can attend the margarita party tonight. They got dressed up with sombreros and everything. Will refused to wear a sombrero. Janelle, Boogie, Will, and James are the partygoers from the comp, while George and Marcellas can participate as they both have Slop passes.
  • Danielle is freaking out in solitary, mumbling there must be a loophole and she needs to go to the Diary Room. [Editor's note: I simply cannot believe her reaction.]Danielle's prison
  • Will keeps complaining about the party – no ice, margarita machine doesn't work, etc. Whenever they bring up mention of the producers, we get flame/clouds.

    Like a prison it is, just eyes peeking though a slot.

Will is still working on everyone, it seems. Perhaps this is why Danielle is so upset about a mere 24 hours alone – maybe she has a schedule!

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