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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Overnight Into Saturday 8/05

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Here's what's happened on the live feeds since the nomination ceremony Friday evening and overnight into Saturday in the Big Brother House of Acrimony:

  • If he has any confidence in Danielle's objective to remove Janelle and not him, James didn't show it – fussing, immediately heading to the S6 group to complain, yelling at the cameramen behind the walls, and so on. He is NOT a happy camper, even if his safety was guaranteed. He did NOT want to be nominated for any reason. If he's acting , it's good. I think most of it is an act, but I think he's a bit worried, too. He had pleaded with Danielle not to do it.
  • In her nomination speech, Danielle said something to the effect of "I'm not here to do your dirty work and I'm not going to stand around to be picked off while you decide what you want to do."
  • Danielle told Erika she moved Marcellas' key more towards the end just to make him worry.
  • Danielle is still going on and on about Janelle, referring to her as a "weak player."
  • Marcellas has now latched onto Danielle. That's odd. She's not blonde.
  • Marcellas is worried Janelle will want him to play for POV for her. [Editor's note: Needs an eyeroll. He's not the strongest player she could choose and she doesn't really trust him as of late.] The houseguests seem to think they'll get to choose POV players this week, but I don't know if they have concrete news or if it's in their minds like someone returning.]
  • Kaysar told Janelle if he wins HOH next week, he plans to nominate Danielle and Marcellas, with Marcellas the target.
  • Mike told Janelle and Howie they've been good to them the last few weeks and if they want them to play for the Veto, just let them know. They'll do anything Janelle and Howie want.
  • James asked Erika if his acting was good. She thinks it is.
  • Janelle fussed because no one wants to hang out with her now. She believes James thinks it's all her fault for not putting up Will.
  • Marcellas told her nuh-uh when she asked if she had his vote.
  • Janelle told Will that even if she goes, Howie and Kaysar will work with them.
  • Kaysar told Janelle he doesn't know what he'd do or who he'd save if he won the Veto. [Editor's note: I think he might save Janelle or leave the noms as they stand. I doubt he'd save James.]
  • Kaysar also told her Howie wouldn't use it if he won it. They don't want to play favorites. [Editor's note: Hmmm… I have no clue what's going on there. I would think Howie would use it to save Janelle.]
  • The S6 Players are all acting like James is still a member of their alliance, even more than a week ago. I don't know if it's strategy or what since they've often said how much they distrust him.
  • Will talked to Danielle for a long time. At one point he said, "I told them I was just trying to make a show here…" – FLAME/CLOUDS! They're talking like an alliance and best of friends, but I don't think either applies. She mainly talked about Janelle, saying she has to go.
  • Will told Danielle Marcellas should assume he wanted to save Janelle and he was setting the stage so, if she stays, she goes after him (Marcellas). Danielle told him Marcellas only wanted to go against Janelle because he thought she was in with Chill Town. [Editor's note: Dang, have they thought this all three moves ahead while I'm thinking one? It sounds a bit like Danielle and Will actually want James out, Janelle to stay, and Marcellas to go. Oh, no. My head hurts now.]
  • Danielle thinks Kaysar threw the HOH Comp. I barely caught him falling and it went to flame/clouds, so I can't say.
  • Will told Mike, in front of Danielle, he's committed to folks in this order: Mike, Danielle, James. He said no one would ever think James because they act like they don't like each other. [Editor's note: I said my head hurts. It hurts more now.]

The more I listen, the more confused I get. I honestly think Danielle and Will are playing out their own personal schemes in the house. At this point, I could see them being the final two.

  • When Janelle told Will that Kaysar said he wouldn't use the Veto if he played and won, Will told her he was wussing out on some sort of high moral ground or didn't want to choose. Will told her if he (Will) won it, he wouldn't use it because Mike may be put up on the block.
  • Will's working Janelle against Kaysar for some reason of his own. He told her if Kaysar didn't back her up now, he never would. He also said if Kaysar makes it to the end, no one would win against him.
  • Meanwhile, Erika and Kaysar seem to be bonding more. She doesn't want him to be mad at her; he claims he isn't mad. She told him she didn't want HOH. She wasn't targeting Howie, but wanted to make sure she was safe before she went down.
  • James told Howie Janelle is campaigning against him (which she doesn't seem to be doing at all).
  • Danielle was called to the Diary Room and was expected to have some sort of announcement from Big Brother – so we got flame/clouds.
  • When the feeds returned, the houseguests were sitting with Janelle and James in the nominations chairs. Will was telling the others he actually does like everyone in the house, but something must be wrong with them if they're in the house. [Editor's note: He's right. I certainly wouldn't be in that house!]
  • Okay, they picked POV partners… some rather odd choices. Janelle chose Marcellas (with whom she's feuding and he told her he wouldn't vote to save her). Danielle doesn't understand the choice and neither do I. Mike is playing for James and Will is playing for Danielle. Eep. Don't ask why, I have no clue. All I know is there must be a plan going on!
  • Danielle told Marcellas if Boogie wins and takes Janelle off, she'll put Will on the block. She told him she won't warn Mike, she'll just do it.
  • Danielle also told Marcellas that, right now, she's not sure she'd pick James over Janelle. [Editor's note: I'm sure Danielle knows exactly what she's doing. I think she's just not saying.] She seems to be planting the seeds to rally against James with him, but not outright committing herself to anything.
  • Will dropped by the room where all of S6 (including James) were talking. Dead silence for a bit, but they told him to stay. I noticed James quietly got up and left as the plain ol' not game talk went on.
  • Danielle told Mike Boogie if Janelle wins Veto and saves herself, Kaysar would go up. [Editor's note: Seeds. Planting. All over the place!]
  • Kaysar told Janelle she would (long pause) probably have his vote to stay. He seems to have fallen for James' tales of woe and betrayal by Danielle.
  • Janelle said if she goes, S6 MUST work with Chill Town to stay in the game.
  • Danielle and Kaysar talked. He told her he wasn't surprised by her nominations and he thinks she plans ahead. She didn't confirm the planning ahead at all.
  • Danielle told him that she thought he was honorable, but something was wrong within his group. She seems to be working on him to desert S6.
  • Janelle really thinks she's going to be the one going this week. Me? I'd prefer James gone and Janelle to remain. But I don't get a vote.
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