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Big Brother 7: All Stars – Live Feeds Report – Daytime 8/04 – Nominations

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Here's what's been happening today in the Big Brother House of Spiders And The Flies Who Get Caught In The Web:

  • Marcellas told Danielle she should put up Janelle and Kaysar instead of Janelle and James, then put in Howie if the Veto is used. He said he can't condone Janelle's behavior in the house.
  • Will told Janelle someone from S6 has to go this week. He said he's working on it so James will go. [Editor's note: Except when he's with James, telling him Janelle should go.]
  • Danielle asked Kaysar who she thinks she should nominate. He told her he thinks she's already made up her mind.
  • Danielle then asked him if he or Janelle had a deal with Chill Town. He told her they didn't. Danielle told him the events this past week have her confused and she really doesn't know what to do. [Editor's note: I don't think so! Danielle is one of the most clever and sneaky players in the house. I think she knows exactly what she's doing every time she speaks to anyone in there.]
  • Chicken George isn't feeling too well today. It may be because of the real food last night after his time on BB Slop.
  • Kaysar told Danielle they didn't put up Chill Town first because there were other targets going around like snakes in the grass. He was "trying to position himself." He assured her she was never a target of S6.
  • Danielle told Kaysar he's the only one she can trust as he doesn't lie. [Editor's note: I bet she says that to all the houseguests!]
  • Janelle told James Marcellas leaks information. [Editor's note: As if James doesn't!]
  • Janelle thinks she will go no matter who's on the block with her. She told Will he needn't try to push for James to go even though Will told her he can't be trusted.
  • Danielle told Marcellas she can't nominate Howie because she promised she wouldn't when he was on the web in the HOH Comp.
  • Marcellas told Danielle just to let him know who she wants out and he'll vote with her.
  • Will insulted Internet BB fans and, more specifically, those who own a fat cat. Uh-oh!
  • Will told Mike he can go ahead and have a showmance, but don't trust Erika – she'd throw them both under a bus in a heartbeat. [Editor's note: I think so, too. She's a lot more scheming than given credit for at times. Just thinking of the HOH pass-off to Danielle… it keeps Erika in the shadows and will make Danielle a larger target next week.]
  • Will and Mike met in the toilet stall and maybe are playing the viewers, maybe not – Will said they should flip the vote and then target Danielle next week. I don't know. I'm just reporting that one.
  • Danielle seems pretty set on nominating Janelle and James, with Janelle being the target. That could be a red herring or reality. We don't know yet.
  • And, now we know.  After a long period of blocked feeds (they block the nominations ceremony), the houseguests spilled the beans to the feeds watchers… James and Janelle are, indeed, nominated for eviction.  Kaysar was right.  Danielle made her mind up long ago.  She first mentioned those two shortly after winning HOH.
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