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Big Brother 7: All-Stars – Live Feeds Spoilers

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The live feeds for Big Brother are up and running strong this season, even if I think these houseguests are getting along a bit too well! A few things to note about this season's feeds — instead of the peaceful gurgling fishtank when they want to block the feeds, we now have hyped-up semi-frantic music and a flame/clouds loop. The feeds no longer time-out at 30 minutes. I like the latter, but the music is horrible. Bring back the fishtank!

Yesterday was the POV competition. In a trash-filled scenario, Janelle won the Power of Veto. Not all houseguests participated. Those who did complained about the smell of fish and garbage. Although blocked from the feeds (with bad music), the houseguests talked of hockey sticks, colors for each houseguest, searching in trash for hidden vetos, smushed-up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and fish.

Janelle doesn't plan to change the nominations with her Power of Veto in the ceremony (later today, I believe).

The target for eviction is Alison and she knows it. She hurt her head knocking it on a wire cage in the POV comp, thinks everyone hates her, and has already packed her bag. She wants to go home.

A feeds moment which might make it to the show: Will tried to convince Howie to ally with him. After Howie walked away, Will turned to the camera and said, "As the fly falls into the spider's web…"

Diane and Alison really dislike Janelle. Meow!

Howie is still obsessed with sex, in all forms and variations. He and Janelle don't seem to have quite the same relationship we last saw on the show, but are still allies.

Jase is more likable and definitely playing a smarter strategy this season — he's trying to get along with folks and seems to be listening a lot.

The next target seems to be George, don't ask me why. He's the odd man out this season and, as Jase put it, the most likely to be the first "Med-Evac" as he keeps getting hurt.

Erika seems to be really flirting with Kaysar. Whether it's strategy to get in with the largest alliance in the house or true infatuation is anyone's guess. He doesn't seem to be falling for her and is remaining friendly, yet a bit aloof.

Mike and Diane really want to target Janelle. Alison did, too. However, Alison seems to be taking herself out of the running and just wants to go home. Wah, wah.

That's where we stand as of Saturday morning, July 8.

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