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BIG BOOS for “Red Eye” Star, Who Lauds Sugar as Diet Secret!

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Do NOT — I repeat — do NOT — listen to Red Eye star Rachel McAdams, 29, who clearly is so lacking in nutrition knowledge that it simply boggles the mind!

The actress, asked by AOL how she stays slim, had the idiocy to say that her love for sugar helps keep her thin!!

This is not "diet advice" — this is dispensing disastrous dietary NONSENSE!!

"I drink maple syrup," she admits. "Then I’m hyper so I just run around like crazy and work it all off."

This has to be the MOST dumb, preposterous comment I’ve ever heard a celebrity make — and I’ve interviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of them in my previous life as an entertainment journalist.

Therefore, I am hereby announcing, in this blog item, that I’m bestowing the actress with my newly created "SUGAR SHOCK! Biggest Boos & Jeers" honor.

The actress — who actually does a convincing job in her starring role opposite Cillian Murphy in the riveting, suspenseful film from talented director Wes Craven ("Nightmare on Elm Street") — desperately needs nutrition education.

Even though I heartily recommend the film Red Eye (see the movie’s website, trailer and write your review here), I adamantly reject McAdams’ sugar-guzzling "advice." (I formed this opinion based upon my extensive research for the last four years into the dangers of sugars and refined carbs for my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK!)

Worse case scenario, the actress is setting herself up for a major blood sugar reaction from all that maple syrup. (Doesn’t matter that it’s originally from a tree.) Not only could she faint on the set of her next movie, but she is paving the way for diseases galore.

More to the point, McAdams is inviting hypoglycemia, insulin resistance or diabetes to come get her, and then that will be a vivid horror scenario that nowhere near compares to the celluloid one from Wes Craven in which she stars!

I, for one, will volunteer:

  1. To give McAdams a free copy of SUGAR SHOCK! when it is published. It will open her eyes to the dangers of downing maple syrup as if it were water.(In the meantime, until my book is released, check out the books, Lick the Sugar Habit and Sugar Blues.)
  2. To provide free personal coaching to the actress to help her lick her soon-to-be-health-destroying sugar habit. (Doesn’t it sound like she’s addicted?)

Nutrition-savvy folks out there, will you join me?

Will any of you 250-plus experts — physicians, researchers and scientists who I interviewed for my book — also give the actress copies of your books, etc. so that she can get an education and do away with her maple syrup-downing ways?

In fact, I called a particular nutritionist known for working with celebs to help McAdams come up with better food choices, but, alas, this person is on vacation. (I plan to get in touch though, with McAdams through her publicist.)

By the way, thank goodness some of the other celebs quoted in the AOL story, "Diet Secrets of the Stars," offered much better advice.

Most of them mentioned exercise of some sort, and others specifically noted that ruling out processed carbs, fast food or sweets was instrumental in their weight loss.

For example, Hilary Duff tells AOL that she slimmed down by cutting out French fries and eating small meals throughout the day; Kate Hudson lost weight on a high-protein, low-carb, 1,500-calorie-a-day diet; Jessica Simpson followed a "Don’t Eat Crap Diet" from her trainer, consuming mainly grilled chicken, fish and green vegetables; Jessica Alba skips bread and desserts; and Eva Longoria skips fast food.

At least some celebs seem savvy about the weight-adding dangers of quickie carbs.

More later when I get some quotes from experts about how maple syrup snacks are a no-no.

The following is a reprint from my SUGAR SHOCK! Blog.

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  • Kara

    Wow. I can’t believe someone would take what she said to heart. She was obviously kidding.