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Big Bird Goes Political: Busted Harassing First Lady Michelle Obama

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With such a highly charged political climate and so many serous issues facing our nation today, we all need a good laugh, even if it includes laughing at ourselves! Comedy always parrots politics and this political season is no different. If you follow comedians like David Letterman, in between his “sex, extortion scandal”, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert, you will find them in full force with their political satire, which includes people, positions and topics of the day, and they are taking no prisoners. It's no surprise; they have a lot to chew on. Late night is taking its political pot shots as well, with Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Fallon all over the political map. Even though some of the satire and jokes have been mean-spirited and inappropriate and comedy is subjective, there is plenty to choose from that is quite amusing no matter what side of the political aisle you stand.

As the "birthers" rage on with their insanity, Colbert led the "The Fight for the Truth Behind Obama's Birth" campaign. Humor has struck the heart of ObamaCare; has taken us all the way from a town hall meeting to the Olympics, from a tea party to a "beer summit"; and has escorted us to the bridge that leads to continuous slams against Sarah Palin.

We find ourselves with a new  ACORN ad and a comprehensive translation of Kadafi’s UN Speech, where he rambles for ninety minutes about “peace and egg rolls” –– concluding with, “what the hell"? John Stewart had his very own “Obama Death Panel Debate”, which surmised the stance of his team, “Sam Bee fights for private death panels, John Oliver believes in universal death panels, and Aasif Mandvi wants whatever scares the public most”. Saturday Night Live is all over the political scene and uncovered the GOP plot surrounding the Joe Wilson “you lie” shout and recently presented the SNL "Obama Address".

While we were distracted from our ABC's by the "Obama Back-to-School Speech", the conservative movement kidnapped and has indoctrinated (or is it Stockholm syndrome?) the world-famous bird from Sesame Street. Big Bird, whose mantra is, "asking questions is a good way of finding things out", was busted harassing First Lady Michelle Obama!

Sesame Street is now in the political "hot seat" and there are questions that need to be answered. Is Big Bird a racist? What are the Cookie Monster's plans for the public option in the final health-care legislation? Is Oscar the Grouch destined to be our new "Green Jobs Czar" and will Elmo run for president in 2012?

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  • Jordan Richardson

    As if I needed more confirmation that conservatives generally suck at comedy.

  • For another point of view of all this from an old friend, Dan Miller….

  • Wow, that’s a long way to go for a lame 30-second video that doesn’t even deserve to be on cable access. And way too many links.

    Setting aside Jon Stewart spells his name sans ‘h’ and Jay Leno hasn’t been on in late night since May, how is Big Bird “busted”?

  • Arch Conservative

    So SNL is a conservative haven now?

  • zingzing

    that video was awful. “yeah! your husband’s a stinkin liar!” gawd. and it was more birther nonsense… between this and “barack the magic negro,” it’s clear that conservatism and comedy don’t mix. they just don’t do funny all that well. scary, yes, but not funny.

  • Wow, guess nobody appreciates humor. Also, you can take the Big BIrd two ways, either they are poking fun at Obama or his critics.

  • And considering they brought up the “birther” and “you lie”, I’m sure they were making fun of his critics!

  • zingzing

    hadn’t considered that angle… always check the source. context, context, context. the stupidity of it does make a little more sense that way.

  • Zing, you finally got it! It was from Conan Obrien! I thought it was funny.

    But the real funny one was the Kadafi’s UN Speech (by Obrien too).

  • Ha. I thought it was funny. Of course, I’m twisted.

  • zingzing

    in all fairness, christine, it only took going to youtube and figuring out what the source was. context is everything. still, my bad.

  • Baronius

    SNL busted President Obama from the left. They didn’t touch on any of the middle-of-the-road promises he’s failed to keep, like paygo and deficit reduction, fighting the teachers unions for education reform, and bringing both sides of the abortion debate together to decrease the number of abortions.

    I saw the Sesame Street clip on Conan. I thought it was a hoot.

  • Doug Hunter

    Why, this is the lamest piece of unfunny conservative garbage I’ve ever had the unfortune of wasting 30 seconds of my life on. Goes to show you how terminally unfunny those people are… what’s that you say?… this was not made by conservatives?.. it was making fun of conservatives… Well then, I see it now. This clip is hilarious, a great piece, wonderfully crafted, a timeless classic for the ages.

  • Yes, Doug it was poking fun at conservatives! And as a conservative (NOT a “birther) I thought it was very funny!

  • Baronius, you are right about the SNL Obama address, but I think they made some valid points. Glad someone liked the Big Bird spoof! Whew!!!!!!!!!

  • zingzing

    you make a very intelligent, totally accurate comment, doug.

    see? context!

  • helps explain why Conan’s ratings are so bad

  • This is what happens when Big Consonant empties its deep pockets and funds the Jew-driven hate industry to prop up the careers of new world order advocate Darrell Hammond.

  • I looked up the bio information on Darrell Hammond and found no references to the NWO advocacy or “the Jew-driven hate industry.”

    Any links?

  • Here you go, Roger.

  • Brian

    BOOO HOOO, You make funny of my bommy, not funny, you bad man!

  • Good show.

  • Matthew, “This is what happens when Big Consonant…”

    I’m not sure I am following your line of thought here..can you help me out? I get the Darrell Hammond guy thing but who is Big Consonant and who is the “Jew-driven hate industry” exactly.

    I am confused…

  • Baronius

    Christine, you can be a little too literal. I can only assume that Matt was having fun with the same concept that you were, a mash-up of SNL, Sesame Street, and conspiracy theories. (Matt, Big Consonant and Big Number are the wealthy sponsors of Sesame Street episodes, right?)

  • OHHHHH…my bad. LOL

  • Baronous, LOL, I was looking all kinds of stuff up, thanks for setting me straight. Still laughing. Matthew is too funny!

  • Jordan Richardson

    Wow, guess nobody appreciates humor.

    There was comedy here? Where?

    helps explain why Conan’s ratings are so bad

    Fallon > Conan. Yeah, I said it.

  • Auh Jordan, it was funny even if they were poking fun at us conservatives! LOL LOL

  • Paul

    This is obviously targeting the Birthers and other nutjobs, not the Obamas. Not sure why it’s being interpreted the other way…

  • Thanks for pointing that out, Paul…seems most didn’t quite get it!