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Beyond Dessert: Port Wine Cheese

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Port wine cheese is often viewed and regaled as an accompaniment to dessert and sadly denoted as a worthy spread, but these boundaries are too restrictive and defeatist. Fellow food enthusiasts, where is our creativity?

There are not that many recipes online (at least none that caught my eye recently), but plenty of dishes could benefit from this soft cheese’s personality and color; it may just spike your taste buds in a pleasing, unexpected way.

Add port wine cheese to dress up the ordinary in:

  • Salads. Cube or grate it; this spread is praised on crackers and better with tomatoes, raisins, and romaine lettuce. It tastes even better in fruit salad.
  • Macaroni and cheese. Decadent when combined with other cheeses to make a unique, rich flavor.
  • Eggs and port wine cheese. Really. It’s an excellent idea and divine with a little thyme and pepper.
  • Sliced thin on sandwiches. Turkey and cheese never tasted so good.
  • Melted in thin strips on a ham or turkey burger, anything worth putting on a bun.
  • Grated on tacos and nachos for a slightly elegant flair.
  • Cheese fondue. Oh, yes. There are so many things to dip this in, and so little time before your stomach gets full.

Post other delicious ideas below. I’m going to make a killer grilled cheese sandwich on rye.

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