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Beyond Bounds: Elizabeth Bear, Libba Bray, Margo Lanagan, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and Colleen Gleason

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It’s been awhile since I walked into a bookstore to browse the fantasy, science fiction, and romance shelves. For the last month I have been working on putting the finishing touches on a divorce instead. Who knew that paperwork would cut into my reading time?  

Well that and the fact that moving back to mom and dad’s house means that privacy has gone out the window. With a lock on the bathroom door you would think that you would get some privacy. But nope. Not even a locked bathroom door will stop those who are determined to ask if you are okay.  

But my addiction to books must be fed and I’ve spent the last few days online searching for the best and the brightest. What I’ve come across are some titles that I would love to sink into, other places so much better than reality at the moment.  

“On a broken ship orbiting a doomed sun, dwellers have grown complacent with their aging metal world. But when a serving girl frees a captive noblewoman, the old order is about to change….” Dust by Elizabeth Bear was released in mass market paperback in December. I don’t read a lot of science fiction, I tend to get lost in all the technical language, but this is one that I must read. Read an excerpt and check out Elizabeth Bear’s site

One book I have bought but have yet to open is the conclusion to Libba Bray’s young adult trilogy The Sweet Far Thing. Gemma Goyle, our brave heroine, discovered in the previous volumes A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels that she could open a portal to an enchanted world called the Realms. But this magic world has been left too long without any kind of guardian and danger lurks around every corner. In this final volume Gemma must restore the balance to the Realms, keep her friends whole, and unravel all the mysteries that surround her. Read excerpts from the books and check out the author site.  

Then the cover of Red Spikes by Margo Lanagan caught my eye. Another young adult book this is a collection of short stories. I tend to prefer novels but the synopsis claims that even if you don’t “like short fiction, that a story can't have the depth or impact of a novel, then you haven't read Margo Lanagan. A writer this startling and this original doesn't come along very often. So for anyone who likes to be surprised, touched, unsettled, intrigued, or scared senseless, prepare to be dazzled by what a master storyteller can do in a few short pages.” How could you say no after that? Read an excerpt.

Another cover that caught my eye is Spirits that Walk in Shadow by Nina Kiriki Hoffman. “Kim and Jaimie are freshman roommates, but their college experience is anything but typical. This is Jaimie's first time in the ‘real world’, away from her large, complicated family and their magics and traditions. It's Kim's chance to escape her high school reputation. But Jaimie quickly realizes what Kim can't see–it's more than just a "reputation." Kim is being pursued by something that feeds on her emotions. And, just like that, reality reshapes itself, as the two girls–along with Jaimie's three cousins–try to capture and rout the viri, or soul demon, who is tracking Kim. This utterly original novel combines humor, darkness, and hope, and will spellbind readers.”

And if you are wondering where the vampires are, they are right here. The Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason is the third book in The Gardella Vampire Chronicles and continues that story of Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth, vampire hunter extraordinaire. Her fellow vampire hunter Max has gone missing. Sebastian is just as deadly and desirable as always and though he has helped her in the past Victoria knows he isn’t to be trusted. Read an excerpt and check out Colleen Gleason’s site.

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