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Bevo’s Back in Beverly Hills

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Granted, while I was in school we lost to OU every year and had our share of heartbreaking games, I am still proud to be a Texas Longhorn. While most in my family were Sooners or Razorbacks, I stood by my Longhorns—and happily. This year I don’t have to give an “I told you so” or a smirk. No, we deserve every mile to Pasadena this year. Come January 4th everyone better expect a ton of burnt orange to celebrate the BCS Championship game. Beating Colorado 70-3 was simply the exclamation point on that statement.

Yes, this year’s Rose Bowl will be an exciting one. It is good to see the teams that were ranked 1 and 2 all season battle it out. Not to mention they are the last two undefeated teams in major college football. There won’t be any shared titles this year, or claims of teams that should get the BCS bid but don’t. Mack Brown won’t be begging anyone to get to the Rose Bowl. No sir, UT and USC deserve every second of the game in Pasadena.

Texas, with an average score of 50-14 this season, is the nation’s highest scoring team. Southern California is the second highest scoring team. And if you ask Longhorn safety Michael Huff, USC has the second best offense. Second to Texas that is. While Longhorn defense has been in the top 10 for most of the season, the Trojans have had it pretty shaky this year. But both teams showed excellent defense in their games Saturday. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about special teams. The Longhorns have that down solid as well.

So why are the Horns winning this year? There is no Cedric Benson or Ricky Williams. While Vince Young is easily the man this season, he is supported by an entire team of heroes. Each week has seen a different player stepping up. There is no single target, but an entire team of them. Yes, I am definitely proud to be a Texas Longhorn. And while my blood may not be burnt orange, it may as well be.

Beverly Hills watch out because Bevo is coming back. And this time he means business.

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  • I heard that Colorado committed mass suicide on the way home out of embarassment for their role in the ‘Big 12 Massacre’. If they’re the best the northern wing of the big 12 has to offer, what would have happened if someone else had played UT in the championship? Would they have lost by an infinite score to zero? Or would they just have lain down and let UT dance on their backs in spikes for an hour?

    The big question for the Rose Bowl will be whether UT will know what to do when facing a team which actually has things like a defense or a running game or coaching.


  • -E

    True. I think they need to play like they did against Colorado. Don’t let off the acceleration at all. If they play like they did against A&M we’re in trouble. They need to celebrate the Big 12 win but not let it go to their heads.

  • Yeah, it’s hard to believe they humiliated Colorado this way and let A&M which would be better off having marching drill instead of playing actually score the most points of anyone on them this year. Of course with A&M it might be the rah-rah factor of playing in Kyle Field and everything.


  • The Big 12 had a down year overall, but Texas looks like one of the strongest teams the conference has had in quite some time. When everyone else in the conference struggles, it’s hard to gauge if the Horns are having a great year or everyone else is just eating it hard.

    Meanwhile, USC has been playing more ranked teams and getting away with it.

    That’s gonna be some Rose Bowl.

  • -E

    Right. And if you think about it, the fact that UT didn’t have the difficulty in schedule really help them with their No. 2 ranking all season, it says a lot about them. Had we played better teams and beat them there would have most likely been more than just a single week where UT took the No. 1 spot from USC.