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Better Than Twitter?

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I’ve tried expressing myself in 140 characters or less. Sometimes I actually said something germane or witty. But with 150 words I confess it’s now easier to construct a wee ditty.

I could see Andy Rooney do this. His thoughts are often this short. He might believe that too many words just might cause his thoughts to abort.

I could see Mister Lincoln do this. His statements were often quite thrifty. He tended to stay on a course when his audience wasn’t so swifty.

I could see Ol’ Sam Clemmons take a turn. His comments required a brain. You might think that its Tom or its Huck, but really it was Ol’ Mark Twain.

I’ve now tried expressing myself in 150 words or about. If I decide to try this again, I’ll be sure to let out a shout!

There, I said it — but was it worth reading it?

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  • 140 characters would work a lot better if there were not deductions for spaces and punctuation.

  • To answer your question: Not really. 😉